Halloween Pumpkin Costumes for Adults

by JoHarrington

Grinning pumpkin heads are all well and good; until one turns its head to follow you across the room. Have fun with your own pumpkin costume this Halloween!

There's something stirring in the vegetable patch. Something moving amongst the Jack O'Lanterns.

That pumpkin has a face and it's stalking the Halloween streets on two legs.

Is it scary? Is it funny? Is it cute and sexy, or sweet as pumpkin pie? It's... actually that depends very much on which costume you're going to choose! Every style is present and correct in this collection here.

Just come on in and see which is the one for you.

Scary Pumpkin Costumes for Halloween

This is one vegetable that you seriously don't want to bump into on a dark night!

Halloween is a night for horrors, frights and Jack O'Lantern grinning heads. It seems only right that we start with the most ghoulish pumpkin outfits out there.

These costumes really put paid to the notion that those lit faces are meant to scare away ghosts, evil and the undead.  Oh dear!

Bleeding Evil Pumpkin Halloween Costume

The bloody part comes from a pump action device held in the hand, which squirts fake blood at your victims.

Evil Pumpkin Outfit for Adults

I shivered. This individual looks just like some dark caped crusader, until it turns its grinning pumpkin face at you.  Then you scream.

The outfit here is all that you see, save the shoes. You get the gown, hood, mask and belt, along with the fiendish heart-shaped pump to be concealed in your hand. Any poor passing person risks getting covered in fake blood through your trickery.

Bobble Head Pumpkin Adult Halloween Costume

Hooded Bobble Head Pumpkin Spook

This one-size-fits-all bobble head costume is the complete ensemble.

You get the gown, head and its support, though you'll have to use your own shoes!  Also included are the Halloween hood, gloves and the rope tie for your waist.

The giant pumpkin head is very over-sized, but it doesn't hurt to wear it.

We're all looking at the mask, but it is worth inspecting the robes too. 

The dusty detail is tremendous, and the sleeves are frayed. The hood has a wide, draped collar, which doesn't show up so well on the image. 

It looks like this creature just stepped up out of some laboratory, or the grave. Your imagination could run riot in concocting a story for yourself. Make it creepy!

More Terrifying Halloween Pumpkin Masks

Just do me a favor please? When you buy one of these, don't creep up behind me and grin. I will shriek so loudly that you will be permanently deafened.
The best pumpkin mask on Amazon isn't above. It's in this article instead.
So many masks to choose from, but which is the absolute number one mask for Halloween in each horror genre? I've taken to the stores to find out.

Funny Pumpkin Costumes for Adults

Happy face! Let's make this a happy face! Halloween is a HARVEST festival too, isn't it? Please say yes.

Swiftly moving on from the ghouls and the terror, we get to relax into a second major fact about pumpkins.  They look hilarious!

At least they do if you take in the whole jolly roundness of their girth, and don't add quite so many teeth.  If you are going to a Halloween event with small children (and you aren't naturally evil), then you might want to opt for something a little friendlier in the pumpkin line.

Pumpkin Adult Costume

Unisex Friendly Pumpkin Face Tunic

Jazz hands pumpkin person! I had to choose this one to head the section. It's just so cheerfully happy!

The perfect antidote after all those freaky pumpkin heads.

Made out of poly-foam, which gives it that bulbous shape, this is a one-size-fits-all outfit.  It's intended for either gender and it's a fun, child-friendly take on the whole Halloween vegetable theme.

The headpiece is included in the outfit.

Inflatable Pumpkin Costume

Blow Up Nylon Pumpkin Body Suit

It doesn't get much more fun than this inflatable pumpkin outfit.

Let's get the headpiece out of the way first.  It's made out of nylon. It's orange. It's got a leaf detail. It sits on top of your head. Hat.

Right!  Now for the jumpsuit!

Also made out of 100% nylon, you pull it on by stepping into it. There's a battery powered fan inside, which will then inflate the legs and torso to pumpkin proportions.

It looks good AND doubles as an all over body shield!  At least insofar as walking into walls and the like are concerned.

The one downside is that it does eat up a lot of batteries, so be sure to take a multi-pack of replacements out to your Halloween events.

Women's Pumpkin Tunic Costume

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Tunic Outfit for Teachers?

Most Halloween costumes are designed for frights or partying. Those made for women all too often have the sex factor at the forefront of all.

It's a refreshing change therefore to find a Halloween outfit for school-teachers. At least that's the recommendation made by the manufacturer.

