Baby Gender Reveal Party

by blackspanielgallery

Baby gender reveal parties are important. It brings family and friends together, and helps the guests later when they are invited to a baby shower. And it can be fun.

A baby gender reveal party is a relatively new concept, and is gaining in importance. When a person is invited to a baby shower before an announcement of the gender has been made, or before a gender reveal party, there is the problem of what kind of gift is appropriate. This same dilemma occurs when a person is invited to a baby shower for which the future parents have not yet learned themselves of the gender of the soon to arrive baby.

Some people want the surprise at the time of the birth so they deliberately avoid learning the gender of their future child. Others may want to make the announcement to an entire group of friends and family at one time, and others may feel compelled to follow an order in telling people, hence opting for a gender reveal party makes everybody present first and avoids strife with those easily offended.

Regardless of the reason, if the gender is not made known, those invited to a baby shower are left with a limited amount of choices.

Decorating in Neutral Colors, Or Equal Colors

Baby Gender Reveal Must Happen After All Are Present

Decorating for a party can be fun, but the colors blue and pink are often use to make the big reveal all at once.  It is no longer a real surprise if the decorations give it away to the guests as they enter.  And, even if the look of individual faces as people see the color scheme is what the future parents like, you can be almost certain that after a few people have gathered most of the other guests will enter already knowing.  This is the world of cellphones, and images are transmitted without you ever knowing it.  So, keep things secret until you have everybody gathered, then make the big reveal.

What Color Options Are Available?

How Do You Delay Making the Baby Gender Reveal Early?

Well, you can use any colors except pink and blue and be safe.  I suggest red be also avoided.  Some faded red looks too close to pink.  Then think of what will be needed for the party. 


Actually, pink and blue in the same quantity are possible, and can work quite well if done right.  In fact, there are pink and blue items that can add to the suspense. 


The easiest way to handle any party is with a party pack kit, and nice pink and blue party supplies are available for a gender reveal party.  Those with question marks are particularly appropriate.


Below are some nice items, including a nice matched kit.  Just make certain you have enough for the invited guests, and a few extra pieces in case someone throws a plate or cup away, or drops something onto the floor.

Baby Gender Reveal Guess

Have the Guests Participate

Have aa small item available, and ask the guests to choose blue or pink.  Here, drinking straws work really well, as do special wrapped chocolate kisses.  You can have the straws in a neutral colored cup, or the chocolate in a candy dish that does not hint of the answer.  Just have ample amounts of each color available.


Making the Baby Gender Reveal

How Do You Make the Reveal?

There are many ways to reveal the gender of the baby.  A balloon release works, but if the balloons are dropped you must get them to the ceiling and keep them hidden.  If the balloons are helium filled they will rise, and can be hidden in a box low to the ground.  But if the venue has a high ceiling you may be responsible for getting the balloons down.


Do not dispose of balloons by releasing them outdoors.  Eventually they rise so high that they pop, and the balloon material falls to the ground.  This poses a problem for wildlife that might eat the balloons.


To be different, keep the cake or cupcakes in another room.  Then, add cupcake toppers to each piece of cake or to each cupcake.  Sure, the cake can have colored icing, but that might be hard to see.  The cupcake picks standing tall ad visibility, and allow the guests to take away a keepsake.  When the cake or cupcakes are brought in all eyes will be on the entrance, and the reveal will have been successfully made.


Baby Gender Reveal Party Timing

Timing Is Important

 A baby gender reveal is important if the expectant parents hope for a baby shower to follow.  Many shower gifts are gender neutral, but to help those who would like to put some thought into an appropriate baby shower gift, revealing the baby’s gender long enough before a baby shower is important.  And, many baby shower are surprise parties, or the expectant mother is at least expected to pretend to be surprised.  This means the date of a baby shower is not necessarily known by the future parents, so releasing the identity of the gender of the baby earlier rather than later might make for a better baby shower.  It could reduce having guests say that you can exchange an article later if it is not what you want.  

Inviting the Guests to a Baby Gender Reveal Party

Send the Invitations

The first thing one must do before having any party is invite the guests.  It is not presumptuous at all to invite family and friends to a gender reveal party, as it might be to invite people to your own baby shower.  This is a celebration, and a great party opportunity.  So, find nice party invitations, choose the date, find the venue, and get started.

Baby Shower Too?

Is It a Combination Party?

Well, it could be, but it works better if it is not.  For one thing the parents to be must initiate the desire to reveal the gender of the baby.  It is less common for the parents to be to throw themselves a baby shower.  Of course the baby shower that is held later might be for women and girls only, so some of the men invited could opt to bring a gift.  If this happens, graciously accept the gift without embarrassing those who are waiting for the baby shower, an event they may already be invited to attend. 

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blackspanielgallery on 08/14/2017

Since about half the guests are likely to guess correctly a reward may be impractical.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/14/2017

blackspanielgallery, Are correct guesses rewarded?

blackspanielgallery on 08/04/2017

It is a relatively new concept. My wife watches Counting On where a family with about twenty children are starting to marry and have children, and it is something I saw on television.

Guest on 08/04/2017

I have only been to one of these parties and they are very exciting to attend. Loved your article!

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