Halloween Skeleton Costumes for Adults

by JoHarrington

Clickity-clack, what's that? Something skeletal this way comes! Looking for something bone-shakingly spooky for Halloween? Check out the rattle-bones outfits here.

From the graveyards and the crypts the dead are rising. It's Halloween and our ancestors are returning from the grave.

Listen to the clicking of bone on bone! Behold the ghastly, grinning skull! Shriek in horror at the dark, empty eye sockets!

Hold on, they aren't empty! It's a skeleton costume to strike fear into the hearts of all who see you. (Unless it's a sexy skeleton outfit, in which case that isn't fear that they're feeling.)

Check out what's on offer for your party costume this Halloween.

Zagone Studios' Grim Reaper Costume and Mask

Beautiful craftwork, with a price tag to match.

Think skeleton + Halloween and, if you're anything like me, your mind immediately leaps to the Grim Reaper. 

Shortly followed by a reference to DiscWorld and certain Blue Oyster Cult songs.  (Oh brilliant!  Someone actually did combine the two!)  Therefore I thought it best to get this entity out of the way before hurtling into the bog standard skeletons.

The Grim Reaper has been part of Western mythology for centuries.  There are medieval plague pits marked with his face. This is the skeletal being who will come for your soul at the moment of death.  Creepy!

Zagone Studios, as usual, have come up with a fantastic costume for the Grim Reaper.  However, they're no longer offering the complete ensemble in one handy set. Instead, you have to trawl through finding each of the components. I've added the gown and mask above, which are the main events.

Zagone have a deserved reputation for producing high-quality, enduring fancy dress items.  Their Death costume is no exception.  It's probably all worth the price for the skull mask alone! 

There's a hidden hood, which renders it very comfortable to wear, but also elasticated straps that fit over your jaw.  When you talk, the skull's mouth opens and closes very realistically.  I love stuff like that!

Grim Reaper is all well and good, but personally I'd be telling everyone that I came as Death from Discworld.  It's the same thing, but cooler!

Discworld's Death at a Halloween Party

Clip from the movie 'Color of Magic' showing Death in all his glory.

More Halloween Grim Reaper Costumes | Death from DiscWorld Costumes

None of these are marketed as being officially Discworld's Death outfits, but come on! If it looks like him, then it can be him!

Taking a Little One With You?

Clitter, clatter, scary bones. The skeletons are out dancing tonight! And that little one at the end is the sweetest in all the neighborhood.

Fun World Adult Men's Scary Skeleton Halloween Costume

All Over Skeleton Body Suit Outfit

This is billed as a skeleton costume for men, but I don't see why there couldn't be a woman in there.  It's hardly like there's anything gender specific on show!

The Scary Skeleton Halloween Costume is a one-size fits all jumpsuit.  The skull mask, shoe covers and gloves are part of the ensemble, but the weapon is just a prop for the model. You will have to supply your own separately, if you really want one.

Made out of 100% polyester, it's an effective outfit, which will leave no-one in any doubt as to what  you are.

There is a commentator note that the jumpsuit may be too small for those over 5ft 7" in height; though Fun World Adults have it listed as fitting up to 6ft tall.  Bit of a lottery there then!

It's also worth putting on some regular clothes underneath, particularly if you're trick and treating, for added layers of warmth.

Unisex Zip-Up Skeleton Print Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Skeleton Sweatshirt with Skull Mask

This is probably the easiest, non-hassle costume out on the market this Halloween season.

It even doubles as a jacket, to keep you toasty warm while out trick and treating. Though that may get annoyingly hot, when you take it with you onto the dance-floor.

The skeleton print coat is fundamentally a hooded sweatshirt.  But the zip continues up to the crown of your skull, allowing the hood to become a mask.  You can see the effect for yourself.

It's a unisex garment, despite the model being male, so ladies looking for a non-sexy skeleton costume (surprisingly difficult to source) can grab this one too.

70% cotton and the rest polyester, the full-zip skeleton hoodie is very soft to wear.  Feel free to don it, even when it's not Halloween. Everyone else does!