The Women's Pumpkin Tunic Costume is cute and fun, without feeling the need to emphasize any curves (give or take that of the squash itself). As a child-friendly costume for adults, it's the perfect outfit for a teacher to wear into class without losing her dignity, nor giving her pupils nightmares.

Or the rest of us could don it for a party. The options are there!

Taking a Little One With You?

The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!
Looking for a canine Jack O'Lantern suit for this night of ghoulish madness? These are the gourd-liest Halloween dog outfits around!

Sexy Pumpkin Costumes for Halloween

Because vegetables can be glamorous too. Just you wait and see.

So what if pumpkins are big, round vegetables with an orange complexion and fat, flat leaves?  If you can't see the possibilities for a hot Halloween outfit in that, then you are sorely lacking in imagination!

But luckily for you (and, if I'm honest, me), there are fancy dress outfitters who not only did conceive it, but have left me convinced too.

Behold the sexy pumpkin dresses!  You'll never look at a squash in the same way again.

Pumpkin Pie Costume

Official Wizard of Oz Pumpkin Pie Outfit

Rubie's Costume Company get all of the movie licenses, don't they?  It's probably because they are an established fancy dress vendor, with nearly seventy years experience behind them.

This Pumpkin Pie costume has been inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

Made out of 100% polyester, the outfit comprises the round, romper dress and the leaf-stalk headpiece.  You will need to add your own gloves, pantyhose and shoes.

The Wizard of Oz: The Scarecrow's Pumpkin Dance

Struggling to locate a pumpkin in this fantastic movie? It's in a deleted scene!

Harvest Pumpkin Princess Costume

Pumpkin Princess Dress Costume for Adults

This glamorous Leg Avenue Halloween costume is brand new for 2012.

I sound like an announcer at a fashion show!  But then the model does lend herself to such imaginings too.

The festive part of this sexy dress is obviously the pumpkin print on the bodice.

A tulle petticoat is concealed under the skirt, which provides the volume needed to maintain the shape. The clear shoulder straps are detachable, if you would prefer to wear the dress as a bustier.

Another lovely detail is the pumpkin fascinator to pin into your hair.

The boots and gloves are not part of this harvest princess outfit. You will have to supply those yourself.

Made out of 100% polyester, the pumpkin dress will need to be hand-washed.  Shoving it into your machine with the rest of the laundry will damage it.

Festive footwear never got this grisly before! Ladies, complete your costume with some appropriate Halloween shoes. There are plenty to choose between!

Fever Sexy Pumpkin Costume

Sexy Ladies Pumpkin Dress and Headband

This gorgeous puff ball pumpkin dress looks like it's made out of satin or silk. 

No such luck!  It's 100% polyester, though of such a quality fabric that it does need to be dry cleaned only.

Fever Sexy Pumpkin is one of the few Halloween outfits of its genre which doesn't involve a grinning Jack O'Lantern face. Instead the color and the full skirt suggest the contours of this spooky vegetable.

Have you noted the ribbing on the bodice and skirt? We're not just rounding out this gourd, but adding the folds in too!

Both the bodice and the pumpkin headpiece boast a matching leaf detail.

This costume does include the headband, but not the shoes or stockings.  Both of those will have to be bought separately or supplied from your own wardrobe.

However, I've just checked and the striped stockings worn by the model are available on Amazon too.

Halloween Pumpkin Accessories!

Complete your outfit with a range of gourd related items. No-one should be without any of them. *nod nod*

Fruity Licious Pumpkin Spice Adult Costume

Stunning Sixties Style Pumpkin Outfit

Did you like the funky pumpkin wig in the accessorize section?  It actually comes as part of this complete Halloween costume too.

This is a sexy pumpkin dress that you will just want to party in. It's practically made for dancing!

The 100% polyester, hand wash outfit has a built in wire hoop to give it that distinctive round flare.  That's the subtle shape hint of what you are, which is blatantly told by your hair.

Also part of the outfit are the white boot tops, which cover over your existing kinky boots, to match the accents of the dress. Unfortunately, you will have to supply your own fishnet pantyhose.

Admit it, you can already picture the dance that you'd be doing in this.  I'd go for the alternate hands in the air one, which always looks like people were milking very tall, invisible cows in the 1960s.

Perhaps they were.  This was the psychedelic era, after all.  Who knows what they were all seeing.

More Spooky Halloween Costumes for Adults

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There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.
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JoHarrington on 10/17/2012

And it's now totally in your head. Enjoy that image. :)

Kate on 10/17/2012

Sexualised pumpkins? The mind boggles!

JoHarrington on 10/16/2012

They appeal to my dark side too. But I'd jump ten miles if someone crept up on me wearing one!

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