Halloween Vampire Costumes for Dogs

by JoHarrington

These creatures of the night look decidedly more canine than bat-like, but why should humans have all the fun? Your dog can have a vampire costume too!

Halloween night comes with bats and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

As the whole family dons their spooky Halloween outfits, your dog will want to join in. Ok, this is one prospective blood-sucker who is more likely to lick you to death, than go for the jugular. But it's the thought that counts.

Pick out Dracula doggie attire to finish the tableau, for when you take your pet trick and treating! It brings a whole new meaning to adding canines to a vampire costume.

Pet Party Vampire Dog Costume

A Vampire Costume for Various Dog Breeds

Despite the picture used, this vampire dog costume can be used to outfit many different canines.  There are four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large.  Though large in this instance is quite relative. They range from 8" to 13" in length, which means that your Yorkie and Mini Schnauzer could go to the party perfectly matched!

The Pet Party Vampire Dog outfit is made from 100% polyester. Though relatively cheap, it's hard-wearing enough to see your furry friends through many fun Halloween walkies to come.

And don't forget your own costume to accompany them!

Halloween Vampire Costumes for Dog's Humans

Classy and spooky! We all know that blood-sucking vampires like to look their best. These horror-filled costumes are perfect for Halloween parties everywhere.
The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.
Twilight, Dracula, Monster High, the blood-sucker of legend is never far away. These kids' vampire costumes for Halloween make for the best dressed spook in town.

Dogula Vampire Costume for Dogs

Cute Halloween Dog Outfit

Breeds: Multiple from large to tiny, as there are several sizes.

How ridiculously cute is this vampire dog outfit?!  Though it may be its lovely fluffy model helping matters along there.

This is classy canine vampire attire.  The whole ensemble, from the white velcro fastening vest to the stiff collar, is made from satin.  The bow tie is also reversible, so you have the choice between orange and purple.

Despite the diminutive canine supermodel here, the Dogula could be a vampire costume for any dog.  It comes in six different sizes, ranging from size 0 (7.25" length x 9.25") for the toy breeds through to size 6 (16" length x 20.5") for the big dogs.

Unfortunately, the vendor has decided to list them six different times, rather than one entry with a choice of sizes.  The full list is here.

Casual Canine Polyester 8-Inch Dogicula Dog Costume, X-Small

Dogicula Vampire Costume for Small Dogs

Breeds: Australian Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier.

Your tiny toy dog will redefine cute in its canine vampire costume.   This outfit recalls Count Dracula.  It comes complete with a detachable cape.

The Dogicula outfit is eight inches in length and comes in two pieces.  The cape attaches with velcro, which is also how the costume fastens underneath your pooch.

When not in use, you'll be able to hang this up on its own hanger, in its own hang-bag.

Vampire Headpiece and 4 Paw Cuffs

Rubie's Costume Co Small Dog Vampire Outfit

Breeds: All small dogs.

This is a cheap and cheerful Halloween costume for your pet.  However, it is made by Rubie's Costume Co, who have a great reputation for fancy dress outfits.

In truth, I'm not quite sure what's going on with that head-dress.  It has bat ears and two cartoon eyes.  Underneath is some kind of red patch - an alcoholic's nose?  A droplet of blood?  I have no clue whatsoever.

We're on safer ground with the collar.  That's standard Dracula attire.  As for the paw cuffs, I'm back to struggling.  Nevertheless, it's cheap and fun!

Pet Vampire Dog | Halloween Dracula Cloaks for Dogs

These are very similar doggie Dracula cloaks, as modelled by two different pooches. I've included them together accordingly.

Vampire Cloak Costumes for Medium-Sized Dogs

Breeds: Beagle, Pug or similar sized.

Still vampiric on a theme of Dracula, these two cloaks are both one piece, one-sized affairs.  They are 10" in length, which makes it perfect for your pet beagle.  In each case, the capes fasten at the front with ties.  This allows you to adjust the fit to match your canine

The red collars are each adorned with 'vampire badge' (no, I don't know either) medallions.  The first outfit has the collar and pendant as a separate piece, while the second sees them attached to the doggie Dracula cloak itself.

The only major difference between these two capes is in the fabric.  The first is 100% polyester, while the second is 100% felt. They should both be hand-washed.

Animal Planet Bat Dog Costume

Vampire Bat Costume for Dogs

Breeds: Various, as it comes in four sizes from X-Small to Large.

Maybe you want to disdain the whole vampire thing and move straight onto the bat.  It's all part of the lore!

Animal Planet have come up with this dog bat outfit for Halloween.  It's fundamentally a headpiece, plus wings attached with a strap.

The bat wings are made out of foam, with no harsh edges nor wire to hurt your pooch.  They are lightweight and fasten underneath.

The headpiece has a feather trim. It closes with velcro, so be careful of your dog's fur when securing it.

It all looks very cute and quite amazing, leaving us with just one big question - what is Animal Planet doing making doggie Halloween outfits?!


Rubie's Costume Co Dogula Dog Costume

Breeds: Various as it comes in three sizes - small, medium and large.

A variation on a theme comes from another offering by Rubie's Costume Co. 

It's also the second time that a company has gone with the legend Dogula.  Mind you, there are only so many puns you can make when twinning Dracula with dogs. 

This one is close to the design of those above, but it adds an attached shirt front and a head-piece to the ensemble.

This Dogula Vampire Outfit is 100% polyester too.

Dogula Dog Costume

More Halloween Dog Costumes!

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JoHarrington on 04/15/2013

Chandhuu - Which ones did you like best?

JoHarrington on 04/15/2013

Jericho - I thought so too!

JoHarrington on 04/10/2013

A black lab would be perfect in this outfit! Black is the new black in doggie vampire capes. (And take pictures please!)

Paul on 04/10/2013

I'm not sure my black lab would appreciate being dressed up like this, but it would be hilarious to see her in them!

JoHarrington on 04/08/2013

If you get her one, then please do share the photographs!

HollieT on 04/08/2013

I love these outfits, just trying to envision Tilly in the Vampire headpiece with cuffs. lol.

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