Halloween Ghost Costumes for Adults

by JoHarrington

There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.

The veil is thin at this time of year; and everyone knows that specters haunt the streets.

Is that your great-great grandparents? Or the tragic victim of some ancient horror? Or the Ghost of Christmas Past with its alarm going off too soon?

Nope, it's you in your Halloween ghost attire, spooking the neighbors and thrilling all who venture in your path.

Now let's come and get you dressed for the part.

Corpse Count and Countess Ghost Costumes for Couples

Anyone else thinking that they may have met their end in the French Revolution?

The detail on InCharacters costumes is always exquisite. They all look like they've been professionally made for a movie set, or some kind of reenactment event! And these latest offerings are no exception.

Their Corpse Count ghost costume for men, and Corpse Countess ghost costume for women, are bought separately, but fit together as a matching pair. Perfect for couples wishing to find Halloween outfits which complement each other.

You can work out your own back story. My imagination is buzzing on a theme of the Great Terror. How these pair were once part of the court of Louis XIV, but were dragged to the guillotine under the merciless gaze of Robespierre. What do you think?

And what about these other haunting couples coming right up?

Haunting Beauty Ghost Costume for Women

Haunting Spirit Ghost Costume for Men

InCharacters Haunting Ghost Costumes - New for 2014

These are brand new ghost costumes for couples for Halloween 2014. As you can tell by the quality and detail, this haunting outfit collection has been created by InCharacters.

Both are made from 100% polyester, therefore they are machine washable. What you see is what you get, give or take the make up and the shoes.

Match your Ghost Costume with the Rest of the Family

OoooOOOOooohhhh! Everyone knows that Halloween is the time when ghosties come out to haunt. Look the part with these Trick and Treating children's ghost costumes.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!
With ghosts and ghouls around, who knows what manner of creature will attempt to jockey your dog this season! Preempt it with these great dog rider costumes!

Ghostly Adult Lady and Gent Costumes

In Character Costumes: Ghostly Lady and Gent

I don't know about you, but they're scaring the proverbial out of me!  It's not too bad here, but try going onto Amazon and clicking the zoom on either of them.

Especially at night.

You are looking at two separate costumes here.  The Ghost Adult Gown for ladies and the Ghostly Gent Plus for gentlemen.  These are very elaborate Halloween outfits, that are only for serious connoisseurs.

We are definitely in the higher end of the market here, and the prices reflect that. But so does the quality and the attention to detail.

The Ghostly Adult Gown has a Tulle petticoat. The dress fastens with a zipper at the back. The hat, wig and gloves are accessories that are included in the costume.  The Ghostly Gent Set has several parts: suit, dickie bow with scarf collar, gloves, hat and wig. 

These costumes are tattered for that extra spooky effect.  You will have to add your own make-up though!  They aren't the only styles in this amazing collection.

Both adult ghost outfits are made out of 100% polyester, so they are machine washable.

Dead Groom and Dead Bride Ghost Costumes for Couples

These are Rubies Costume Co Halloween outfits, but they seem to fit here quite well.

I'll admit that when I opened the page, I jumped about ten feet out of my seat at that Dead Bride Halloween costume. It's very effective, isn't it?  I mean, the Dead Groom one isn't bad either, but the bride model just nails it!

Could you do half as well with your cosmetics and expressions? Time to practice in the mirror!

In both cases, you are paying for all that you can see (excepting footwear and make up). Your costume will include all items of clothing, plus accessories such as the jewelery and bouquet.

Phantom Sheriff and Widow Ghost Town Costumes

There's a whole town represented in the Smiffy Halloween costumes for adults.

Smiffy's have really gone to town with their ghost costumes for adults at Halloween. I'm not even joking. You could piece together a community from the pairings in their catalog! 

Imagine how amazing it would be, if you could convince a whole gang from your neighborhood to dress up accordingly. Your streets would be the spookiest in the nation, and those costumes could be used to recreate those scenes every, single year.

It should come as no surprise that Smiffy has named this range Ghost Town.  The adult ghost costumes begin with the Phantom Sheriff up above, which I think matches brilliantly with the ghostly Widow outfit.

