Pink Biking Jacket for a Lapdog Hell's Angel

by JoHarrington

They are the wolves of the street! But they've been saddled with a reputation for being cute and fluffy. This toy breed dog was born to be wild and wants the jacket to prove it!

Some dogs are born bad-ass. So it was with your lapdog. Unfortunately the miniature fluff-ball has to work a little harder to prove it than, say, the average pit-bull or Rottweiler.

Its roar comes out as a bit of a yap. Its rebel sneer is difficult to see beneath all that lovely, lush hair. And frankly, its best bet in a gang fight is to nip at a few toes, then leg it out of there.

But that doesn't mean that your tiny biker dog can't dream! At a squint, riding in a handbag is sort of like hitting the freeway on a Harley Davidson. Especially if you look the part.

Letting Your Tiny Canine's Wild Side Show

Image: PomerianThe problem with weighing no more than 6-10lbs is that people tend to pick you up and cuddle you. A lot. When all you want to do is find Wendy, and die with her out on the streets tonight, in an everlasting sniff.

Bruce Springsteen knew where it was at.

You want to be the sort of canine who reminds other dogs that you're all descended from wolves. When you howl, you want those who hear it to cower out of your way, because they recognize trouble when they hear it.

There should be respect. As those hounds watch you strut by - stretched to your full 13-16" (more if you measure to the very tips of the hair) - they should avert their eyes, prostrating themselves in the presence of the leader of the pack.

And if humans dare to look into your eyes, babbling rubbish like, 'Awww! Look at its angelic, little face!' Then they'd better insert a 'Hell's' before the celestial stuff.

You are a biker toy dog and nobody should ever forget it!   Which is really where that jacket comes in...

Pink 'Born to Ride' Motorcycle Harness Jacket

Barger and Graves!! A Lapdog Biker Jacket!

Ok, so it's pink, but you're a lapdog, you can't have everything. Baby steps. Baby steps.

This motorcycle harness jacket for dogs is made from the finest, softest, high-quality fabric. It's fully lined. It might be a faux leather dog biker jacket, but it smells just like the real thing, so it's bound to fool just about everybody.

It's designed for small dogs measuring 13-16" in length, 11-13" around the neck and weighing in at 6-10lbs.  There are Velcro fasteners at the neck and tummy, large enough to adjust to each lapdog's perfect size.

But the underside is left open, so it's easy to answer a call of nature.

It's more like the call of the wild, when you examine those heavy duty nail accents, and the badge on the back!  An eagle in full flight, clutching the legend 'Born to Ride', embroidered in silver and gold.

With a jacket like that, a lapdog could scurry straight down to the nearest Hell's Angels chapter house and get voted in straight away.

Maybe accessorize with some shades for maximum cool...

Doggles Small K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs, Silver Frame, Pink Lens

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... and to keep all that hair out of your eyes, as you cruise on down the highway.  Your brothers all bark respect now that you're riding high; a 700 cc engine purring like a feline beneath your paws.

And when you check out the bitches, some of them even look back.  But you'll know The One when you see her. When she yips out a greeting, you'll recognize your Wendy.  She'll be the one wearing this.

Lapdog Biker Dress - Motorcycle Dress Dog Harness

Anthem for a Hell's Angel lapdog, who dared to dream of donning a motorcycle dog jacket and finding his Wendy.
Updated: 09/24/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/13/2013

LOL They were my thoughts completely!

dustytoes on 11/12/2013

These are such cute jackets - I need a dog and a bike now.

JoHarrington on 11/11/2013

Don't you know that pink is the new black for men? If you get your Yorkie a Hell's Angel jacket, then I demand a photograph!

Thamisgith on 11/11/2013

I could just see my wife's Yorkie in one of those! Maybe a different colour though - he is already more than a little neurotic, wouldn't want to introduce gender issues into the mix.

As far as the smell of the leather goes, anyone who has had a whiff of wet Yorkie will know that this is unlikely to be an issue.

JoHarrington on 11/09/2013

Is it making you want to get a small dog, in order to have an excuse to buy the jacket?

Ember on 11/09/2013



JoHarrington on 11/02/2013

Hear hear! :D

AbbyFitz on 11/02/2013

So cute. Pink hell's angels jackets are here to stay!

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