Stylish Handbags

by LNAngel

Looking for stylish handbags that are also unique? This guide will introduce you to the most popular bags of the season.

What Should You Look For in a Handbag?

What makes them popular this year?

One word to desribe the most popular and stylish handbags of the year would be "vintage." Vintage bags give a refined look to any outfit, ironically making the overall look more modern. Learn what two features to look for when adding a stylish handbag to your collection.

Stylish Handbags: Logo Feature

A vintage look starts with an insignia

The "it" bags of the season give off a retro feel, but also have a modern-day twist to keep things fresh. Look for logos from yesteryear: these logos help bring an air of nostalgia to your look. One such logo appears on the Pan Am Bag--arguably one of the most popular bags of the year--with handbag, clutch, suitcase styles and more.

Logos can be either overt or more demure. If you tend to go all out, choose a logo that takes up a large portion of the bag. For example, a light logo on top of a dark-colored bag will stand out. If you prefer to make a subtle statement, choose a logo that is the same color as the background of your bag (i.e. black on black, silver on silver, etc.). Stylish handbags typically have interesting linings; sometimes the logo can be found in an unexpected place such as the lining. There, only you know that it exists.

Which Material Should You Choose?

Classic Leather is Always a Hit

The best stylish handbags (vintage or not!) are usually made of leather. Go with this timeless material when choosing a handbag: not only is it extremely durable and easy-to-clean, but it can be dressed up and down depending on the rest of your outfit.

Stylish Handbags Have Specific Shapes

What should you look for?

The second feature of many stylish handbags for this year is the actual design of the bag. In keeping with the vintage theme, many bags have taken on a shape from the 1960s. Look for handbags that are rectangular in nature—this simple styling was popular then and is making a comeback today. Other popular purses have taken a completely “old school” route: believe it or not, bowling bag styles have made a comeback!

Look for vintage finishings as well. The most traditional closure of the era is the traditional zipper. Seek out handbags that have multiple zippers to up the vintage feeling.

Pairing Your Stylish Handbag With an Outfit

When choosing an outfit to complement your vintage stylish handbag, choose a look that is strictly modern-day. If you do too much of a vintage look all-over, you will end up looking outdated. Keep just one element with a retro feel, and choose modern pieces to complete your look.

Updated: 11/05/2011, LNAngel
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