Halloween Ghost Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

by JoHarrington

Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!

It's Halloween! A time of ghosts, and ghouls, and things that go bump in the night.

Amongst the scary spooks haunting your front room is one little ghost, that makes Casper give up on the cute stakes. Your own little baby Halloween ghostie!

Are you looking for an apparition costume for your infant? Then check out these gorgeous outfits.

Awww! Very Cute! Ghost Baby Gown and Cap Costume

Halloween Ghost Costume for Newborn Babies

Just because baby can't yet walk, crawl or hold their head up on their own yet, it doesn't mean that they can't join in the Halloween fun!

This ghost outfit for newborns has been created by Festive Threads. It's a long gown with plenty of room inside for your infant to kick about. There are fold over mittens to keep their little hands warm, plus a matching cap.

The Baby Boo! Newborn Baby Halloween Gown and Cap is made out of 100% soft cotton.

Old Glory Boo! Ghost Halloween Baby Bodysuit

Ghost Costume for Babies Aged 0-18 Months

I'd say that this Old Glory newborn baby ghost costume has cute written all over it. But it quite patently has 'Boo!' instead.

Perhaps 'Boo!' is a new way of spelling 'absolutely freaking adorable'?

You're looking at a simple bodysuit design, with only the picture making this suitable for newborn Trick or Treaters.

It's created out of 100% cotton, hence it will be comfortable for baby.  The snap buttons afford easy access to the diaper, when things get a little smelly.

Halloween Ghost Costumes for the Rest of the Family

There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.
Anyone can go trick or treating as a ghost. With a little imagination, you can turn your outfit into an instantly recognizable revenant of the 20th century's most iconic disaster.
OoooOOOOooohhhh! Everyone knows that Halloween is the time when ghosties come out to haunt. Look the part with these Trick and Treating children's ghost costumes.

Halloween Ghost Costumes for Babies aged 0-18 Months

Or should I say 'generic Halloween costume' for your babies in arms?

I'm quite amused by these simple ghost costumes for babies at Halloween. Dreamed up by Festive Threads, it makes your little one part of the festive occasion, without putting them into an outfit which means nothing to them.

Let's face it, they are a little too young at this age to really grasp what's going on.

But the legend on these Halloween baby bodysuits will bring a smile to faces of all who look at them. Assuming, of course, that the fact that they're gazing down at a beautiful tiny baby hasn't already made them grin from ear to ear.

Not to be out-done, look what Inktastic came up with...

Lame Halloween Costumes for Babies aged 0-24 Months

By which I mean literally...

I'm guessing that these are costumes for babies, whose parents are wondering at the necessity of dressing up a newborn for Halloween, when they'll probably be stuck in a pram anyway.

But there are Halloween parties and other events to show baby off in all of their glory!  Or comedy value, if in the above lame Halloween outfits.

Winking Ghost Halloween Party Dress for Baby Girls

Halloween Ghost Dress for Babies aged 3-9 Months

Rare Editions have produced this lovely Halloween costume for baby girls aged three to nine months old.

This dress and legging set is made from cotton and polyester, with a Winking Ghost applique featured on the chest, above a ruffled skirt. Tiny pink ribbons accent the costume, breaking up the black and white, at various points.

The Winking Ghost baby Halloween outfit fastens with a key-hole button at the back. As far as I can tell, there are no snap buttons for changing diapers.

But you have to admit that it's cute!

Halloween Baby Girl Happy Face Legging Set

Ghost Costume for Girls aged 12-24 Months

Who said that apparitions had to be scary? There's no wailing with this beaming spooky face!

Your baby girl will be the belle of the Halloween ball, when she dons this ghostly outfit.

The Bonny Baby ghost costume comes in two pieces. 

The smiling ghost face top is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  A nylon tutu skirt is layered at the waist. The leggings are elasticated.

Your infant will have plenty of room to crawl, toddle and play, without her costume getting in the way.

There are some spooky treats out there for your infant this Halloween - from horrifically cute clothing to fun, festive toys. Check this lot out for your little one.

Ghost Costume for Babies aged 18-24 Months

Look at this little sweetie!  He's giggling his head off inside a jumpsuit ghost costume for toddler aged 18 months to two year's old.

The legend on his chest and belly has a cartoon ghostie, clutching a Trick and Treat candy loot sack, cheekily asking, 'How about a treat!' With a 'Boo!' on the ankle and an orange square detail over the right shin.

Personally, my favorite feature is the floppy hat. That's downright adorable.

In terms of practicality, the legs of the jumpsuit include snap buttons, which will make it easier to change their diaper. Otherwise, you're looking at a one-piece baby Halloween outfit, perfect for toddling about through that spooky, fun landscape.

Toddler Ghost Halloween Jumpsuit

Halloween Ghost Jumpsuit for Babies aged 6-12 months too!
Ghost Jumpsuit Toddler Costume (6-12 Mos)

One piece jumpsuit with snap-up legs and matching floppy cap. 6-12 months. Cotton, polyester.

View on Amazon

Toddler Cookie Spookie Halloween Costume

Baby Ghost Dress for Girls aged 24 Months to 6 Years

This funky black and white toddler ghost dress has been created by Fun World Costumes.

Cookie Spookie is a ghost themed Halloween dress for little girls. There's a wide age range on this one, as four different sizes take us from two years to six years plus. Remember to select the right one upon placing your order.

However, what you see isn't quite what you get. You'll receive the lovely dress, with its beautiful ribbon and ruffle details, as well as the matching head-band.

But the shoes and striped tights will have to be bought separately. (I do wish they didn't do that!) I've included a link to a pair to save you time in looking.

Kid's White Striped Tights in 22 Color Combos!

Soft, durable and Colorful tights for any ocassion - great for costume wear or everyday tights!

View on Amazon

Small Friendly Ghost Costume

Ghost Costume for Toddlers aged 3 Years

Fun World Costumes have produced this gorgeous Friendly Ghost costume for toddlers aged 36 months and over.

It does look amazing, and tremendous fun too, though I do wonder how long that sheet-like part will stay over baby's head, when they start running around. There's no real way to keep the eyes holes over the eyes either.

You don't receive the pumpkin pail accessory with this outfit. So that will need to be purchased separately.

In short, it looks great, but you'll have to be the judge of its practicality as a Halloween costume for your three year old.

More Halloween Outfits for your Infants

Thunder crashes and lightning strikes - a hit! A creepy laboratory filled with crackling and light! But wait... What a cutie Dr Frankenstein's little monster is this time!
The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.
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The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!
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I thought so too. :)

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How sweet

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A thumbs up from you really counts, considering I'm trying my best to emulate your style! <3 You love me.

katiem2 on 08/17/2012

Nice job highlighting ghost costumes for tots. Love the nice big product images, really helps us to see what the costumes actually look like.

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