Hats for Dogs

by Sam

Hats for dogs are protecting them from sun rays and are making a fashion statement at the same time.

Dog hats are actually quite useful compared to those hilarious dog bikinis I wrote about earlier ;-) A good hat will protect your dog from the sun and even shade his eyes. Additionally it can give your dog's head a bit of extra protection especially in the case you have a toy breed with open fontanelle / molera! See Wikipedia article below, after the table of contents, if you would like to know more about this condition in dogs.

Open Fontanelle or Molera in Dogs

A fontanelle is an anatomical feature on an infant's skull.

Hard Hats or Helmet for Dogs

Hard hats and / or biker helmets can be a great idea for dog owners that like to take their dog for a ride ;-) Whilst they don't offer the same protection as helmets for humans do, at least they offer some!

The most important part, apart of the material they are made of, is the way how they will be 'attached' to your dogs head! Good models have loops / holes for the ears plus an adjustable chin strap. This way the hat stays where it belongs, even in the strongest wind!

Same may consider these kind of hart hats or helmets for dogs a bit over the top, others may think of them as a way to protect their canine biking buddy - It is up to you to decide!

Sun Hats for Dogs

Depending on where you live and what your normal outdoor activities are, protecting your dogs head and eyes from an overdose of evil sun rays might be a really clever idea!

Let's say you go frequently hiking in areas where there is no shade, or spend hours on end on a boat with your dog, then chances are high that he gets a lot of sun. And yes, also dogs can suffer from sunburn, heat stroke, sun stroke etc. Sun burn and sun stroke are more common in short-haired or hairless breeds, whilst long-haired ones are more easily affected by heat strokes (over-heating).

When choosing a model, make sure that the visor is large enough and really gives shade to the eyes and least part of the nose. And if you look at the second picture on the right, you see a good example of securing the hat to the dog's head. Holes for the ears, with a band below them and a chin strap which should be adjustable. Make sure that said chin strap is not too short, you don't want to obstruct your dogs airways, just keeping the hat in place!

Cowboy Hats

A bit of a 'light option' when it comes to sun and other protection. This one might more in the league of 'mainly cute, some added protection'. The one thing I would be worried here is the 'under the chin strap' only and the loop it makes. If your dog doesn't like its new fashion accessorize, and tries to remove it with his pays, the claws could get easily caught in it.

On the other hand, if your dog loves dressing up and you take him like this to the rodeo, you might get a lot of admiring looks!

Baseball Caps / Hats

Same as above, but which fan could resist of taking his 'best buddy' like this to a baseball match? At least to the ones that allow dogs!This is actually becoming more and more frequent and even special events like 'Baseball with Dogs' are held. To find a suitable match to take your four-legged fan to, in appropriate outfit obviously, have a look at the website below:


They list not only baseball matches, also a whole bunch of other events where dogs, and pets in general, are welcome. Not so sure about pet snakes ...

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Sam on 07/07/2012

Yes, they do look the part, don't they? SY

ChrisHugh on 07/07/2012

I love those badass biker dogs. I think they can tell they look cool.

Sam on 02/27/2012

Glad you enjoyed my 'hats for dogs' article, Mladen!

Mladen on 02/27/2012

They are adorable! Great article, I enjoyed it!

Sam on 02/23/2012

Depending ;-) I know dogs that don't mind wearing a bandana, and some might not even mind a dog hat, but I know others that would use it as a chewy-toy just to get rid of it and to avoid the embarrassment of being seen like that ...

kaazoom on 02/23/2012

I think my dog would fall out with me if I even attempted to dress him in a hat.

Sam on 02/23/2012

Thanks Angel! More to come! The bike helmets are actually mildly useful sometimes ;-)

Angel on 02/22/2012

The doggie bike helmet is hilarious! These dog articles crack me up. Great page.

Sam on 02/22/2012

Lol, thanks Jeannieinabottle, didn't think of that one. Cowboy hats for working dogs on a farm ;-)!

Jeannieinabottle on 02/22/2012

My personal favorite is the cowboy hat. I guess that is for dogs that live on the farm.

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