Halloween Witch Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

by JoHarrington

Hubble! Bubble! Toil and... awww! Remarkably cute infants in witch outfits for Halloween! Bewitch your neighborhood with these spooky costumes.

"When shall we three meet again?" Eldritch screech. Lightning flash. Cauldron bubbling and all that.

"Coo! Gurgle!" It's less a cackle than a baby's belly laugh, followed by solicitous suckling on a bottle of milk.

But you can't say that it ruins the effect any, once you see what the little darling is wearing!

This Halloween night, let your infant be the best dressed little witch abroad. Comes complete with automatic spells to make your neighbors go, "Awww! Bless!"

Baby Bunting Witch Costumes

Witch Costumes for Newborns to Aged Nine Months

Being a baby in arms is no reason not to enter into the spirit of a witchy Halloween! 

These fun sack outfits are much bigger than they look.  They allow a lot of kicking space for your infant's little legs.

Both baby witch's bunting fastens with a drawstring around the back.

In the purple Witch Baby Bunting Costume, the hat is separate to the body. In the black and orange Little Witch Baby Bunting, the hat is a hood attached to the main outfit.

Wickedly Cute Costume

Witch Outfit for Babies aged 12-18 Months

Wickedly Cute is the name of this classic orange and black witch's dress.  You can see why!

It's created out of velvet, with sheer puff sleeves and ruff trim. There is a spider attached to its web, dangling from one side.

I love the detail of the gathered material, making pleats from beneath the armpits.

Disguise do provide the cone hat too, though you will have to match your own tights and shoes.

This toddler will be the cutest witch for miles!

There are some spooky treats out there for your infant this Halloween - from horrifically cute clothing to fun, festive toys. Check this lot out for your little one.
An unholy cackling fills the night, as the Crone bends over her cauldron. Scare small children and have fun with one of these most Pagan of Halloween costumes.
All witches need a familiar. But who's to say that the four legged one can't be the magical being, with a human familiar? Certainly not the canine in this costume!

Witch Outfit for Babies aged 12 Months Onwards

This gorgeous Wicked Witch of the West outfit has been created by Rubie's Costume Company.

Trimmings notwithstanding, the dress is 100% polyester.

The attention to detail is exquisite. The hems are trimmed with silver thread. The bodice and hat ribbon are filled with green sequins.  Your baby is going to sparkle in the Halloween lights!

It's not obvious in this picture, but the sheer apron is gathered up at the sides and finished with silver ribbons.

The legend, embroidered in silver thread at the throat, spells out Oz. This costume has been officially licensed by Wizard of Oz copyright holders.

I swear that the real Wicked Witch of the West was never this adorable!

Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Costume

Oz's Wicked Witch for Cute Comparison Purposes

Witch Outfit for Toddlers aged 24 Months

Fun World Costumes have produced this gorgeous polyester outfit for your little witch.

The set includes the big, orange hat; the lacy mittens; and, of course, the lovely dress with its ruffled tutu.

You will have to match the stripped stockings and shoes for yourself, as they are not part of the provided costume.

When your baby witch grows bored of casting spells, then a little dancing could be in the offing. This is, after all, a ballerina costume as well!

Ballerina Witch Costume

Witch Outfit for Kids aged 24 Months to 4 Years

Another outfit by Disguise - the story book witch in all her scary-cute glory!

This full-skirted witch costume is made out of velvet. However, if you want it to puff out like that, you would do well to accessorize with a petticoat.  That isn't provided.

The pointed hat is part of the outfit though. It's good quality and comfortable to wear. Your baby will be playing dress up in it long after Halloween is through!

Please note that this costume does run small, so it is worth ordering a size higher than you ordinarily would.

Story Book Witch Costume

Witch Outfit for Kids aged 24 Months to 5 Years

This is made by Disguise, the same company as the Story Book Witch costume.

Therefore the two could be bought together for twins, other young relations or close friends.

All that has been said about the previous costume holds true here too.  The dress, with its attached cat print apron, and the hat are part of the same outfit. They are shipped together.

The shoes and stockings aren't provided, so you will need to match them yourself.

Fairytale Witch Costume

Witch Outfit for Kids aged 24 Months to 10 Years

Doesn't she look adorable?

There are two parts to this outfit:  the hat (with its removable purple hatband) and the layered dress.

Naturally, it's the dress where all of the focus is.  Made from polyester, there is a velvet-y lace-up bodice; full, floor-length mesh skirt; and a chiffon overlet, sparkling with stars.

This Pretty Little Witch costume comes in four sizes, so take care to choose the right one.

The toddler size is great for little witches who are between 33"-45" tall.  That's usually for children aged 2-4 years.

The very small ones might require a bit of hemming on the full skirt; but that means that the outfit can be let down again for next year's use.

Pretty Little Witch Costume

More Halloween Costumes for your Infants

Thunder crashes and lightning strikes - a hit! A creepy laboratory filled with crackling and light! But wait... What a cutie Dr Frankenstein's little monster is this time!
The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!
The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!
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