Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

by JoHarrington

Just because you have a baby on the way, why shouldn't you join in the fun? There are plenty of maternity outfits for Halloween from which to choose!

Baby's first Halloween may well begin in the womb. At least the bump can be the basis for some startlingly original and fun Halloween outfits.

If you're expecting a baby, then take a look at what's on offer. Nobody said that you can't enter into the spirit of things, just because you're pregnant!

From fully fledged costumes for pregnant ladies through to simple t-shirts with a spookily festive legend, you will be spoiled for choice.

Mommy to Be Witch Costume

Maternity Witch Costume for Halloween

Bewitch the crowds this Halloween! A shimmering green and black maternity outfit is waiting just for you.

What screams Halloween better than a witch costume?  And just because you're more Mother Goddess than Maiden, it doesn't mean that you can't dress up too!

Rubie's Costume Company is a respected purveyor of fancy dress for all seasons, and the Mommy To Be maternity witch outfit has been created by them. 

It is part of a wide range of maternity fancy dress that includes many more than the spooky Halloween gowns.

This two-piece witch costume for pregnant women has been especially designed to look great, yet still be comfortable.  The last thing that you want, when you're out and about at the Halloween events, is to feel cumbersome.

Made from 100% polyester, the low-cut, short gown is a one size fits all. But the recommendation is that it'll fit up to dress size 14.

The detail includes ragged hems, sheer sleeves and cleavage brooch.

The matching hat is part of the costume, though, unfortunately, the feather duster broom is sold separately.

Accessorize the Halloween Witch Outfit

Black Feather Sparkle Broom

Includes a black plastic handle with a decorative feather broom. Approximately 48" long. Some assembly required, handle ships in 2 pieces.

View on Amazon

Witch Makeup Kit - Wolfe Bothers

Wolfe Bothers have developed a how-to system of applying makeup that allows you to achieve a look that is absolutely incredible. Kit contains 1 makeup cake, 3 makeup sticks, 1 a...

View on Amazon

Fishnet Pantyhose For Pregnant Ladies

Of course, if you are going for the sexy look this Halloween, then the fishnet stockings may be a bit of a problem.  Baby probably won't appreciate the suspender belt being stretched over the bump.

Fortunately there is a solution.  Sara Blakely's hosiery line does include a wide range of maternity pantyhose.  And yes! They include fishnet patterns too!

Now you can achieve the required look without feeling like your insides are being squashed into oblivion.  Well, no more than usual, anyway.

Plus the pantyhose provide under belly support to help you carry your precious load.

Maternity Fishnet Tights

Fishnet stockings for the mother to be's Halloween outfit.

Taking a Mini Witch with You?

The cutest costumes ever exist for infant witches!
Hubble! Bubble! Toil and... awww! Remarkably cute infants in witch outfits for Halloween! Bewitch your neighborhood with these spooky costumes.

Sexy Devil Lady Maternity Costume for Halloween

A Devilishly Sexy Halloween Outfit for a Mother to Be

Go for the demonic look for your seasonal events. It's sinfully spooky and it will turn heads.

All together now, "She's a devil womaaaaaannnnn!"   Not up for a sing-song?  No?  Well I bet that you'll have a lot of people whistling in your wake, as you stride into the party in this little number.

Provocatively low-cut and clingy, it will have temperatures soaring hot as Hell at the Halloween party. 

But it's designed to be comfortable for an expectant mother to wear.

Ignore the stiletto shoes, they aren't part of this outfit; and they should only be attempted by pregnant ladies who either have the knack of wearing them or are complete masochists.

Created by Rubie's Costume Company, this devil woman maternity costume will fit sizes 12-18.  It comes in two parts - the sparkly dress and the horned headpiece.

The gown is made from 100% polyester.  The details include a jagged hem, so suggestive of the flames of Hell, and sheer sleeves.  The brooch is attached, though the trident needs to be bought separately.

She Devil Halloween Make-Up

If you really want to go all out with the sinister, rather than sexy look, then here's how to plaster on the cosmetics.

Accessorize the Devil Woman Maternity Costume

Maternity Halloween T-Shirts That USE Your Bump

Unless you plan to be pregnant during another Halloween night, then this might be your only chance to ever wear these!

Not every expectant mother feels like dressing up for Halloween events.  Aching, exhaustion and feeling the size of a baby elephant will do that to you.  But you can still look the part in ordinary clothes!

I have to admit that I burst out laughing when I saw these shirts, particularly the white one.

While having a baby is, of course, serious business, wandering around with a swollen belly on Halloween night doesn't have to be.  Each one of these t-shirts has been designed with pregnant ladies in mind, particularly around the bump region.

Happy Halloween all!  

And congratulations on the forthcoming birth of your child from all of us here at Wizzley.

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JoHarrington on 08/19/2013

I thought that was cute too!

Jenny on 08/19/2013

I like how the t-shirts use the bump for the pregnant Halloween costume.

JoHarrington on 10/01/2012

I stood amazed too. Shortly followed by a friend and I discussing how the model can't possibly be pregnant. :)

kate on 10/01/2012

my word - who would ave even thought such costumes existed?

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