Ghost Town Cowgirl and Cowboy Halloween Costumes

Of course, you'll all have to work out what killed everyone in such a way that a whole town is now haunting the land upon which it stood. Was it some kind of curse? Or a pact made in life that none should pass on over to the other side?

Or maybe none of them know that they are dead!  Death could have come so suddenly (meteor strike or something) that every died simultaneously, arose to discover each other still there and assumed that they'd merely received a bump on the head. So they go on, haunting, never getting older, never thinking to ask why.

First Native Ghost Costumes for Adult Couples

Indian ghost and Indian Princess ghost costumes are how these are actually listed.

Maybe the whole Wild West town - because that is patently a theme and a date here - was built upon ancient sacred ground. This pair were disturbed from their own afterlife and stuck around to ensure that none would pass on over, until repentance had been enacted, or revenge had been wrought.

Or they forced the town-folk to haunt the place, in order to keep any generations that would follow from settling there. How better to maintain the sacredness of that soil, than to co-opt its desecrators into its protection.

Then again, this is your story, and we could be barking up the wrong tree here. Whatever the cause of the haunting of Ghost Town, the First Natives have been caught up in it too!

Wild West Saloon Girl Ghost and Barkeeper Specter

Might the issue have been a different spiritual power? Perhaps a deal with the devil inside an old time gambling game, or bar-room challenge.

Such things have been the stuff of folk-lore for generations!  Remember The Devil Went Down to Georgia? Or all of those stories about poker games, where a card is dropped, and someone bending to pick it up notices that their opponent has cloven hooves for feet?

Ghost Town could be haunted because its dead denizens are too afraid to pass on over to the other side, because they all know that Hell awaits them there.

Ghostly Groom and Ghost Bride of Gothic Manor

Then again, it could have been some kind of desecration out there in the church itself. What manner of dark romance caused this phantom groom and his ghost bride to haunt the vicinity? What catastrophe doomed their wedding day?

At least we're piecing together events that happened on the day that the whole town became ghosts. There was a wedding. Did everyone attend? Is that why they were caught up in the disaster and haunting that followed?

So what might have occurred on that sacred ground? And what did this lot have to do with it?

Spectral Knight, Phantom Undertaker and Mexican Bandit Ghost Costumes for Adults at Halloween

The apparition of a Medieval knight in a Wild West ghost story? You're having a laugh aren't you?! But ok, my imagination is equal to this. Challenge accepted.

Just look at that ghostly undertaker. He's patently an evil sort, and he would be just the person to have been hanging around the churchyard before the wedding. Not raising suspicion, because his work takes them there regularly anyway.

But the bones that he was handling were not recent. They were the Earthly remains of a crusader knight, which the evil undertaker - for some nefarious reason - was using in a magical rite. Necromancy, based upon Mexican magic, presided over by his accomplice the Mexican bandit.

The laws of life and death were turned around!  The ritual backfired! Raising the ghost knight from his ancient bones and assaulting the undertaker and bandit. Their lives were lost in an instant, but the soul seeking specter could find no other life to suck away, trapped as it was amongst the gravestones.

That is until the whole town gathered for a wedding. Then the evil magic struck all at the service! The whole town now becoming ghosts alongside the pair who'd performed the rite. Trapping all upon this Earth.

So how did the undertaker get his hands on an old knight's bones, when they should be in Europe? Who would travel across the ocean, taking things that don't belong to them and selling them the highest bidder back on shore?

Halloween Ghost Pirate Costumes for Adults

Obvious really, isn't it?

Thus we can put the whole story together.  The pirates plundered a precious cargo somewhere out in the seas of Europe and Asia.They must have thought that the casket continued gold or jewels, or else they wouldn't have taken it. But once it was on board, then something occurred to cause the pirates to become the dread crew of a ghost ship sailing directly towards an American port.

The ghost knight's bones had to be already cursed. He was doomed centuries before during some terrible incident out on the Crusades, or later. There are no end of historical moments when knights in shining armor sacked some town or village apparently undefended. Was an English soldier, out beyond the Pale, involved in an attack upon an old Irish lady's croft, only to discover too late that She was Morrighan?

We'll never know, but that the ghost ship brought the bones across the ocean to a Wild West town.

