Halloween Devil Costumes for Dogs

by JoHarrington

It brings a whole new meaning to the term Hounds of Hell! Grab a canine devil outfit for your dog to share in the Halloween fun!

A blood-curdling sound pierces the night. It's the hell-hounds howling! And no-one is safe in the Halloween darkness.

At least that's the plan. The reality is a little too cute to quite pull it off. It barks and wags its tail, looking less like a Gwyllgi and more like a family friend.

There are enough devil dog costumes here to dress a whole battalion of demonic canines. They come in every style, shape and size. It appears that the creators of Halloween outfits for dogs really like the idea of Hellish hounds!

Devil Dog Costume (Devil Cat Costume too!)

Do you see what I mean about cute over-riding all pretensions of Cerberus?  I don't quite feel in dread for my immortal soul looking at this fluff ball.

The tiny and simple Halloween Devil Dog Outfit features a horned hat and paw cuffs. It is destined to adorn only the tiniest dogs (and cats as well!), though it does come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Just because you have a baby on the way, why shouldn't you join in the fun? There are plenty of maternity outfits for Halloween from which to choose!
Looking for female fancy dress for the fuller figure this Halloween? There's a plethora of spooky, scary and downright glamorous outfits to choose!

Deluxe Devil Dog Halloween Pet Costume

This black and red outfit is for medium sized devil dogs.  If your pooch weighs between 13-20lbs, then you're good to go.

The Deluxe Devil Dog comes in two pieces. The shiny, horned hat fixes under the chin with velcro. It includes holes for your dog's ears to poke through.  Then there's the coat, with that devilish tail attached, which fastens with velcro under the belly.

Small Devil Dog Costume

There's a distinct lack of imagination, when it comes to naming these canine devil outfits, isn't there?  Not a Shuck, Cwn Annwn or Hell-Hound between them!

Mind you, you can understand why, when you contemplate the cuteness of their canine models.

This sweetie is wearing a plush devil cape, with black, foam wings and horns. The whole outfit fastens from neck to belly with velcro.

It's available for all breeds of dog between 8" and 24" in length.

Devil Bat Dog Costume

I nearly didn't include this one, as I thought it was the same outfit on a different dog, and with a different name.

But it's not.

The bat devil dog costume has smaller wings. This is a demonic bat dog, not an actual devil.

Nor is it a plush material, it's more like a hoodie. However, it does have all of the same features as above.

Only the tiniest dogs can be a devil bat.  The costume is available up to 8" in length.

Halloween Devil Dog Jumpsuit Coat Costumes

A variation of the costumes above are these two devil dog coats. The horns are red and they don't include wings.

However the first one has the distinction of being available in the largest size of all the devil dog outfits here.  You can get it for canines up to 36" in length.  Finally!  A Great Dane Halloween costume!

You can also get it at a mere 7", as a Halloween outfit for teacup dogs. And every size in between.

The second outfit - the Red Devil Dog Costume - also comes in small, medium and large.

Casual Canine Lil' Devil Set

Contemplate this gorgeous costume, then take a long hard look at your dog.  Will it love you forever for getting it?

You're musing over a three piece Lil' Devil costume for your dog. The tulle skirt has a forked tail attached.  The canine t-shirt pulls over the head.  Then there's a horned hairband.

Now for the real moment of beauty!  You can get this in a huge range of dog sizes.  Everyone from your Chihuahua to your Labrador could go to their Halloween party dressed in it!

Devil Costume For Dogs

Looking for a Halloween costume for a teacup dog? This one is a little bit special.

The cape is satin. The forked trident print on the back is picked out in silver foil.  It glitters, but not half as much as the tail and horns. They're covered in sequins!

This devil costume for teacup dogs is a little more pricey than the other outfits on this page. It reflects the quality of the fabric and stitching. Expect to be able to use this costume for many Halloween events to come.

Teacup dogs up to 16" in length will be able to wear it with ease.

Devilish Halloween Pet Costume

A comfortable, plush fabric hoodie is the next offering for your dog's Halloween costume.

Details include the devil tail dangling down and the Devilish Dog flame print on the back. This is for a hell-hound with attitude.

A nice extra touch is the hole in the costume, at the back of the neck, through which you can feed a leash.

The hoodie contains loose elastic around the legs, so that flapping sleeves don't impede your dog's mobility.

Halloween Devil Horns and Capes for your Dog

I've grouped these together, as they are all variations on a theme. Each dog devil costume is basically a cape with a horned headpiece.

  • The border collie is modeling the Red Devil Dog Halloween Costume For Large Dogs. Manchester United fans might like that one!  It fits dogs with a neck girth up to 24", and features faux arms clutching a devilish trident.
  • The basset hound is showing us the Pet Devil Dog Halloween Costume For Small Dogs. By which it means dogs up to 14" in length.  Think pugs, beagles etc.
  • The dalmatian is sporting the Hound of Hell Pet Costume, which has the distinction of being the most imaginatively named outfit so far.  It differs from the others in the fact that there's a stand-up collar attached.

Zelda Devil Dog Costume

I love this little chap!  Hence using his picture for the thumbnail to this Wizzley page. 

When he gets up off the floor, he'd be beautifully showing off a three-piece doggie devil costume. The cape, stand-up collar and hat are all separate, though they arrive in the same package.

A range of dogs can wear this, from the very small to the very large, though owners with any animal bigger than a bulldog have reported that it doesn't stay intact very long.

Apparently a large dog can chew those horns off within seconds!

Martha Stewart Devil Halloween Dog Costume

Another one for the teacup dogs! This sparkly, silver number is for canines no bigger than 7" in length.

The Martha Steward teacup dog devil costume has been created from a plush material. The glittering horns, wings, tail and leg hems are picked out in silver foil.

As a gamer and Runescape player, I can't help thinking this looks like an Aquanite! Am I right?  Just me then...

Rubie's Devil'd Dog Costume

Devil'd Dog!  Ok, Rubie's Costume Co made an effort with the naming there! Even if their model doesn't appear overly impressed with its get up.

It's demonstrating the two piece dog Halloween outfit. The main body of which fits on easily, like a jumpsuit, with fake hands and trident print. The flame prints are nice touches too.

What's not so obvious from the picture is that the jumpsuit has a cape attached. 

Red Devil Dog or Cat Pet Costume

Our final hell-hound is showing off a devil costume, which could be used for your cats too. If you could get a feline into it.

It's a two piece, satin devil pet costume. The hat has devil wings attached, while the cape lies upon its back. Velcro keeps the headpiece in place, while the cape ties around the neck in the usual way.

More Dog Halloween Costumes!

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JoHarrington on 08/28/2013

Yes, I had a bit of a spurt with these. There were so many fun costumes out there!

Mira on 08/27/2013

What a crazy, fun idea! :) (Or I should say "ideas"!) Oh, and I see there are also witch costumes!! :)

JoHarrington on 08/22/2013

I loved them too! Bless them.

Tara_W on 08/22/2013

These are too cute. Love the little devil wings!

JoHarrington on 08/12/2013

Careful, your evil is showing again. >.> And if you do put one on a cat, please have someone film this for YouTube please!

Ember on 08/12/2013

I want to put that top one on a cat.

...the cat would murder me for putting it in a costume...but they're devil costumes, so that's fitting right?

JoHarrington on 08/10/2013

I have to admit to some cute attacks myself looking at these. I like them too. :)

NausetViews on 08/10/2013

These are so cute. I like the Small Devil Costume. The cape must look really cool as the dog walks. Not sure how the dogs feel about these costumes, but I like them :)

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