Halloween Ghost Costumes for Kids

by JoHarrington

OoooOOOOooohhhh! Everyone knows that Halloween is the time when ghosties come out to haunt. Look the part with these Trick and Treating children's ghost costumes.

At Halloween, when the Veil is thin, the dead do walk the Earth again. Flying from their graves, or traipsing along their old haunts, spirits are sighted everywhere.

Especially at your front door, with a hopeful look and a pail already half full of candy.

At least they will be, if you opt for a kids' ghost costume for Halloween, and there are plenty of them to choose between. This is a classic look which will never go out of style. Hence the costume you get today will be able to be used for many holidays to come.

InCharacters' Ghostly Tattered Lady and Ghostly Gent

Quality children's ghost costumes, which look like they were made for a professional movie production of a Victorian spooky story.

There's something about the Victorian era which just screams spooks. Perhaps it's all of the classic ghost stories which came from that period - The Woman in White, A Christmas Carol and everything by Edgar Allan Poe to name but a few.

InCharacter knows this and their novelty Halloween costumes for kids take this theme with aplomb.

You are looking at their Little Girls' Ghostly Lady Tattered Dress Set, and their Little Boys' Ghostly Gent outfit. Both a little more pricey than the usual Halloween ensemble, but the quality is reflected there. You won't be throwing these costumes out after the season is over. They will last for years to come, and will probably clothe your children's children decades hence.

What you see is what you get. The InCharacter's kids' ghost outfits are made from 100% polyester and arrive in deluxe garment storage bags. Surprisingly, they are all machine washable!

Soul Seeker Ghost Costume for Girls

Soul Taker Costume for Boys at Halloween

Another matching pair of children's ghost costumes for Halloween comes from Forum Novelties. Though why the girl's ghost outfit should be called Soul Seeker, while the boy's outfit is Soul Taker, I don't know. They are patently meant to be a set.

Or perhaps there's a story here, which kids will be able to work out for themselves. Maybe she seeks out souls and he takes them. How and where will be the basis for a spooky tale to tell at your Halloween events!

It could even be the trick part of your Trick and Treating.

In both cases, you will get the robes with attached hoods. For the boy's Soul Taker costume, that hood has the spooky face-mask embedded into the design.

Halloween Ghost Costumes for the Whole Family

It's not only the kids who can don ghostly outfits this Halloween. Parents, baby siblings and pets can all come along for this ride!
There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.
Anyone can go trick or treating as a ghost. With a little imagination, you can turn your outfit into an instantly recognizable revenant of the 20th century's most iconic disaster.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!
With ghosts and ghouls around, who knows what manner of creature will attempt to jockey your dog this season! Preempt it with these great dog rider costumes!

Pirate Ghost Halloween Costumes for Boys

Though I see no good reason why these can't equally be pirate ghost Halloween costumes for girls! Give or take the historical accuracy...

Imagine this horde coming at you! They look like they've just washed in from Davy Jones's locker, or a ghost ship sailing straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean!

In life, these ne'er-do-wells terrorized coastal towns and chased down ships on the open seas. In death, they obviously cannot rest. They've returned to plague your Halloween events and cause screams on Trick and Treat porches.

From l-r they are:

  • Ghost Ship Pirate Boy's Costume by California Costumes. You will receive the polyester costume, including bandanna and shoe covers, and the grey, scary mask. Unfortunately the sword will need to be purchased separately.
  • Kid's Scary Ghost Ship Pirate Costume by Halloween Resource Center. This ensemble novelty Halloween pirate costume for kids includes all on display in the picture, including sash, chest piece, scarf, hair, pants and sash.
  • Ghost Ship Caribbean Pirate Costume for Children (Medium) by Halloween Resource Center. Again what you see is what you get, minus the sword.

Novelty Pirate Swords for Halloween

Buy a toy sword to complete your child's ghost pirate costume.

Scary Ghost Halloween Costumes for Girls

And again, if any boys wish to choose these ghostly costumes for themselves, then that's fine with me! This IS the 21st century. Even if the ghosts hail from the past...

Both of these spooky girl's ghost costumes for Halloween have been created by Rubies Costume Co. Therefore you know that the quality and detail are good.