There may have been no magic ritual. A passing Mexican bandit recognized the evil power of the knight's remains (because he could, ok? His grandfather told him or something). He instructed the undertaker to bury them straight away on sacred ground. But there was a wedding in progress in the church, and anyway, it was too late.

Sorry, I was having way too much fun with this one. You work out your own Ghost Town story to explain away those Halloween ghost costumes for a group of friends. I'll get back to showing you what else is on offer.

Ghostly Gent and Gal Halloween Couple Costumes

Forum Novelties aren't to be out-done. They have these ghost costumes for a couple.

The pictures are a little small, but that shouldn't detract from the fine detail and quality of these Halloween ghost costumes for couples.

You will receive most of what you see here, though neither ghostly outfit includes the wig nor shoes, and you'll have to create your own ghastly pallor from your personal cosmetic cache. Nevertheless, you'll get the big features here - hats, dress/suit, jacket/caplet, gloves/scarf and belt.

Do you have your story straight yet?  Such Halloween outfits cry out for one!

Edwardian Ghostly Couple

Two haunting outfits inspired by the Gilded Age.

Spooky Edwardian Era Ghost Costumes

Ok, I admit it, I'm cheating a little here.  These two Gilded Age Halloween outfits aren't even by the same manufacturer, let alone part of the same set.

But don't they go well together!  They're quite competitively priced too.

There are few things in life (or death) spookier than an Edwardian era ghost bride.  She looks like she might have stepped off the Titanic!

Lady Nightshade's outfit is 100% polyester.  It includes all that you see, except for the flowers; namely the veil, lace choker, Gilded Age layered ghost dress with sheer overskirt and lacy inserts at the wrist.

The Men's Edwardian Ghost Costume is comprised of the tattered jacket, top hat and cravat. You will, unfortunately, have to match your own trousers and chain. 

(You'll only need the latter, if you're going for that Marley's ghost look from Dickens's A Christmas Carol.)

 Naturally, no costume includes the ghastly make-up.  That will be left to your own creative pan-stick talents.

Anyone can go trick or treating as a ghost. With a little imagination, you can turn your outfit into an instantly recognizable revenant of the 20th century's most iconic disaster.

Marley's Ghost | A Christmas Carol Ghost Outfit

Did someone mention Marley's ghost?  Well, you can go as him too!

This one does come with chains and locks, as it wouldn't be Jacob Marley without them.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, when you consider the weight otherwise), they are plastic. You will have to make your own clunking and clanging sounds.

The costume also includes the tattered shroud-like jacket and that amazing top hat. A touch of gauze implies the misty veil of time and the Otherworld.

You will have to match your own trousers and stick; as well as create that menacing aspect with your own make-up.

In modern parlance, Jacob Marley was part of the 1%.  In life, he lusted after money and his own selfish needs. His avarice forged the chains that he wears.

He not only disdained the poor, but trampled over them to make yet another buck.

Marley's ghost is the first to appear to Ebeneezer Scrooge; and he is the one to warn his old business partner that more ghosts are on the way.

Jacob Marley Adult Costume

So many masks to choose from, but which is the absolute number one mask for Halloween in each horror genre? I've taken to the stores to find out.
Festive footwear never got this grisly before! Ladies, complete your costume with some appropriate Halloween shoes. There are plenty to choose between!

Ladies' Ghostly Graveyard Nightgown

This is not the Halloween costume for a chilly night's trick or treating.  You'd catch your death of cold!

(Mind you, that would solve the problem of what to wear for next year's festive events. But you would be stuck as a ghost year in, year out.)

However, the Rubie's Costume Company Graveyard Nightgown would be perfect for indoor Halloween events. With central heating.

You are buying the gown, with its grey, sheer length gaining darker hues at the bottom. (The short under-dress provides some modesty.)  This outfit has been trailed through the grave dirt. Its owner has come back.

The hems are tattered accordingly; though you will need to add a tiara for yourself. The headband is not part of the ensemble.

Graveyard Nightgown

Ghostbusters Costume: Inflatable Slimer Set for Adults

Yes! Yes!  And a thousand times yes! What's not to love here? It's SLIMER! And he's inflatable! And you can wear him!

