Dog Bandanas - Cool and Cooling

by Sam

Also dogs can suffer from the heat, but cooling dog bandanas can help them to stay cool ;-) Learn how they work and why dogs love them!

Dog Bandanas have been around for quite some time now and are now available in different sizes and styles. Just look below for a small selection of available models. But don’t forget, it is important to choose the right size, so measure your dog carefully before you order!

If you ask me, cooling bandanas are COOL! Let me explain you how they work: In the morning, before it gets really hot, you, the dog owner, soak this bandana for your dog in water. Then you put it around its neck and it keeps your dog cool the whole day long. This works by “cooling through evaporation”. It also means that when you take your dog for a long travel it doesn't get hot so easily. Remember, dogs don’t sweat, they can’t, apart of, a bit, at the paws. Instead dogs start to pant to regulate their body temperature. That is why a cooling dog bandana helps your dog to stay cool ;-) Apart of that they look also pretty– fashionable! Wanna buy one for your pooch? Have a look at the selection below ...

Cooling Bandanas are made from non-toxic polymer crystals, these kind of crystals have the ability to absorb and to store water several times their weight, depending on the type of crystal used, 30 – 100 times. When worn the crystals allow the water to evaporate slowly and cool the dog down via evaporative cooling which can last for many hours.

For additional coolness you can put the bandana, already soaked with water, in the fridge or freezer. Just make sure that it is only cool, and not ice-cold when you put it around your dogs neck. Especially not if the dog is already overheated, always aim to cool down your dog gently, without any drastic temperature differences.

A lot of professionally made dog bandanas sport also reflective features / stripes for better visibility at night and the choice to fix the bandana also on the dogs collar, making it to stay safer in place. For preparing and tying a dog bandana around your dogs neck it is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer exactly.

Generally you have too soak the bandana for 15 to 30 minutes in cold water, let it drip and attach it to your dogs collar or tie it loosely around its neck. Never “squeeze” the bandana as this can damage the crystals in it and lead to “oozing” of the gel. Just let it drip or shake it very gently before you apply it. A properly applied dog cooling bandana helps to prevent dangerous overheating during hot days and long travels or hikes, but should never be a replacement for appropriate surroundings and dog care.

A dog that wears a dog cooling bandana should never be left in hot places without shadow and enough water, just because it wears the “magic cooling bandana”. These bandanas are a help and accessorize for proper dog care and fashion, not a replacement for it. Especially you should never ever leave your dog alone in a car that might be heated up by the sun, temperatures might increase to deadly, for the dog, level in such situations. Also if your dog is a 'chewer', or a puppy, never let him wear his bandana unsupervised ;-)

When the bandana is not in use, for example in winter, make sure that it has dried out completely before storing it away to avoid finding it moldy next spring. It can take several days to dry a cooling bandana thoroughly, due to the water retention capabilities of the gel polymer crystals. In the end, dog cooling bandanas are economical because they are reusable!

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Sam on 09/24/2012

Yes they are, especially if you and your dog live in a hot climate! SY

Mira on 09/12/2012

Never thought about this, but cooling dog bandanas are a great idea :-)

Sam on 04/06/2012

Thanks Mladen, depending on how hot the summer will be, they are indeed useful!

Mladen on 04/06/2012

It is nice to see an other pet owner preparing her pet for the summer. These dog bandanas realy ARE cool!

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