Halloween Monster Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

by JoHarrington

These little monsters are so cute that you won't want to hide under the quilt! Let your little one be the talk of the party in these infant Halloween outfits.

A low growl and a wail in the night - the monsters are coming!

But as you see this one crawling across the floor, you will be reaching for the camera, not the pitchfork.

Whether you are trick and treating, attending a Halloween event or merely want your family to enjoy the night at home, there is a baby monster outfit for your infant.

And let the screams of blood-curdling terror turn to gushes of 'awwww!'

Infant Monster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex Baby Monster Costume

How utterly adorable is this?!  As Halloween costumes go, it's also very well made.

The jumpsuit is lined, meaning that it is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Plus it will last for many years to come (long after your little one has outgrown it anyway!).

While there is room to fit clothing underneath, that won't be necessary on moderate nights. This costume is warm enough.

The hood and slippers are separate. Unlike many outfits, the hood clasps at the rear. Baby will have difficulty pulling it off.

This is the Halloween monster costume for parents who want cuteness AND quality.

Monstrous Halloween Outfits for All the Family!

There's a monster on the prowl this Halloween night. Let's just hope it's you in one of these wonderful adult fancy dress outfits!
RAWR! Kids! Choose a young monster costume for Trick and Treating this Halloween - scary, furry and above all WARM in those chill October evenings.

Brands on Sale Lavender Baby Monster Outfit

Another remarkably cute offering here! 

The plush jump-suit contains snap buttons all up the inner leg. This will make life much easier for you, when it comes to changing baby's diaper.

The hood and gloves arrive as separate pieces. They can be removed, if your infant is the sort to want their hands free to grab.

As the costume's feet are part of the jump-suit, there are no slippers here. If your little one is walking, then you will have to add some socks or shoes to complete the outfit.

Monster Baby Costume

There are some spooky treats out there for your infant this Halloween - from horrifically cute clothing to fun, festive toys. Check this lot out for your little one.
Thunder crashes and lightning strikes - a hit! A creepy laboratory filled with crackling and light! But wait... What a cutie Dr Frankenstein's little monster is this time!

Sesame Street Monster Halloween Costumes for Babies

Team Cookie Monster or Team Elmo, which will you decide for your little one?

Sesame Street has been a perennial kiddie favorite for years.  We all have our own memories of singing along to their tunes, and cheering at the appearance of our best beloved character.

Now we get the chance to pass that love onto our children! 

Your infants will recognize the Cookie Monster and Elmo. Expect giggles of glee, when they see themselves in the mirror, while wearing these Halloween outfits.

The biggest choice will be which character to choose!

Cookie Monster Deluxe Costume

Buy the outfits for this Sesame Street favorite, then complete the outfit with a pair of infant 3D Cookie Monster boots.

Are you Team Cookie Monster or Team Elmo?

Elmo Baby Halloween Costume

Or are you Team Elmo instead? Never fear! You can buy the same ensemble for your own character instead (and baby will look just as cute!).

If you are sending your baby monster out as a character from Sesame Street, then please note that these costumes are quite warm.

The plush lining of the jump-suit is on both sides.  This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, but if it's a hot October night, it may be a little too snug.

On the bright side, you won't have to add a jacket to keep your little one away from the chill.

More Halloween Outfits for Babies and Infants

Nothing caught your fancy so far? Then you might have more joy down here.
The blood-suckling world of twilight monsters never looked so adorable. Your infant vampire will look the part this season.
Hubble! Bubble! Toil and... awww! Remarkably cute infants in witch outfits for Halloween! Bewitch your neighborhood with these spooky costumes.
Oooh! OooOOOhhh! Oooh! At least try to look a little scared, as you have a cute attack over this little one. Baby is in a Halloween ghost outfit!
The Jack O'Lantern beams through the night. Its candle burning bright. But who's looking at that, when you have this little cutie-pie dressed up as a pumpkin!
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JoHarrington on 05/13/2013

I'm glad to have entertained you. :)

Jenny on 05/13/2013

You pair crack me up.

JoHarrington on 08/21/2012

Because Big Bird isn't a monster. It's a bird.

EMK Events Ltd on 08/21/2012

So why isn't Big Bird on that poll?

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