Titanic Ghost Costumes for Halloween

by JoHarrington

Anyone can go trick or treating as a ghost. With a little imagination, you can turn your outfit into an instantly recognizable revenant of the 20th century's most iconic disaster.

For a century, the sinking of the Titanic has captured our collective imagination. Even those who don't realize it was an historical event have seen the movie.

Part of the appeal was in the elegant fashions of the day. The Edwardian era, or Gilded Age, not only looked good, but suggests spookiness from our modern vantage point. Which is probably why so many search for the ghosts of the Titanic.

There is no complete, over-the-counter costume for your Halloween event. But plenty are constructing their own.

So You Want to Go as a Ghost of Titanic?

Apparently this was quite a popular look for Halloween 2012 - the centenary year of the ship's tragic sinking - and its remained so ever since.

I'll admit that costumes based on Titanic's ghosts never occurred to me at all. I was too caught up in the actual history to consider the possibilities there.

Plus it takes a certain kind of dark humor and/or a requisite amount of distance to clad yourself in costumes based on a real life disaster. 

Over a century down the line, the survivors and their close family are all safely passed away. Though adult children of child survivors, and grandchildren too, are all still out there. So be careful with your Halloween guest-list.

My lack of imagination on the subject of Titanic ghost outfits was more than covered by those searching for the same, and winding up at my article on Halloween ghost costumes for adults. In it I mentioned that one outfit in particular made the model look like she'd just stepped off Titanic.

That was enough for the search engines to direct interested parties towards it. I felt guilty that they hadn't found quite what they were looking for. 

Let me rectify that now!  I've done my best to uncover all that you might need to create a Titanic related costume for your Halloween event.  Now all that remains is for you to choose your style and put it all together.

Incidentally, the film advertizement is a spoof.  But the trailer was very well put together! You can see it on YouTube here.

Good luck!

Ghostbusters II - The Titanic Scene

The ship sank en route to New York City in 1912. This fact was notably used in the movie, when ghosts are overtaking the whole city.
Since before Titanic sank, on April 15th 1912, there have been strange stories connected with it. Prepare for a voyage into the unknown.

Buy an Edwardian Ghost Costume for Titanic

The Ghost Bride outfit is the one which I previously identified as looking like a Titanic apparition.

But she's not alone in that.

The Titanic famously had people of all classes and ages on it. There were the rich and fashionable, clad in the latest styles; but there were also the rich and unfashionable - the older people, who were more comfortable in the dress of their Victorian youth.

Moreover, there were the poor, who couldn't afford anything like the latest styles. Plus the middle classes in between.

In short, you could get away with buying any ghost costume which looks Edwardian or Victorian. All you needed to do then was turn it into a Titanic specific specter.

Titanic Ghost Bride

Titanic Ghost Maid Costume

Gossamer Titanic Child Ghost Costume

First Class Titanic Ghost Costume

For those not too worried about your Titanic costume being white (thus traditionally more ghostly), then a whole range of new possibilities open up.

You could always wear these with ghost white make-up and a few dark rings under your eyes.  Or, if you're anything like me, not wear make-up at all for much the same effect. Then you'd be a specter returned from the deep, or a mourner who never recovered from their shock, even when their own demise meant that their loved one could hopefully be located on the other side.

Not all hauntings involve spirits either. Some are the memories of the place itself, feelings etched into the landscape by the tensity of the emotions wrought by the moment. Those scenes replayed over and over again for those with the sensitivity to see.

The Titanic newsboy costume would work well for that. Though you would have to persuade your little boy to keep re-enacting the sale of newspaper bearing the bad news. He might not be too amenable towards doing that all evening long.

Black Titanic Dress Costume

Newsboy Titanic Costume

And said possibilities include some beautifully reproduced Titanic outfits, that will be instantly recognizable by all who've seen James Cameron's movie.

There are three replicas of Rose's costumes in Titanic, which would fit the bill very nicely. But also require payment of a rather steep bill, before you can secure them for your wardrobe. That said, the price reflects the attention to detail in these hand-stitched Titanic Rose cosplay dresses. You're not precisely buying off the peg here!

Titanic Rose Boarding Suit Cosplay Outfit

Titanic Rose Costume - Jump Dress

Titanic Rose Flying Dress Costume

However, it does occur to me that we've veered a little too far into the Titanic era costumes remit, and ended up quite far from the ghost aspect of it all.

It might take a little creative thinking to explain why, say, Rose's Boarding Dress costume relates to a Halloween ghost, when there's no Earthly reason in the storyline why it should.  Her departure dress maybe, but she did manage to survive the first day of sailing.

What do you think?  Back to the drawing board?

Halloween Ghost Costume Ideas

There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.
OoooOOOOooohhhh! Everyone knows that Halloween is the time when ghosties come out to haunt. Look the part with these Trick and Treating children's ghost costumes.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!