They are (l-r):

  • Child Midnight Ghost Costume. You are buying the ragged dress - with the hood attached - and the wig. Though not stated, I believe that the grey over-coat isn't part of the dress, though it does arrive with the rest of the costume. The make-up and shoes will need to be supplied by yourself.
  • The Ghostly Spirit Child's Costume. Here it is stated that you will receive the dress, hooded gauze coat and wig, as the three different parts of this ghost girl's Halloween outfit. Again the cosmetics and stocking footwear have to be accessorized separately.

Spiderweb Ghost Girl Outfit from Fun World Costumes

This little lady looks like she's just crawled out of her sepulcher, which is surely the point! 

The Halloween Spiderweb Gauze Ghost Girl costume has been created by Fun World Costumes. It will arrive as a set, including the black dress, a gauze jacket with attached hood and hairpiece. That latter is what appears to be a wig in the picture. The hood covers up the back of the head, hence no need for a full wig.

You will also get a spider's web accessory, but with only one spider attached.  The girl model has several, which may be purchased in addition, should you wish to recreate that full look.

Victorian Ghost Bride Make Up Tutorial

There are plenty of other Halloween ghost face paint tutorials on YouTube. This is merely the most popular at the time of searching!

Cosmetic Ghost Face Paint | Ghost Make Up Kits

Grab a kit to create a ghastly visage for your little ghost at Halloween.

Friendly Ghost Costume for Kids

Isn't this just the cutest thing?

Fun World Costumes have produced this children's friendly ghost outfit. It's a one piece, polyester robe, which fits over (and rests upon) the head.

I'm not too sure about the two squares added as detail. But perhaps that's a reference that old fogeys like me would miss.

You don't receive the pumpkin pail accessory. That is something that you will have to buy separately. But for a standard, effective ghostly Halloween costume for kids, it's a treat that does the trick.

Kids' Friendly Ghost Costume

Cool Ghoul Costume for Kids at Halloween

Chain Clad Ghoulish Ghost Costume for Children

Rubies Costume Co are one of the biggest names in children's Halloween costumes (or indeed any age). The company have produced this novelty ghost outfit for kids.

The Cool Ghoul has a great feature, which is difficult to spot in this picture. There's a white chain running from the ghost's collar, draped about its arm. That is included in the ghoul costume set.

You will also get the robe - in the classic sheet-over-the-head ghost design - with its black stitching detail. The story for which will no doubt fuel young imaginations no end. Plus that genuinely scary mask!

Kid's Restless Soul Halloween Outfit

Restless Spirit Halloween Outfit for Kids

I adore this one! It's a unique take on the usual shroud look - dusty grey instead of pure white, as befits a being that's been in a tomb for a good while - which manages to be both spooky and ridiculously cute at the same time.

Created by Seasons (HK) Ltd, this ghostly kid's costume is actually listed as 'Wrestless Soul'. I figured that's a bit of a typo, so corrected it in my title.

Unless I'm missing a clever pun.

Your purchase will get you the hooded robe and the chain chest-piece. You'll need to add the ghastly face paint yourself.

The child model is showing us the Restless Soul outfit for five to seven year olds. But it's available for kids up to ten years old. Just select the appropriate size as you order it.

Rubies Costume Co. Child's Ghost Costume

Another kid's Halloween ghost costume by Rubies Costume Co., this one has all of the classic elements - ragged shroud, eye-holes.  But there's a reason that it's a classic. It's been the ghost look of choice for generations, as it's simple, does the job and everyone knows what they're seeing.

It's a posher version of the sort that we used to make as kids ourselves with old sheets. Though we spent half of our Halloween accidentally stepping on the edge of the sheet and unveiling ourselves. You avoid all of that with Rubies's ghost costume design. Their headpiece is fitted properly over the ragged white robe.

Ghost Child Costume

Child's Ghost Robe Outfit

A similar sort of look comes from RG Costumes with their kid's Ghost Robe Halloween costume.

There are three elements to RG's kid's ghost outfit - the white robes, white hood and white mitten gloves. You will need to accessorize the shoes for yourself.

With not much more to say about this, I went to see what those who'd bought one commented about it. There was a warning that one purchaser's child had trouble breathing with the hood on, which isn't a fabulous feature.

Also the parent couldn't help but feel that her kid looked more like a member of the KKK than a ghost. I guess that's the risk, when the classic ghostly sheet ensemble does appear close to the uniform of those monsters of the real world.

