Halloween Witch Costumes for Dogs

by JoHarrington

All witches need a familiar. But who's to say that the four legged one can't be the magical being, with a human familiar? Certainly not the canine in this costume!

Wriggle, waggle, woof and barking isn't quite what Shakespeare envisaged, when he wrote about his witches on the blasted heath. But he was wrong.

This Halloween, it's the hounds who are donning the pointed hats, like they just graduated from Hogwarts!

We have a fine selection of Halloween outfits for dogs who want to explore their witchy side. From the very small to the very large, they too can join in the trick and treating fun. After all, what's more traditional than a witch costume during this festival?

Spellhound Witch Dog Costume

No need to worry about the sizing on this one.  It comes in five of them!  It's a canine witch costume to fit extra small to extra large dogs.  Now all you have to do is persuade your pooch to wear it!

That said, the comments on Amazon are full of people stating that they've finally found a Halloween outfit, which their dog will wear.  So maybe my cynicism unduly showed for a moment there.

There is a sweetener with this witchy dog costume though. The cream colored item on the floor is a squeaky, broom-shaped dog toy.  It will give them something to get their teeth into and play with, while you attempt to fix the hat into place.

The main part of the costume - the sequined, back laced shirt and skirt - is all in one piece. It fastens with velcro at the belly.

The hat is separate, but still comes as part of the whole dog witch package.  No doubt that your faithful friend will look wonderful!

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Pet Witch Costume for Dogs and Cats

Oh! Look at that gorgeous face peeping out!  Witches never looked this cute in my day.

Despite the tiny model, this is a dog witch outfit which has been billed for large dogs.  I can't say that I'm too convinced by that, when people are buying these for their cats too!  I'm assuming that's your usual tabby, and not a tiger.

(Though let us all pause here to imagine attempting to put this Halloween costume on a pet tiger...)

Back to the plot, this is actually an all in one witch dog outfit. The strap of the hat is connected to the dress part.  The latter fixes with velcro strips at the belly.

At least this way, you don't lose the hat every time your dog knocks it off.

Pet Witch Dog Halloween Costume for Medium Dogs

This is a witch outfit for medium sized dogs, so that's the border collies and cocker spaniels of this world covered!  Though I do wonder how well they'll take to that hat...

The dog witch costume has a neck girth of 14" to 18".

The shirt part comes with many groovy features, including the faux hands clutching a miniature broom-stick. 

The hat fastens separately, and, I highly suspect, gets pawed off again within seconds.  What do you reckon, border collie owners?

However, if you think that your pooch will cope with it, then it definitely looks the part! 

Halloween Costumes for Dogs on Wizzley

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Updated: 12/30/2013, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 08/12/2013

I've noticed you meandering around the articles. On a bit of a shopping trip, are we?

Though yes, I can see the shredding scenario playing out. Film it!

Ember on 08/12/2013

These are adorable. All of these different dog costumes are really tempting...I'd have to film it though, because it is likely that they'd only last a matter a minutes before they ended up in shreds...with a bunch of happy dogs who thought that was all a game, too I'm sure. And wanting to do it again. XD

JoHarrington on 08/08/2013

In that case, I take it all back about border collies and hats!

We need to know about the Snow White Sheltie dwarves. My mental image is great!

Ragtimelil on 08/08/2013

Well, none of my self-respecting working dogs would be caught dead in a costume. (I won't mention the time my golden went to a party as Snow White and my friend's Sheltes came as the dwarfs, but that's another story)
However, my dear "hard-working" dogs do like hats. http://lanapettey.wordpress.com/2012/...

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