Automotive Tube Tape Wonder

by pateluday

In modern households, the tape is an indispensable item meant for sticking together broken or cracked objects. We know what tape can do but there is much more to the sticky thing.

We do know a lot about tapes, but there are some types we are not familiar with since they are used more often by craftsmen, automotive painters, and repairmen. People all over the World especially professionals need these sticky things in order to mend whatever that gets cracked or broken. The items subject to repair could be of commercial interest, not only that, we keep in them in the house as an essential items nowadays. Often part of stationery, they are also becoming an essential sales item among auto part dealers in the USA.

Thus, it is the object in focus whence we are enhancing our toolbox, purchasing equipment, and tools, just anything that is fragile. From a simple one-sided adhesive strip, the tape has evolved immensely into diverse shapes and sizes with or without adhesive and here we are not talking about the measuring tape please note. We all visualize the tape as a strip of varied lengths or sizes rolled over in cylindrical cardboard or plastic casing for ease. But that is not all, as the applications increase so do the shape and size. The stature of this product relegated to an accessory will soon be upgraded to that of an indispensable item for automobiles. You have heard about foam tape, attachment, or bonding tape now read about a new invention far more powerful and application-ready. Other uses and applications are for bonding, insulation, mounting, surface protection, and decoration.

Ever heard of Automotive tube tape? Cylindrical seamless with hard edges. Well then read on.

Sketch Car Tape Application

Automotive Jamb and Masking Tape
Car Jambs
Car Jambs

Automotive Tape Usage

For Masking and Jambs

Masking Tape

Those of us not familiar with auto or car restoration, painting, or even art décor is not aware of how extensive is the use of tapes. They are used for masking while spray painting is going on. The adhesive strip is placed on corners and centers which should not receive any paint at all. This method is also used while painting the walls of the house. Whence you place an adhesive strip and begin spraying spaces and corners with masking tape remain completely devoid of paint as you desire.    

This is known as masking and when it is applied to cars or other vehicles it is called automotive masking. This product line finds extensive use in the auto industry and a number of adhesive variants are available mostly in strip form.  

Jambs Tape

Tapes are also used for filling gaps or jambs in various parts of the cars. Most often tapes are used for this purpose. The purpose is for masking but they are used as cushions or shock absorbers. Invariable gaps creep in between doors, windows hatch to name a few.  Tapes are used in cars as shown in the sketch above. Thus the strips serve a dual purpose for cars and other vehicles. This should explain the extensive use for the readers here. You can simply not all instances where these adhesive strips are used and gawk at the usage. Ha! 

These auto paint and gap-sealing accessories become more useful if they are made seamless cylindrical and without hard edges.  

Tube Tape

Tupe Tape
Tupe Tape
Tube Tape LLC

Video Tube Tape


Tube Tape Latest Wonder


3 M Tube TapesTube Tape was invented by an art teacher, and now it is being manufactured on a large scale. The exhaustive task of masking by making hundreds of tape loops led Denise Moor's husband Leo to start thinking of an alternative, and the result was a cylindrical tape we now know as tube tape. 

Leo formed tapes into tubes, tested and perfected them and the results are amazing. The product is finding use in lot more industries than automotive and is becoming a hot sell. The potential is greater than what is there at the moment. The product sales will reach their peak once awareness is extensive not only in the US but all over the World. 

It may appear unconventional but this invention has found amazing uses, although we discuss their use in automotive here. The tube tape developed in Richmond, VA  was found suitable by body car body painters and thus the product was introduced to the markets in the US.    

Packaging the tube tape with an adhesive surface was a greater challenge, but eventually, Leo was able to do it in a perfect manner.


Tube Tape
Tube Tape
Tube Tape
Tube Tape LLC

Video Tube Tape Advantages

Tube Tap Manufacture

Richmond, VA, USA

Jamb filling tape for autoThe product accords huge benefits along with saving time for masking and filling jambs in cars, and vehicles of various types. Its use is spreading far and wide. Keeping the popularity in mind Leo & Denise started its manufacture in Richmond, Virginia in North America. 

It is packed and delivered professionally. The cylindrical tube tape manufacturer in Richmond VA, USA is seeking to appoint dealers all over the States in order to increase its reach. The company is very much online which is the right venue for sales The tube replaces back taping and foam tape overriding many shortcomings over earlier methodology. 

The product is quickly gaining popularity, and hence a potential invention suitable for alternative use of tapes for automobiles. In time to come, many other applications will come to the fore.  The makers have provided the readers with a product specification for those interested. The page also details the warranty and limited liability incorporated by Tube Tape LLC.   

Updated: 12/02/2022, pateluday
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pateluday on 06/29/2021

Thanks, blackspanielgallery. Wizzley is a nice place for discovery and honing your skills as a writer. There is much to learn from other writers and the platform itself.

pateluday on 06/29/2021

These are from company website DerdriuMarriner. The image to the left of the title is that of tape tubes in a box.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/29/2021

pateluday, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Sometimes the computer does not cooperate with smaller images, such as next to the article title. What is the image left of your main title?
In particular, I quite like the illustration under the subheading Sketch Car Tape Application. It shows all the ways tube tape works for its purchaser.

blackspanielgallery on 06/29/2021

I like the versitility, filling cracks. Finding something to adhere to metal is difficult enough, so this should be most useful for many purposes. One nice feature of Wizzley is becoming aware of unfamiliar things.

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