Halloween Pumpkin Costumes for Dogs

by JoHarrington

Looking for a canine Jack O'Lantern suit for this night of ghoulish madness? These are the gourd-liest Halloween dog outfits around!

What's that sniffing through the pumpkin patch? It's a four legged Jack O'Lantern with a rapidly wagging tail!

Not all is what it seems on Halloween night, particularly around the subject of canines and gourds. Which is probably not a subject that you've fully explored before.

Check out these pumpkin Halloween costumes for dogs! Let your canine join in the fun this festive night of trick and treating and spooky partying!

Pumpkin Dress Up Halloween Costume for Dogs

How cute is this polyester pumpkin coat for dogs?!  It's perfectly themed for Halloween too, so your pooch will look the part, as (s)he accompanies you on your trick and treating.

Created by Top Paw, the outfit is intended for medium sized canines.  The length in the back is 13", with a 15" neck girth and 23" chest. However there is some flexibility in it.  The fasteners are velcro, allowing you to find a good fit for your pet.

These outfits are sold on Amazon, but apparently these canine pumpkin costumes are amongst the most popular from Petsmart.

Matching Pumpkin Outfits for your Party This Halloween!

Grinning pumpkin heads are all well and good; until one turns its head to follow you across the room. Have fun with your own pumpkin costume this Halloween!
The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!

Zack & Zoey Pumpkin Skirt and Shirt Dog Costume

Have you got a disco dog going to the party?  Then this is definitely the Halloween costume for your pooch!

The pumpkin on the shirt glitters with sequins! It will certainly sparkle in the Jack O'Lantern lights. Another groovy detail is the felt pumpkin heads on the skirt.  What's not to love about the whole ensemble?!

This Halloween dog costume is a two piece set. The dog t-shirt pulls over your pet's head, while the tulle skirt slips over its mid-riff.

Though it has all the hallmarks of being for a tiny toy dog, the sizes actually go quite high!  By measuring from the base of your dog's tail to the base of its neck, you can get this outfit from 8" up to 24".

Zelda Pumpkin Pet Costume

This one piece shirt and hood is a great Halloween pumpkin costume for small, medium or large sized dogs. 

You can't really see the grinning Jack O'Lantern design on the back, but it's there. It's a cut-out patch, which stands out beautifully. 

The major downside to this product is having to wade through the bad puns on the packaging. 'Ador-a-bull...' *facepalm*  Fortunately your dog is unlikely to be able to read, so doesn't need to be subjected to them.

As appears to be the fashion with these outfits, this one is made from polyester.

Zack & Zoey Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume

Another doggie pumpkin outfit from Zack and Zoey!  This is a plush one, adding a bit of bulk to your pet.

The one pictured is a costume for extra large dogs, but it comes in various sizes to match your pooch. Though I've not personally clapped eyes on it, it's had a lot of great reviews.

The main feature is naturally that warm Jack O'Lantern shirt.  This is a good thing, as the verified purchasers have almost unanimously said that their dog didn't want to wear the hat!  If you have one which will, then it's also a nice fit, with velcro under the chin.

Zack & Zoey's Pumpkin Pooch Dog outfit is one of the more popular ones on the market.

More Doggie Costumes for Halloween Night!

With ghosts and ghouls around, who knows what manner of creature will attempt to jockey your dog this season! Preempt it with these great dog rider costumes!
These creatures of the night look decidedly more canine than bat-like, but why should humans have all the fun? Your dog can have a vampire costume too!
It brings a whole new meaning to the term Hounds of Hell! Grab a canine devil outfit for your dog to share in the Halloween fun!
All witches need a familiar. But who's to say that the four legged one can't be the magical being, with a human familiar? Certainly not the canine in this costume!
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JoHarrington on 08/12/2013

Aren't they just?!

Ember on 08/12/2013

Oh my goodness, these are adorable. :|

JoHarrington on 08/10/2013

This is true. I suppose that if the dog was used to dressing up, then it would be a great doggie outfit.

JoHarrington on 08/10/2013

Yes, I thought that when I saw it. I'm not sure how your average dog will love the tulle skirt further down the page.

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