Bones Tank Dress Adult Costume

Tank Dress Skeleton Costume for Ladies (Not Revealing Too Much)

A sexy Skeletal dress, which doesn't cross the line into becoming too titillating.

Too many Halloween costumes designed for women seem to assume that we want to show copious amounts of flesh.  That's all well and good, but it does leave us open to cries of 'sluttishness'.

This skeleton tank dress walks the meridian beautifully.  It's sexy and cute, without being something that you'd rather not wear in front of your family.  (In fact, one commentator wore this to work, with skeleton leggings underneath.)

It is perfect for those ladies who want to look good, without compromising their modesty.  It takes a certain kind of woman to pull off the more revealing ones and not everyone has that confidence.

You can gain confidence in this dress. The compliments that you're bound to receive will see to that!

Accessorize with Skeleton Stockings, Leggings or Pantyhose

Buy these to complete your skeletal costume and to cover up bare legs in cold October chills!

Sexy Skeleton Halloween Costumes for Ladies

Now for outfits designed for women with a lot of confidence and the figure to match!

If you've got it, then flaunt it!  That's what I say!  And there are two skeletal outfits for those with the verve to pull them off.

Each displays a tremendous amount of fun in their own way. 

Sexy Glow Skeleton Costume

Glow in the Dark Sexy Skeleton Catsuit

Be sexy and be seen! It would be hard not to be in this cute skeletal bodysuit.

It's about time that we had a decent glow in the dark skeleton print on a Halloween outfit! 

If there is any costume which cries out for such detail, then it's this one.  Bones should glow as standard, in my humble opinion.

This means that, as you move across a dark dance-floor, you are going to be seen right from the back of the club.  All eyes will have to be drawn to you in this sexy skeleton bodysuit, so make sure that your dance moves are practiced to perfection.

The Sexy Glow Skeleton Costume comprises three parts - the catsuit, the gloves and the crossed bones hair pin.  You will have to add your own shoes.

Festive footwear never got this grisly before! Ladies, complete your costume with some appropriate Halloween shoes. There are plenty to choose between!

Fever Sexy Skeleton Costume

Sexy Tutu and Bodice Skeleton Dancer Outfit

So you want to go out dancing to a Halloween ball? How about an actual Halloween dancing outfit? Tick!

This cheeky little number is obviously based on a skeletal ballerina's costume.  The fitted bodice comes with detachable straps, but they are transparent, if you would prefer to leave them on.  It's also worth ordering a size above normal, as there are reports of the bust area running small.

Also note that, at the time of writing, there appears to be some computer error on Amazon.  Whichever size you select switches to medium at the check-out.  Ooops!  But never fear.  Whatever you originally asked for is the size that arrives in the post. 

You are only purchasing the tutu dress here.  The pantyhose and shoes have to be supplied from your own wardrobe.

It is a beautiful Skeleton print tutu costume with a lot of positive comments from verified purchasers.  The only negative note is that the polyester fabric appears to be fairly low quality, but the price does reflect that.

More Sexy Skeleton Costumes to Choose Between

Not found anything that you like yet? Take a look at these three to see if there's anything which takes your fancy.

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There are some hauntingly good looks for your festive party this year. Grab yourself a spooky ghost outfit for Halloween; and practice those spine-chilling wails.
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JoHarrington on 10/18/2012

Get the leggings too. Leave them on for work, then take them off for the party afterwards. :)

Ember on 10/18/2012

I want to find a costume for work...and play afterwards too! But, I haven't found one I like yet, so maybe that dress could work for that. DECISIONS.

JoHarrington on 10/18/2012

LOL I did wonder how a biologist would view these costumes. Not for use in class then, I take it?

Have a look at the comments on the first dress. There are women wearing it in ordinary circumstances, not just as a Halloween costume. So go for it!

Ember on 10/18/2012

I wanted to complain how anatomically awkward most of the women's skeleton costumes are, but what is Halloween without tiny skirts and sex appeal? XD LOL

I like the first women's one though, but actually kind of as an actual dress more than a costume...maybe that's one of the reasons I technically have zero fashion sense.

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