Halloween Vampire Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

by JoHarrington

The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.

It's a night of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. In stormy skies, the vampire bats fly across a blood, red moon.

All sensible people batten down the hatches and lace the doorways with garlic. The vampires are abroad! But one is way too cute to do anything, but elicit coos and awwws!

You won't need an excuse to dress baby in these outfits. But seeing as Halloween has given you one, go, go, go!

Vampire Bat Infant Costume

Vampire Bat Costume for Babies aged 3-12 Months

Baby bats are lovely to start with, so add your little one to the mix and the result is truly gorgeous.

This cute ensemble is one of the most popular infant Halloween costumes on Amazon.

It comes as a set, including all but the onesie.  That you will have to match for yourself (with tights too, if the weather is a little chill).

What you will receive is the cape, complete with fluffy bat's ears on the hood, as well as the gloves and slippers.

The gushing cute attacks of your neighbors comes as standard.

Need Vampire Costume Ideas for the Rest of the Family?

Classy and spooky! We all know that blood-sucking vampires like to look their best. These horror-filled costumes are perfect for Halloween parties everywhere.
Twilight, Dracula, Monster High, the blood-sucker of legend is never far away. These kids' vampire costumes for Halloween make for the best dressed spook in town.
These creatures of the night look decidedly more canine than bat-like, but why should humans have all the fun? Your dog can have a vampire costume too!

Vampire Bat Costume for Babies aged 12-18 Months

For infants a little bit older, the outfits can become a little more elaborate.  But just as lovely!

Can you imagine how wonderful your little one will look, in this toddler Halloween vampire bat costume?

The outfit is a velvet jump-suit, with matching hood and slippers. It's not too heavy, so baby won't over-heat. For those in colder climates, add some warmer clothes underneath.

There's also a warning for infants who aren't yet walking. The extra material of the wings might hinder crawling a little. Pay close attention, so baby doesn't get all caught up!

Vampire Bat Toddler Costume

There are some spooky treats out there for your infant this Halloween - from horrifically cute clothing to fun, festive toys. Check this lot out for your little one.

Vampire Costumes for Infants aged 12-18 Months

Do you disdain the bat?  Want your baby to turn out in full vampiric glory?

There are two ridiculously cute costumes to choose between here. Your toddler will look wonderful in either.

The Infant Too Cute Spook Vampire Outfit is an all-in-one jumpsuit, which can be quickly slipped over your little one's head. It fastens at the back with Velcro.

The shoes are not included, so you will need to pick out some from your own baby's wardrobe.

If your toddler is very rough and tumble, then you might find that the collar flags after a while. It's easily pinned back up into place though. Just remember to take some safety pins with you, when your family goes trick and treating!

The Little Bite Vampire Costume is also a jumpsuit. It's made out of velvet, with a collared cape to accessorize.

As with the Spook outfit, the shoes are not provided. You will need to pick out your own.

These are the perfect costumes for people who want to become a family of vampires. You will be sure to get a great response from those at your Halloween parties!

Infant Too Cute Spook Vampire Costume

Little Bite Vampire Costume

Halloween Vampire Baby Accessories!

Did I mention accessorize? Buy these to really complete your little one's Halloween costume.
Lil' Vampire Baby Pacifier

Two Front Teeth Pacifier From The Maker Of The Billy-Bob Teeth, Comes A Pacifier With A New Twist. You Are Sure To Get A Few Double Takes Whenever This Fun Little Piece Is In Us...

View on Amazon

9 oz. Halloween Baby Bottle - Printed with Latex Nipple

This adorable 9 oz. Printed Halloween Bottle with Latex Nipple is a great seasonal addition.

View on Amazon

Little Vampire Infant/Toddler Pacifier

Includes pacifier.This Little Vampire vants to suck his pacifier!

View on Amazon

Size Two Vampire Girls' Costume for Toddlers

It's about time we had a vampiress costume for babies and toddlers!  I was beginning to think that the toddling girls had been forgotten!

There's no arguing with the Cute as Can Be title of this Vampire Princess costume for toddlers either.

Rubies Costume Co. have billed this as a size two vampire dress for girls. But one commentator has warned that it comes a little small.  Therefore you may want to get your tape measure out and check with the manufacturer, before forking out any hard cash.

You will receive the dress, collar and the world's most fabulous Halloween top hat for toddlers (or indeed any age).  I want one!  Just the hat. I don't think I could pull off the rest.

The shoes and stockings aren't included, so you will have to accessorize those yourself.

Cute As Can Be Toddler Vampire Princess Costume

Size 4 Vampire Costume for Larger Toddlers

Isn't he adorable? I'm having a cute attack just writing this!

The large toddler vampire boy's costume will fit an average two year old. So those little horrors hurtling out of babyhood into childhood, and getting into everything else along the way.

You will receive the polyester top, with its attached cape, but you'll have to find your own pants and shoes to match.

I love the fact that the cape is built into the collar. Otherwise I'd have visions of this costume being a real nightmare, in terms of having to keep fixing it, or else watching the cape sliding down, panicking that you're going to end up strangling your kid.

No panic necessary. It's firmly sewn into the neckline of the shirt!

Vampire Toddler's Costume

More Halloween Costumes for your Little One!

Hubble! Bubble! Toil and... awww! Remarkably cute infants in witch outfits for Halloween! Bewitch your neighborhood with these spooky costumes.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!
The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!
These little monsters are so cute that you won't want to hide under the quilt! Let your little one be the talk of the party in these infant Halloween outfits.
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JoHarrington on 05/13/2013

The vampire dummies? They amuse me too.

Jenny on 05/13/2013

They still make me laugh.

JoHarrington on 04/03/2013

Yay! I'm glad that they were as amusing as we thought they were going to be. It's a pity that I don't have any little ones, or else I'd be so onto these too.

Ember on 04/03/2013

I did get them for my niece and nephew, but I got the Jack-o-lantern ones for both. They were two at the time, so not bitty babies. We were all amused by them, because they looked silly, but in a cute way. Oh! And my niece liked to show hers off to people xD

JoHarrington on 03/25/2013

One of my American friends was going to buy one of those for her twin niece and nephew. I'll have to ask her if she ever did. They amused us too.

Jenny on 03/25/2013

ROFL The vampire teeth dummies! Great!

JoHarrington on 08/16/2012

LOL I was so thinking that, when I looked at these. I think we'd look adorable in adult-sized ones too. :)

There was no tradition of this when I was little. But I really wish that there was. It's so cute to see the little ones in them now.

katiem2 on 08/16/2012

Oh what fun, I remember dressing the girls up each year and all the pictures are priceless memories. Do take lots of pictures of your darlings all dressed up in the cute vampire costumes. These are adorable. Do you think they come in my size???? :)K

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