Small Doghouse

by Sam

Also small dogs need a house for themselves ;-) Here the best models reviewed and where to find them.

No matter if you are looking for an indoor or outdoor house for your small dog, I am sure you will find the right one for you in this selection. They are all very different from each other, both in design as in price and I hope that these selection and reviews of small doghouses is useful for you. In the end, a small doghouse doesn't have to be expensive as you will see.

Beach Dog House

This would be obviously the perfect fashion accessory for a bikini wearing dog! In the end, your small pooch will need some privacy to change into his or her beachwear ;-) See my article about >dog bathing suits and bikinis< for more information you ever wanted to know about that topic ;-)

But seriously now, this is a nice, little and sturdy dog house that could come in handy on hot, sunny days as it provides shade and shelter. And it surely would look cool at the side of the pool also.

Unfortunately not really suitable for cold or rainy weather as the window is open ;-( For a better option, and some more fun, read on ...

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Beach Dog House Size: Small
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Small Silver BowHaus Hideaway Dog House Nightstand End Table
$950.00  $599.99

Luxury Small Dog House

Who could resist this one? A stylish indoor dog house that doubles as a place to park your - martini ;-) I actually included this one just for a bit of fun and entertainment. If you have so much money to spend, buy a painting by a starving artist, but don't waste it like this.

Granted it looks cool, and when equipped with a nice cozy blanket it surely is comfortable for a small dog, or even a cat, but the price is just a bit over the top, in my not so humble opinion ;-)

Oh, and apparently you could use it also as a dog or cat litter box concealment! Who wouldn't dream of this, parking your drink on top of the litter box!

Dog House with Balcony

I like the balcony (veranda), but I am not madly keen on the door, which, when opened will most likely take up valuable space and when closed, would defeat the whole purpose of having a veranda, at least if the poor dog is inside. Apart of this it is a great garden home for your dog where your small pooch can lounge out in comfort whilst you are doing some gardening - or are cleaning up the yard from dog poo ;-)

Also this is not really an all weather model, which would give your dog enough shelter in a blizzard, but, on the other hand, who would leave a small dog out in a blizzard anyway?

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Porch Pups Dog House Size: Small
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Cat/Dog Pet Soft Cozy Bed Play House

Soft Indoor Dog House


Due to the material it is made from, definitively an indoor dog house and very cozy it is ;-)

The Dalmatian style spots will make your small dog feel like a big boy ;-) Comfy, cozy and a nice place for a nap inside - not much else to say really, so I better shut up!

Pink Dog House

Which girl-dog wouldn't love this one? She really will feel like a little princess in it, but not really suitable for a male dog pretty obviously, unless ...

This is another example of an outdoor house that provides a den for the dog to retreat to and to find some shade and shelter, but not a permanent outdoor dog house, see reasons below. These small dog houses are great, but they should be only used when you are around and NOT as a solution when you have to leave doggie alone at home. In that case, better take your small dog inside!

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Arf Frame Pink Princess Pad Dog House Size - Small
$89.99  $74.99

Indoor or Porch Dog Lounger

This is a great dog house for indoor or porch use. The dogs can go up the stairs and lounge on the balcony, watching life, and the neighbor cats!, pass by ...

If you buy this dog house, make sure your small dog is comfortable with navigating stairs and to put a nice cozy blanket or dog bed on top and into it! Your dog will thank you with a 'woof'!

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Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House
Only $97.01

Functional Small Outdoor Doghouse

If you plan to leave your dog alone outside, you should opt for a model like this. The opening is on one side, allowing so for a sheltered space in the dog house itself, where wind and rain have little chance to enter. Add to this a warm blanket or a heated dog bed and your dog will be happy to hand out there and waiting for you until you come back from work!

If you leave a small dog alone outside, make sure it is also in a safely inclosed, including top cover/ roof!, kennel run with plenty of fresh water and food. You will need a fully inclosed kennel run to prevent predator attacks like from birds of preys or evil neighborhood's cats ;-) See model on the right to see what I mean. If your garden is getting a lot of sun during the day, you can cover the half that contains the doghouse with plastic foil or similar to provide additional space.

A safe and spacious enclosure like this, equipped with the right dog house, food, water and toys will allow your dog to spend the time until you come home safely and comfortably.

Small Doghouse Ebay

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Sam on 03/14/2012

Lol, yes, Mladen. a wooden house would be seen as a food treat by a bunny ;-)

Mladen on 03/14/2012

These dog houses look great! I love the one with balcony! I would like to have one for my bunny, but I guess wood is out of the option. :)

Sam on 03/11/2012

Wow, I would love to see that dog house! Do you have a photo of it somewhere online?

katiem2 on 03/11/2012

I love the merry dog house. I actually have a three story dog house for my chow chow, he loves spending time outside, especially in the snow. I had it costume built so he could lounge on the top level, an open deck as he loves being out in the open. The bottom level is a enclosed digging area, a sort of sand box if you will, the second is the sleeping area with door and windows, the top is the open deck area. These are such great dog houses, great you've highlighted such a collection you might otherwise never dream of.

Sam on 03/07/2012

I am sure they would love one, Brenda! Just void telling them that is a dog house ;-)

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

My cats could use one of those soft houses. They'd love it!

Sam on 03/06/2012

Thanks Angel! Great to hear that you two are having fun together! Really still not convinced of the dog bikinis, but the dog houses are cute, I agree. I love the one with the lounging surface on top!

Angel on 03/06/2012

My daughter is reading with me and absolutely loves all these houses and especially the bikinis! She is begging me to get a bathing suit for our Teddy Bear puppy and our poodle. I love the houses too. Great ideas.

Sam on 03/06/2012

Yeah, cool, trendy and a good place to park your drink, but a bit expensive for my taste ;-) Is your 'dog sitted' dog a on the cover or under the bed cover sleeper? If the later he might actually love a cave / den like soft and cozy doghouse - just ask him ;-)

Lissie on 03/06/2012

The small dog we dog sit from time-to-time doesn't like dog houses - he prefers human's beds! I rather like the silver Bowhaus - very cool and trendy!

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