Awesome Kid’s Halloween Party Ideas

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People are always searching for kid's Halloween party ideas that are new and add suspense. With some twist, you can play the same old games in new light.

Halloween night can be a definitely enjoyable vacation with fun filled eerie games. Plenty of people, especially kids look forward to a Halloween party that brings out haunting nights and fear of dead. In fact the grand preparations commence much more in advance and people are looking constantly for novel ideas for kid Halloween parties. The planning begins weeks and months in advance to make their Halloween night get together memorable and cherishing for years.

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I remember visiting US on a grand Halloween celebration and was fascinated with this idea of celebrating the ghosts. People from other parts of the world have their own woo do mechanism of dealing with dead but this way of celebrating was quite new and unique to me.  I remember having my own share of childhood scary stories of haunted houses and vampires.  To this day, I am frightened and will not allow my mind consciously to get pre-occupied with scary thoughts. With time, the fear has lessened but not gone completely.  I feel celebrating Halloween is a way to acknowledge the spirit and you can do that with a good will and positive feeling.

Games for Halloween Eve

I was marveled with so many websites suggesting the ideas, techniques and games to celebrate Halloween night that work for toddlers, young children, pregnant women, teenagers and adults. Most Halloween night Kid Halloween Party Ideas are do it yourself so that you can plan and play it in your budget. You can and are able to adapt them to your Halloween night get together event very easily.


A few of the even more elaborate spooky Halloween night video games will take preparation but not the simple ones which have participants adults or kids enjoy the Halloween games as if they never had. After all, you need to device something spooky, something genuine and distinctive every Halloween night.

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Kid Halloween Party ideas

Toss a Chocolate Candy in a Halloween Bucket

Kid Halloween party ideas need not be complicated or elaborate. With simple objects you could possibly create an interesting game and there is a 100 percent guarantee that kids will love to play and enjoy provided you have active participation.

What you are going to need to is a Halloween plastic pumpkin bucket or cauldron, some chocolate candies, notepad and pencil for writing scores, tape for measuring distance and marker pen or chalk.

Locate a tiny plastic pumpkin bucket or cauldron big enough to hold candies or balls decorated with Halloween pumpkins. Suspend the Halloween bucket firmly by a cord from the roof. Fasten it firmly, mark a distance of six feet for youngsters and eight feet for adults from the pumpkin Halloween bucket or cauldron.

Chalk it with a piece of colored pencil or marker. This line shows the mark from where all the participants have to stand from where they can attempt to throw the sweet into the Halloween pumpkin cauldron. Every participant is given 3 chances to toss the chocolate candy into the bucket without crossing the boundary. For a successful throw, the player is awarded scores.




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Toss a Chocolate Candy in a Halloween Bucket - Contd.

Subsequently, hand out 5 or 10 chocolate candies to every single contestant. Remember to have those candies identical, alike and easy to throw. You can use the ones that come for Halloween sale loaded with goodies.


Turn by turn, every participant comes to the marked areas with their toes around the distance line marked with the tape not going beyond the marker and then tries to toss all of his Halloween candies in to the Halloween cauldron one at a time.


When every single participant has had his turn completed, the scores are compared. You can make it slightly more difficult either by raising the height of the Halloween bucket or increasing the distance. The player who tossed the greatest number of sweets is the winner. You can probably give him all the candies from the Halloween cauldron. 

Do you reinvent the old Halloween games to suit modern times?

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Halloween games for Kid’s Party

Hold a Rope Halloween Game

The kids and the adults can have a gala time with these simple Halloween games for a party. Select 2 kids or adults dressed in a spooky Halloween costume to hold a rope steadily at a height of 4 to 8 feet. Each of these kids holds the end of the rope and keeps it straight so that people can pass underneath the rope. The higher the better, it looks like a bridge which the participants have to cross under the rope without letting their heads touch the rope.

Start the Halloween spooky music, while the music is on; each of the participant is required to go under the rope dancing to the music without letting his head touch the rope. The player whose head touches the rope is out. Next round, lower the rope by 10 to 20 cms and ask all the participants to go under the rope one by one. 


YouTube Kid's Halloween Games

Hold a Rope Halloween Game - Contd.

Keep reducing the height of the rope till there is only one contestant left, he or she is the winner. You can make the game difficult by asking the participants to wear a Halloween cap. The rule of the game then states that the cap should not touch the rope. The candidate has to pass under the rope dancing to the music and without letting his cap touch the rope. All participants have to undergo crossing the bridge one by one. Clearly, the one whose body, head or cap touches the rope is out.

After every participant has gone under the bridge, you can lower the height of the rope and subsequently eliminate the participants who are out.  The winner who survives the ordeal without touching the rope eventually gets the reward or Halloween gifts.

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Enjoy playing and creating games for Kid's on Halloween?

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/13/2022

The candy tossing and the rope ducking appear like fun, safe ways to organize Halloween and Halloween Eve parties for children, juveniles and adults.

Going under a progressively lowered rope makes me think of the Caribbean limbo dance that involves going from standing to almost crawling under a progressively lowered bar. But the doer manages the limbo dance to limbo music.

Which would you be likelier to have at a Halloween or a Halloween Eve party: dancing under a bar or rope, ducking a rope or tossing candy? They all would be great ways to combine non-scary fun with non-scary exercise ;-D!

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