Titanic Specific Props for an Edwardian Ghost Outfit

The enduring fascination that we hold for the disaster means that there is no end of memorabilia about it.

You could take advantage of these trinkets and items. Wearing Rose's famous Heart of the Ocean necklace, from the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, would certainly give the hint.  Clutching a life-ring bearing the ship's name would make it blatant.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you improvising with what you have around the house too.

Painting a suitcase white and adding a luggage tag for RMS Titanic could be one idea.  Or you could print off and prominently carry a boarding pass for the ill-fated ship.

Arriving dripping with water and utterly soaked to the core would certainly point on-lookers into the right direction. (However, that would likely be towards the nearest hospital, rushing you in to deal with your hypothermia.)

How about dispensing with props completely and entering into a little role-playing instead? Tell people that you've just arrived from the RMS Titanic; and could anyone tell you where everyone else has gone?

Most people would know what you were, if you simply called out, at regular intervals, "Jack!  Jack! Where are you Jack?" 

That one is only for the more extrovert amongst you obviously.  The rest of you could make do with simply telling everyone that you're a Titanic ghost.

Titanic Costume Accessories

Buy these props to transform your Gilded Age ghost into a true apparition from RMS Titanic.

Crew of the Titanic Costume Accessories

Above there are some accessories which you could employ to create or complete a Titanic crew-member costume.

The White Star Line t-shirt could be finished with flared navy pants and some ghostly make-up. You would soon transform into the apparition of a crew member. For that more subtle touch, there's a pewter Titanic button.  Just stick it to your Edwardian era ghost costume and wait for people to make the connection.

Or, if you fancy aiming for the highest rank aboard the stricken ship, there's a Captain's hat. I wish you better luck than Captain Edward Smith.

Research your Own Titanic Halloween Costumes

It's been called the Gilded Age and La Belle Époque. It is an era remembered for its elegance in ladies' fashion.

Make Your Own Authentic Period Titanic Ghost Costume

Just because the major fancy dress companies haven't spotted the niche in the market, it doesn't mean that you can't fill it.

Are you handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine?  If so, then there is nothing stopping you creating a unique Titanic ghost outfit.

There are plenty of patterns for the era. There were many different fashions on board. It's not like you have to confine yourself to one uniform style here, as you can be sure that someone amongst the passengers was wearing something similar.

I would recommend using a white material - to give that ghostly aspect - and, if you are particularly talented, introducing water-stains.  This apparition is supposed to look frozen to death and/or drowned.  It's definitely supposed to appear wet.

The only limit here is your own imagination and skill.  Though I respect you for both. I couldn't sew this to save my own life!

Titanic Era Clothing Patterns

Buy these guides to cut and sew your own Titanic ghost Halloween outfit.
Titanic Era Afternoon Tea Dress Pattern

Inspired by the Edwardian tea gowns of 1912-1913, this is a versatile ensemble of layered components like those you've seen in the movie Titanic. The Dress features an optional ...

View on Amazon

1910s Ladies' Titanic Era Darted Riding Jacket Pattern

Sewing Pattern - 1910s Ladies' Titanic Era Darted Riding Jacket Pattern - Sewing Pattern. RC1012 - 1910s Ladies' Darted Riding Jacket Pattern. Fits busts, 28" through 48", waist...

View on Amazon

Universal Oval Brimmed Hat; Edwardian Boater, Titanic Hat & Modern Sun Hat Pattern

This hat pattern has 5 sizes and will work for many hats. It can be used to make several Restoration period hats (1600's) as well as many from the 17 and 1800's and of course, E...

View on Amazon

1910 Titanic Era Wide Brim Hat Pattern

Sewing Pattern - 1910 Titanic Era Hat Pattern - Sizes 22-23" Head included. 1910. This hat is accurately modeled after the styles of 1910 featuring a soft crown and very wide br...

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Articles about Titanic on Wizzley

These are all history articles about the actual Titanic disaster. They may assist you in a bit of background or context for your Halloween persona.
On April 15th 1912, RMS Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The story has fascinated generations ever since. But why?
Votes for Women or boats for women? In 1912, the press pushed to make it either/or and the Suffragettes were left floundering.
Most Titanic books end with the sinking. That's when this one begins. It's the shocking, heart-breaking story of two families left behind.
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JoHarrington on 09/30/2013

True story. :)

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Oh! No! That's hilarious!

JoHarrington on 08/19/2013

Some people had a great shock, because they thought Titanic was just a film with Leonardo and Kate in it. Then realised it actually happened.

Jenny on 08/19/2013

What happened on the 100th anniversary?

JoHarrington on 09/18/2012

You obviously weren't on the internet on the day of the 100th anniversary. You would never have had to ask if you were.

EMK Events Ltd on 09/18/2012

There are people who don't know it really happened?

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