Dog Bathing Suits and Bikinis

by Sam

Does your pooch have everything? Think twice! Perhaps it needs a dog bikini or one of these cute dog bathing suits ;-)

I was browsing around the internet, looking for stuff to write about and came across the concept of 'dog bathing suits, bikinis and trunks'. Honestly I didn't know if I should laugh out loud or cry. Yes, they do look fancy, but seriously, does a dog need to wear a bikini? Whilst I am not completely against dog clothes, putting them in swimming suits seems a bit over the top to me. What do you think? There is a handy 'opinion vote' at the end of this article ;-)

Back to the topic of bathing dogs, after a few hours more of browsing around and giggling, I decided to do something useful with my research & findings and to present you with the

Most Hilarious Dog Bathing Suits Ever

Bikini for Dogs

That one could also serve as a 4th July outfit ;-) Aptly called 'The All-American Dog Bikini' I can see that sooo on a beach in California! Show your love for your country and dress up your dog like this. Or show your love for your dog and don't dress it up like this! Look at the face of the canine bikini model. Doesn't it look like it is saying

'What do you mean by this photo is for Amazon? Does that mean people will actually see me like this? Please, nooo!

I also like the idea of the triangles in the top. Dear designer, I hate to break this news to you, but a dog has what you attempt to cover in another place ;-)

Swim Trunks For Dogs

Obviously you can't dress a male dog in a bikini or one piece swimsuit. Or can you? Is there something like a canine cross-dresser? Oops, I am getting distracted again. Here on the right my favorite bathing suit for a real male dog ;-)

Or does the dog hope to achieve a camouflage effect with this and disappear from sight when taken out like that? Not sure if that will work on the beach, that means sand, not jungle!

Doggy Beach Wear


Which dog wouldn't dream to be dressed up like this? I mean, not only with a bikini, but also with a grass skirt and a lei! Or would that be most dog's worst nightmare?

What would the neighbor's cat say if she would see a dog dressed like this walking down the street towards the beach?

"Meow! Look at that stupid dog! If they would try that with me, I would claw the bikini to pieces and their skin also for good measure!"

Dog Swimsuit

If this swimsuit doesn't make your dog the 'bark of the neighborhood', little else will ;-) Pink, fake leopard can't be beaten. This is also a great outfit for a more modest dog as it is a 'one piece covers all important parts' model.

But again the neighborhood cats will not suddenly fall in awe because they mistake your dog now for a pink leopard, instead they might kill themselves laughing ...

My Opinion ;-)

In case you really are not clear about that one ;-) Whilst I think warm dog clothes make sense for certain dogs and breeds that live in a cold climate, I certainly don't believe in dressing your dog up for the beach or pool party.

All dogs I have ever had, and known, would have simply refused to leave the house wearing something like this! And on a more serious note, this full cover of the dog's backside also interferes with normal dog behavior. You know the part where they sniff each others backsides to get to know one another ;-)

But feel free to voice your opinion below, or perhaps even the opinion of your dog, when it comes to fashionable canine beach and pool wear ;-)

Swimsuits for dogs? Voice your opinion!

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Bad idea, because ...
Sam on 03/20/2012

Lol, I see them here quite frequently in Europe, dogs with shoes I mean. Mainly in winter because of the salt on the icy streets ...

brettb on 03/19/2012

My brother claimed he saw a dog wearing shoes, but nobody believed him.

Shaz on 02/19/2012

That's hilarious, do people actually dress up their dogs. I thought that only happened on Hollywood film set ;) Just let the dogs be dogs I say.

dustytoes on 02/17/2012

Those poor dogs. I hate to see anything on a dog except maybe a jacket for the ones without much fur. And also - please take the dumb bows out of your dog's hair!

Good idea, because ...
katiem2 on 02/17/2012

For the pampered pouch this is great, my Mom pampers her dogs so much so they are treated like small children. it all depends on the type of dog you own. Small dogs tend to love this stuff, great products, fun indeed. Don't like the bikini, comeon a good eye catcher though and to that kudos.

Life Saving Gear for Dogs

Whilst dog bikinis are just plain silly in my opinionated opinion, the stuff on the right side is indeed useful.

Especially if you like boating, yachting, sailing or another water sport and want to do it with a dog that isn't an excellent and experienced swimmer.

And even those dogs could greatly benefit from wearing a life jacket, think about cold weather, strong winds and the like. And as for cuteness, the second model is nearly as cute as the Hawaii dog bikini ;-)

If you liked this article, feel free to use any of the social media buttons available to spread the word about it. I had great fun writing it, so I hope many people will have fun reading about these hilarious dog bathing suits!

Dog Bikinis on Ebay!

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Updated: 04/04/2012, Sam
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Sam on 02/22/2012

Thanks Jeannieinabottle! Yes, perhaps it has something to do with modesty? Not sure if that is a cultural thing? Never seen a dog in a bikini here in Europe ...

Jeannieinabottle on 02/22/2012

I suppose dog bikinis are for modest dogs? Hmmm... I have to agree with you on this one, these are a little silly. I guess this is just a new way for someone to spoil a dog. Voted up! :-)

Sam on 02/19/2012

Shaz, yes almost all dogs can swim, but some are really bad swimmer due to breed, size and / or age. Like for examples pugs, with their short noses and short necks they can have a problem to keep their head over water and their airways free. These life jackets are meant for dogs on boats, they are not meant for the beach. Most 'boat and yacht people' I met, that had a dog or two on the boat, had their dogs equipped with one, even breeds that are known to be excellent swimmers such as Labradors and Retrievers.

Shaz on 02/19/2012

My gosh, I had no idea there were so many accessories for dogs! Very interesting reading, but I question the need for life jackets. I've never known a dog who didn't have a natural ability to swim.

Sam on 02/18/2012

Great! Glad you two liked it. I am more of a big dog person myself, but I have met some Yorkies that I really liked!

Thamisgith on 02/18/2012

Hey Sam,

- the Runtweiller is very definitely my better half's dog! I showed her your article by the way - she was in stitches!

Sam on 02/18/2012

Lol, I like how you wrote 'My wife has a Yorkie ...' and not 'we have a Yorkie' ;-) I hope she enjoys the article, apparently some of these small dogs like to be dressed up!

Thamisgith on 02/18/2012

Hey Sam,

Those outfits are outrageous. My wife has a Yorkie - just like the ones in the lifejackets snaps. I'll need to show her this article, she'll be tickled pink!

Sam on 02/17/2012

katiem2, feel free to send your mom the link to this page ;-) You never know, she might want to buy the Hawaiian style bikini for one of her dogs ;-)

katiem2 on 02/17/2012

My Mom is going to love this as she's a long time pouch pamper Godess with her dogs loving their clothing accessories.

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