This Ghostbusters costume for Halloween depicts probably one of the most famous ghosts in cinematic history. A whole generation of us grew up watching Slimer, well, slime people. And now we can be Slimer. *checks* Oh! No slime in the accessories. Shame.

But you do get the jumpsuit body, head, sleeves and gloves, along with a battery-operated fan to inflate it. Yes, I want one. I'll provide my own slime.

Traditional Adult Halloween Ghost Outfits

Of course, when you consider dressing up as a ghost, it's not the elaborate costumes that spring to mind. 

Many people go for the sheet-with-eyes-cut-inside-it look.  Everyone would know precisely what you are!  This style is available too.

Ghostly Spirit Adult Costume

Flowing Unisex Apparition Outfit

There is a woman modelling this ghostly robe, but it could just as easily have been a man. 

The Ghostly Spirit costume is made by Rubie's Costume Company.  It comes in two sections.

The long, tattered robes touch the floor.  The hooded, gauze coat completes the spooky look of this specter.

This is a costume that demands a wind machine.  You can practically see the thin material streaming in an Otherworldly breeze.  You may have to improvise with a fan.

Unfortunately, the high-heeled, sparkly sandals are not part of the outfit.

You'll have to practice your own dramatic pose.

Forum Novelties Ghost Costume for Women

I love how stylish this one is. You get so used to seeing ghost costumes as a variation on a theme of a sheet thrown over your head, that it's startling to find one that's so glamorous.

You're buying the full length sheer white cloak, with the wide gaping hood, as well as a matching dress barely glimpsed underneath.

You will have to accessorize with your own cosmetics and wig though.

The Haunted Adult by Forum Novelties is 100% polyester. There is a requirement to hand wash it nonetheless.

I really do like this one. I think it would be one of my top choices, if I was currently in the market for a new adult ghost costume for Halloween. Though I do wonder how dusty that cape train will become after an evening spent trailing over the floor.

The Haunted Adult Ghost Costume

Scalloped Edge One-Size Adult Ghost Costume

WhoooOooooooo!  This ghost looks like it's about to loom down a corridor or something.

The three piece ensemble will fit all adults up to 200lbs. 

It's a long, sheet-like tunic, with a matching hood. The white gloves are included too.

The detail is in the scallop cut at the hems. Also note the drop sleeves, which will wave in the breeze.

This really does make it look like a shroud, that has been in the ground.

(Give or take the whiteness, unless there was a laundry service in that coffin.  I really am obsessed with washing clothes today, aren't I? But then so is everyone without parents or maids to do the laundry for them!)

Ghost Costume (Adult)

Accessorize! Halloween Make Up and Chains

It's no good turning up in a fabulous ghostly outfit, if your cheeks are rosy and your eyes are bright. Grab some make-up to create that proper spooky pallor.

More Halloween Costumes for Adults

Clickity-clack, what's that? Something skeletal this way comes! Looking for something bone-shakingly spooky for Halloween? Check out the rattle-bones outfits here.
From the snow-covered mountain tops to the raucous party next door, the Abominable Snowman has been seen. Roar! I say again, RAWR!
OMG! Is that Bigfoot? No. It's just you in your new, hair-raising Sasquatch outfit. Perfect for trick or treating, parties and scaring tourists in the woods.
Grinning pumpkin heads are all well and good; until one turns its head to follow you across the room. Have fun with your own pumpkin costume this Halloween!
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JoHarrington on 09/03/2012

You and I are of the same mind here. :) I've loved the paranormal all of my life (mainly because I've seen ghosts and know that they exist). These costumes are above average, bordering on genius.

CorrinnaJohnson on 09/02/2012

These are right up my alley...I am obsessed with everything paranormal and I love these spine-tingling costumes.

JoHarrington on 08/25/2012

Digby - Spooky, aren't they? I'm not sure that it would have quite the same effect walking down the stairs in my late-20th century council house though. -.-

Dustytoes - Me too! I scared the life out of myself, zooming into it, in the early hours of this morning.

dustytoes on 08/25/2012

I love that ghostly lady costume.

Digby_Adams on 08/25/2012

Jo these Ghost Costumes really capture the spirit of ethereal beings. I can see walking down the staircase in our old 18th Century farmhouse in one of them and causing quite a stir!

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