Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

by NausetViews

Halloween Costume Ideas to help your baby have the best Halloween. These costumes are comfortable, cute and memorable!

There's something so cute about seeing a baby dressed up in costume for Halloween. It doesn't matter whether it's a cute dinosaur, a ferocious lion, or a round pumpkin, I think that Halloween costumes for little ones are adorable.

As the mother of 3 little ones myself, I have enjoyed plenty of Halloweens searching for the perfect costume for baby's first Halloween. Of course at that age it really is all about me. My sons and daughter didn't care what they wore, as long as they were comfortable and warm. So for me those were the priorities I set for finding a great costume. If you live in a warm climate then your needs may be different, but I think that comfort is key otherwise you'll have one unhappy baby.

Here are a few of my favorite baby Halloween costumes. I hope that it helps give you some ideas for infant and toddler costumes that may be perfect for your boy or girl.

Image courtesy of aresauburn on Flickr CC 2.0

Lion Costume for Baby

One of my favorite Halloween costumes for my kids is the lion outfit I bought for my oldest son.  It was such a cute costume and it was perfect for my kids once they started walking.  This particular costume is available for infants, all the way up to size 2.  I have been able to get several years out of this costume, with all 3 of my kids wearing it at one point or another.  This year it will be time for my youngest to give it a try.  Roar!

Lil Characters Baby Lion Costume

This Infant Halloween Costume includes a lined zippered bodysuit that has snap leg closures to make it extra easy for diaper changes. The costume also includes booties, a plush lion mane hood, and a tail with bow.

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Monster Halloween Costumes

Do you have any little monsters in your house?  I love these cute outfits for babies because they are perfect for boys and girls.  So if you sometimes feel like your little one is a monster (in a good way of course), then one of these costumes would be a great choice for Halloween.

Lil Characters Infant Monster Costume

This unisex baby costume is just right for boys and girls. The costume has a lined romper and a removable hood and slip-on booties.

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Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume

This adorable infant costume is just right for little girls. The costume has a warm and cozy jumpsuit, plus a hood and slip-on booties.

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Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Teeny Meanie Monster Romper Costume

A bright blue and brown monster with a cozy jumpsuit that has attached booties and hood. This cute Halloween cute is ideal for boys or girls.

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Infant Superman Costume

My oldest son's first Halloween costume was Superman.  I loved it because it was a comfortable romper that let him move around comfortably.  Since he had just started walking, it was important for me to have something that wasn't too bulky for him.  This is a picture of him admiring himself in the reflection of our oven. 

This Infant Superman Costume on Amazon is just like the one I bought.  The cape is removable, which makes it a lot more manageable for babies who find the cape to be a nuisance.

My son as Superman
My son as Superman
Superman Romper With Removable Cape Superman

Everyone's child is special, we won't argue that. But only can truly claim the title of being out of this world level super! If it sounds like your child fits the bill, then tak...

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Pumpkin Halloween Costume

A pumpkin costume for babies is one of my favorites.  I think that these are especially cute for babies 6 months or older since when they sit up the fullness of the costume can really be seen.  The chubby cheeks and full faces that infants have adds to what makes this one of my favorite costumes.

Unisex Baby Pumpkin Costume

Includes: Bodysuit, Hood, Booties.

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Princess Halloween Costumes for Baby

There's no doubt about it that girls are little Princesses from the day they enter our lives, so sometimes no other costume will do.  If your little girl is all about pretty dresses, bows and frills, then here are some adorable princess costumes for girls.

Snow White Infant Costume

What a Sweet Little Princess! Your Little One Won't Just Charm the Dwarves! (Shoes/Hairbow Not Included)

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Cindrella Infant Costume

This adorable Disney costume comes with a pretty dress, but does not include the shoes.

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Belle Infant Costume

Officially licensed by Disney, this costume includes a yellow gown with sparkle print overlay. The shoes and hair bow are not included.

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Ariel Infant Costume

Officially licensed by Disney. This beautiful dress is perfect for your little princess!

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Aurora Infant Costume

Your daughter will be pretty in pink wearing this adorable Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume. The costume does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed © DISNEY costume.

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Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Astronaut Costume
Baby Astronaut Costume
Photo Courtesy of Tecrekka on Flickr CC 2.0
Dalmation Halloween Costume
Dalmation Halloween Costume
Photo Courtesy of kbowenwriter on Flickr CC 2.0
Duck Costume
Duck Costume
Photo Courtesy of spilltojill on Flickr CC 2.0
Gnome Costume
Gnome Costume
Photo Courtesy of shannonpatrick17 on Flickr CC 2.0
Pirate Halloween Costume
Pirate Halloween Costume
Photo Courtesy of definf on Flickr CC 2.0

Which Infant Costume Do You Like Best?

Hopefully one of the photos, or costumes I highlighted, has given you some ideas for Halloween costumes. 

You don't have to do a full costume for a baby, sometimes just a simple Halloween onesie is enough to get in the holiday spirit. 

And as you can see from the pictures above, there are plenty of costumes you can put together with clothes that you already have on hand. 

Whatever costume you choose, have fun and I hope that you and your little one have a memorable Halloween this year! 

Lion Costume
Lion Costume
Image Courtesy of seanmfreese on Flic...

More Halloween Costume Ideas

Need a great costume for a party? Halloween costumes that you make at home are easy, inexpensive and lots of fun. Here are some ideas to help you pull together the perfect outfit.
Firefighter costumes for kids are more than just a popular costume for Halloween, they are perfect for dress-up and pretend play throughout the year.
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NausetViews on 08/11/2013

Hopefully no complaints @katiem2, but I guess you never know with little ones do you :)

katiem2 on 08/11/2013

Adorable ideas for baby to wear at Halloween and comfortable as well I can imagine toddlers and babies would not have any complaints about wearing these cute and comfy costumes.

NausetViews on 08/10/2013

I love the big mane on the lion hood. It looks so cute on the kids!

Mira on 08/10/2013

Cute! :) My favorite costume is the baby lion :)

NausetViews on 08/09/2013

I think the pirate is so cute.

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/09/2013

I'm torn between the duck and the pirate.

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