Boy's Evil Spirit Costume

California Costumes Evil Spirit Outfit for Kids

No such danger of mistaken identity for this kid's Evil Spirit costume, even if the adjective applies all round.

California Costumes is another well respected brand, wherein the company is known for their quality novelty outfits. However, I can't see why this is marketed solely as a boy's Halloween costume. Who could tell the gender of anyone behind those robes and mask?

The spooky robe, with its dark, shadowy detail, has the hood attached. The mask is part of the package. But the gloves and shoes will have to be sourced elsewhere.

The Ghost Child's Halloween Costume

Costume Circus's Ghost Child Outfit for Halloween

It's worth having a closer look at the out-sized mask on this Ghost Child costume. The picture is appalling, not at all capturing the great fine detail, but it is one of the best kid's ghost masks that I've seen.

The ghost face-mask isn't just attached to the hood, it's a fundamental part of it.

The overall effect is of a spooky, screaming face pressing itself against the inner lining of a shroud. All that ruffled collar is still part of the mask, as is the part passing over the head.

A closer look at the gown shows that Costume Circus have put much more thought into this than the mere 'sheet' look favored by so many designers. The shroud is scalloped, falling in sections down to the ankles.

One of the better ghost costumes for kids, despite the image!

I'm Invisible Floating Ghost Child's Costume

Halloween Ghost Skin Suit for Kids

After all of those draping kid's ghost costumes, I feel like I should pull a Monty Python and write, 'And now for something completely different...'

Forum Novelties have a thoroughly modern take on the children's ghost costume classic. You still have the white sheet look, but it's not going to trip up anybody.

Incorporated into a skin suit,  this is designed to make it appear like that ghost is flying through the air towards you. It's set against a black background, which will fade into the night, highlighting only the white areas.

It all makes for a brilliantly spooky ghost costume for children. Just imagine seeing that looming over the garden fence, then drifting up your path!

Plus the face bit appears very reminiscent of a certain GhostFace from cinematic infamy.

Kids' GhostFace Costume from Scream

One of Hollywood's most famous ghosts, GhostFace is the psychopathic spook from the movie Scream. This iconic look will be recognized everywhere!

Does GhostFace count as a real haunting though?  As fans of the film series know, there was always a real murderer behind the mask. But it is a costume of a ghost, which tenuously earns it a right to be here.

This kid's sized Scream movie costume comes in three pieces. You will receive the hooded robe, tie belt and that iconic GhostFace mask. It's made out of polyester and will fit children up to size 12.

Halloween Howling Ghost Children's Costume

Howling Horror Child Costume for Halloween

Though neither of the above are billed as a Scream movie children's Halloween costume, to my mind they're obviously inspired by GhostFace.

The first is the kid's Howling Horror outfit by California Costumes. You get the hooded robe, mask and tie belt, though the machete needs to be bought separately.  The second is the Howling Ghost Halloween outfit for children created by Rubies Costume Co. Here you will have the mask, hooded robe, tie belt and gloves.

Do they remind anyone else of GhostFace from Scream?

Ghostbusters' Inflatable Slimer Costume for Kids

On the subject of famous Hollywood ghosts... I WANT IT!  I want to be young enough to fit in it! This has to be the best ghost costume for children EVER!

Can you tell that I grew up watching and loving the Ghostbuster movies? I'm inordinately excited to hear that another is in the offing soon. Which means that a whole new generation will learn to love Slimer.

In this Ghostbusters Kids' Costume, you will receive the jumpsuit, gloves, sleeves and headpiece - and the whole thing inflates!  Puffed up like a balloon to achieve the requisite roundness. There is also a fan included to help your child keep cool inside.

Have I mentioned that I want it?  I'm only small. I wonder if I could squeeze inside...

Ghost Party Favor Bags and Ghost Trick and Treat Bags

Finish your child's spooky outfit with a Halloween ghost bag in which to collect their Trick and Treat candy loot!

More Halloween Costumes for Kids

Twilight, Dracula, Monster High, the blood-sucker of legend is never far away. These kids' vampire costumes for Halloween make for the best dressed spook in town.
Recreate scenes from Dr Frankenstein's laboratory this Halloween! With Frankenstein's monster children's costumes for an instantly recognizable horror outfit for your kids.
RAWR! Kids! Choose a young monster costume for Trick and Treating this Halloween - scary, furry and above all WARM in those chill October evenings.
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