Halloween Vampire Costumes for Kids

by JoHarrington

Twilight, Dracula, Monster High, the blood-sucker of legend is never far away. These kids' vampire costumes for Halloween make for the best dressed spook in town.

It is known that vampires are the snappiest dressers of all the monsters, spooks and ghouls. They'd win any Halloween Best Costume Contest that they wish to enter!

Their Halloween style will never go out of fashion. Mostly because these immortal creatures have been around for centuries, and show no sign of staying in their tombs any time soon.

Unlike costumes based on the latest movie or TV show, classic vampire outfits will work for many seasons to come. The only part to worry about is your child growing out of them!

InCharacter Gothic Vampire Costumes for Children

Exquisitely made to movie standard. The attention to detail here is amazing, and they're possibly not as expensive to buy as you may think.

These are children's vampire costumes from the high end of the market, and it shows. But they are novelty dress-up items that can be used again and again for many parties and play-times to come.

InCharacter's costumes look like they're crafted from satin and silk. But you need something much more hard-wearing when you have kids at play. Therefore their fabrics are a polyester blend to give it that extra durability.

Your child will look the part to a stunning level, but still be free to run around doing what kids do, without you worrying about them destroying their vampire dress-up.

InCharacter Vampiress of Versailles Girls' Costume

InCharacter's costumes are always fantastic, hence the price tag that they command. Well made, quality outfits make them worth any price. Those like the Versailles Vampiress costume for girls (pictured above) start at over $100, with the bigger sizes knocking a sizable hole in $200.

But not all InCharacter costumes are reserved for those with big bank balances.

The Gothic vampire costumes for kids start at less than $50, only rising to the more usual $100+ once you start looking at teen or adult sizes. While the Midnight Vampire kids' costumes below come in at less than $30, with free shipping thrown in for good measure!

InCharacter Midnight Vampire Costumes for Kids

This sassy pair look like they have a story or two to tell!  Like Claudia from The Vampire Chronicles, they are immortal beings trapped in the aspect of children. They're older than you and I with our ages combined, but they're still able to wear an angelic grin, as they were transformed into blood-suckers in some distant childhood.

However, if you're less concerned with the make-believe stories of ancient children, than you are with the moral fiber of your own, then you have options too.

The Dark Side doesn't look nearly so glamorous from the perspective of the vampires wearing the costumes below.

Slayed Vampire Costume for Boys

Vampira Dress for Girls

InCharacter has produced a novel variation on a theme. Their boys' Vampire Slayed costume turns the Halloween horror back onto the monster himself, with a bloody stake protruding from his chest. This is the end of him and his blood-sucking ways!

The girlish vampire on the right is having slightly better luck, but her frayed full-length vampira dress shows that she too isn't having the best of centuries. Unless, of course, she's only just arisen again - since the Gilded Age judging by her gown - in time to attend your Halloween party.

Vampire Costumes for the Whole Family at Halloween

Classy and spooky! We all know that blood-sucking vampires like to look their best. These horror-filled costumes are perfect for Halloween parties everywhere.
The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.
These creatures of the night look decidedly more canine than bat-like, but why should humans have all the fun? Your dog can have a vampire costume too!

Monika Fashion World Boy's Vampire Costume

Dracula Costume for Boys (Sizes 5-8)

At first, I thought this Halloween Dracula boys' costume was by InCharacter. It seemed to match their design, if not the price. But no, it's by Monika Fashion World instead.

Then again, there's something traditional about the formal attire and color scheme, which doesn't leave much leeway for different styles. Therefore confusing them is probably understandable.

Appearances are deceptive in more ways than one! This Dracula costume was created for little boys, therefore the vest has attached sleeves, rather than being a two-piece ensemble. We don't want them feeling too stuffy!

You also get the cape and medallion, but the pants and shoes need to be provided by yourself.

Rubie's Costume Co. Vampire Costumes for Boys

There's a big selection here, but they are all variations on a theme. Just pick the one which works best for your young vampire.

Clockwise from top, you are viewing: Transylvanian Kids' Costume, Vampire Deluxe Kids' Costume, Universal Studios Child's Dracula Costume and, with the cane, Royal Boy's Vampire Costume. There are female counterparts to the Transylvanian and Royal vampire outfits coming up below.

With each of the Rubie's Costume Co. boy's vampire outfits above, what you see is what you get, give or take the shoes. You will have to provide those yourself. The only exception is the Royal Vampire Costume for Boys (first on the bottom layer), wherein the pants aren't included either, and the cane is sold separately.

Here's the Vampire Cane:
Vampire Cane (Standard)

Sure, you want to drink blood, but how about being a little classy while doing it? Some might think it's impossible, but after trying it with this cane you won't be able to deny...

View on Amazon

What you will receive are the waist-coats (four different styles, depending upon the outfit), cape with stand up collars (two variants there), medallion, shirt with lacy jabot frontage and (for three of them) the pants too.

A nice touch is that Dracula costume, which is the only officially licensed likeness of its famous movie vampire that's been awarded by Universal Studios.

Another detail not immediately apparent from the pictures is the fine embroidery on the vests. The dark pattern isn't merely a random array of swirls, they're bats. Which is more than obvious once you zoom in, and will be resplendent on the costumes themselves.

It's also used on another Rubie's Costume Co. boy's vampire costume, adorning the whole of the cape this time. Though the pattern is somewhat eclipsed by a more startling feature.

Fiber Optic Vampire Child's Costume

That's one way to lighten an otherwise gloomy Halloween night!  The bright baubles come already attached to the vest itself. You will also receive the cape and pants as part of the light-up vampire costume for kids.

