Best Halloween Costumes for Toddler Boys

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Toddlers look cute in any costume that is colorful. You want to look them again and again in all adorable Halloween costumes for toddler boys.

I often wonder why blue is associated color for boys. There is no reason an infant boy should be restricted to blue. Navy blue, sky blue, azure, dark blue and copper blue – gone are the days of blues. The best dresses for baby boys are ones that you love to dress him with. Flowery dresses were only used for dressing girls. Do you think they can be used for dressing up boys? Well, they might look gorgeous on them as well.

I can be sure of one thing though – monkey dresses look good on naughty toddlers, they sure look very attractive if dressed properly with the correct size. You can dress them with chimpanzee and gorilla costumes, they will certainly look gorgeous. We all know that toddlers grow fast, and even if you are tempted to buy a dress which is two or more sizes than their real size to make it last longer, think of buying dresses that are of high quality lasting for more than one festive season.

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What to Look for While Selecting Toddler's Outfits?

Disney characters look stunning on baby boys, so do the animals from Safari. For instance a costume inspired by the Walt Disney characters such as Peter Pan costume, pirate outfit and Captain Hook’s costume will never become obsolete. Kids definitely look forward to getting dressed as Mickey Mouse and Minnie’s Disney costumes. Also, they will never get tire from the blast off "to infinity and beyond"- flashy Toy Story costume of the Buzz.

Look for the complete attire and check for the entire accessories, an outfit should have the top, pants, hat, tunic, boots and detachable belts as is mentioned. Add-ons such as pouch, tails, daggers or anything else that is shown in the picture should accompany the outfit. You do not want to waste your time searching for matching accessories that should have provided with the outfit in first place.

Color Palette of Costumes for Toddler Boys


Cute tiger costume in orange and black can be very creative, zebra costume with white and black strip can look awesome too. Vibrant colours like purple, green and orange are very attractive and can really look classy on Halloween.


Complete white and offset white look awesome on babies so do black. You can choose soft pastel colors if your baby has soft complexions and light color skin. Contrast colors generally look great on toddlers. Orange and green, black and white, yellow and black, pink and blue are some of the combinations that can go really well with infant boy babies.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby Boys


Jumper suits with zips are easy for changing diapers especially for infants. Funny suits that fit well can gather lot of admiration. Go for a puffy and fluffy suit if your kid has chubby cheeks. These costumes look great on kids who have the plump looks. Costumes that stick to the body may not look good on skinny kids.

Look for fabric that is easy on the baby boys, cotton and organic bamboo clothes are excellent for kids. Fabric patterns that are perfect for Halloween night can be anything that suit the occasion. If it is warm, do not go for heavy fleece, woolen and padded designs; they will make the kid uncomfortable in the hot weather. Clothing fabric that can allow the body to breathe are best fit, cotton and organic clothes are examples of such fabric. Clothing that are machine washable are preferable, though you might want to carefully hand wash an outfit so that it does not get flimsy in machine wash.

Probably your toddler might never want to grow up and out of a Peter Pan Costume. If you are fascinated with pirates you can imagine how your young one will look when dresses in a combat outfit of Captain Hook.

What Halloween Costume Do You Prefer for Your Toddler Boy?

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/04/2022

The third owl costume, the first dragon dress-up and the elephant outfit appear particularly amusing, attractive and even educationally entertaining and entertainingly education in their accurate details.

Which ones would you select as crowd-pleasingest?

WriterArtist on 10/24/2014

@ Mira - I wish I was a kid too.

Mira on 11/06/2013

I missed this one. The kids and costumes are sooo cute :):):)

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