aka Skylar Spring from New York, NY, USA (32 years). Wizzley author for 11 years.   18%  

For starters, my name is Skylar Spring. I am a 21 year old student, studying with the Long Ridge Writers Group. I currently live in New York City with my husband, Colin and my family. I am also a mommy-to-be. I love to write. I've been writing since I was small. I've had some poetry published while in high school. I am currently working on a few novels in my spare time. Maintaining a school schedule and a writing schedule is not easy, but writing is my passion and I will always find time for it. An interesting fact about me: I am visually impaired. Yes, it's true, I am blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other. I attended a school for the blind for eight years. I love to advocate for the disabled. If there's anything more you want to know you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Plus I have a personal blog on blogger called The Poisonous Apple.

Who is Skylar Spring?
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