You will have to add your own cosmetics. None of the costumes come with pan-stick nor face-paints. And, of course, fangs. No self-respecting vampire can take to the streets on Halloween without its fangs.

12 White Vampire Fangs, Plastic Teeth

White durable plastic teeth, perfect as party favors or Halloween costume accessories.

View on Amazon

Kids Glow in the Dark Dracula Vampire Fangs (12pk)

The fang thang is a huge hit in the dark! This pair of fangs glows in the dark, making for an appetizing costume accessory for Halloween or masquerade parties.

View on Amazon

Rubie's Costume Co. Vampire Costumes for Girls

There's a lot of variety here for your young vampiress! They aren't quite stuck with formal vests and capes like the boys.

Clockwise from top: Let's Pretend Vampire Princess Costume, Gothic Vampiress Costume, Royal Vampira Costume and Transylvanian Vampiress Costume.  The latter two match the Royal and Transylvanian male vampire costumes above, if you wish to pair a brother and sister, cousins or a boy-girl set of friends.

Rubie's Costume Co. has really gone to town on vampiress costumes for girls. Probably because there's so much scope for design, as long as it all looks suitably olde worlde and/or Gothic. Though apparently red and black are the vampiric colors, as they all opt for them.

The young female vampire outfits showcased above are just four from a massive selection. But they do constitute the most popular vampire girls' gowns in the range.

That aforementioned bat motif, which adorns the male waistcoats, is also in evidence here. Both the Royal Vampira and Vampire Princess costumes feature it.  The latter has my favorite item of all - that fabulous top hat with the skull detail!  Oh to be young enough to pull it off myself!

Again, what you see is what you get with all of these costumes, excepting the shoes and cosmetics, which you will need to provide for yourself.

Now for a large array of child vampiress dresses by other designers.

Forum Novelties Vampire Miss Costume

Forum Novelties Vampire Princess Kids' Costume

Little Designers Collection Vampiress Costume

I have no idea why Forum Novelties billed their Vampire Miss costume as part of their Little Designers Collection. There's no information provided about that.

We could speculate that we're viewing the result of a competition for child designers, or that adults created it as part of a Designer range. But really there's no clue either way.

Even more mysterious is the girls' Vampire Princess costume also offered by Forum Novelties. As any information is sadly lacking there!

We'll pretty much have to let these beautiful female vampira gowns speak for themselves, and move swiftly on.

Gothic Vamp Lolita Costume for Girls

This is my personal favorite Halloween vampire costume for girls. Perhaps because it is so different from all of the rest, but mostly for the half street-wise and half formal design.

It transcends the centuries, while still managing to appear utterly modern.

Forum Novelties may have stinted on information for the dresses above, but they seriously went to town on this one. It's a Franco Kids, Gothic, Lolita style, Harajuku design of an edgy vamp cosplay. For girls. At Halloween.

That's several bases covered all at once!  And I don't even know what Franco Kids' Girls Costume actually means!

Though the skirt length makes it Lolita; Goths will look at the colors and lace, then say 'fair enough'; while fans of Gwen Stefani, and aficionados of Japanese culture, will love the reference to a Harajuku vampire girl.

Harajuku Style Vamp Girl Cosplay Outfit

Seasons Gothic Vampire Child Costume

Gothic Child - Full-Length Vampire Gown for Girls

This enfant terrible certainly appears older than her years - which is precisely right for a mini vampire outfit - without that translating into anything too risque.

The Gothic Child vampiric dress looks like satin, but it's polyester again. However, there is a warning attached about its laundering. You're to hand wash it in cold water. Never machine wash nor iron. Just put it on the line to dry.

Verified purchasers, on the whole, seem rather pleased with it, though some have warned that, if you want the Gothic vampire child gown to brush the carpet like that, you'll need to order one size larger than normal.

Which means that it'll also do for next year's Halloween events too! Only a little shorter then, because you know how quickly children grow. Even the Goth ones.

And talking about little Goth girls, look at the outfit coming right up...

California Costumes Vampire Girl Costume

California Costumes Regal Vampira Costume

Vampire Gowns for Girls by California Costumes

We all know that vampires live for centuries, hence there's a lot of historical fashions to plunder in their outfit designs.

But I do find much amusement - as a qualified historian - in the descriptions for some of these Halloween girls' vampire dresses.

California Costumes decided that their Vampire Girl outfit was Victorian. To my mind, it looks to be inspired more by 12th century Medieval ladies, which is only a miss of about 700 years.

They didn't guess an era for the Regal Vampira costume, though they did name-check the 18th century vampire hysteria, which pin-points it rather precisely. I'll let them off that one.

Regardless of any historical accuracy - and your timeless little vampira can imagine her own back story - these dresses are really rather wonderful. Don't you agree?

Officially Licensed Monster High Draculaura Costume

Draculaura Monster High Cosplay for Halloween

Here's a famous female vampire costume to finish - Draculaura from the Monster High franchise!

Whether you're a gamer, or collect the dolls, watch the shows on Nickelodeon, enjoy reading the books or all of the above, then you'll know exactly who she is.

Which puts you one up on me.

I'm not really the target market here, being an adult British woman, who never had Draculaura around when I was a girl. I'm vaguely aware of the whole deal by osmosis, and it looks fabulous - precisely the sort of thing I would have enjoyed as a kid - but I've not really engaged with it myself.

Therefore please check the cosplay out for yourself, then leave me a comment as to how well it works as a costume for Draculaura. Do we love it, or hate it? I'll trust your expert opinion.

Image: Vampire kids
Image: Vampire kids

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