aka Tommy ODomirok from lenoir city, tn , usa (68 years). Wizzley author for 12 years.   19%  

Adventures of a Drummer I started keeping a journal of my adventures in music in 92. These adventures in Wizzley are with the rock band "Hanover Fist" in 2010. This was the last of three seasons I drummed for Hanover Fist with over three hundred gigs played with William Butler, Les Emert, and Roger Hay. The adventure starts with Gary Davis entering the band a new bass player and how the band progresses to popularity with dedication and hard work . The band rises to popularity carrying a heavy tour schedule while playing large venues and how members can change but the show goes on. As I was looking back I noticed the similarities of circumstances that bands face and hard work involved with playing music as a Cover Artist.

Adventures of a Drummer Hanover Fist (December 2009)

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