Pinterest Settings for the Effective Pinning Experience

by Sheri_Oz

Want to make sure you are getting the most out of your Pinterest account? Basic settings are fundamental to the most effective use of this platform.

I tried to explain to a friend how to adapt her Pinterest settings for maximum effectiveness and she replied that I may as well be talking Chinese or Greek. So here is a thorough and, at the same time, easily understood explanation for the beginning Pinner.

I hope you enjoy pinning as much as I do. I use it to organize my ideas for crafts, setting up my house and garden, zazzle products I and others have made, and more. I find I get referrals to my zazzle products from Pinterest and that means that it works as a marketing tool as well.

Begin Your Set-Up

When you have opened your profile page, click on your name in the top right side of the screen and you will get a drop-down menu. Click on "Settings".


Settings Button on Pinterest
Settings Button on Pinterest
Screenshot by Sheri Oz
First Account Settings Screen
First Account Settings Screen
Screenshot by Sheri Oz

The Most Basic Settings

Here you can fill in your email address, change your password if you want, and personalize your set-up so that you can either be found by search engines (recommended if you are interested in marketing) or hide from search engines, To be found by search engines, leave the "No" on the search privacy item.

Personalize and clear recent searches or contacts if you want, but I do not clear them.

Scroll down to be able to personalize your email notifications.

Second Settings Screen
Second Settings Screen
Screenshot by Sheri Oz

Email Notifications Screen

You can get email messages when someone repins on of your pins, "likes" your pin, comments on your pin, and a number of other activities related to pinning. You can allow as many of these as you would like. To allow these features, make sure the red "Yes" is visible. Wherever you see a gray "No", you have disallowed this item.

I disallowed getting mails when friends on other social media joined Pinterest because these started to be too frequent and bothersome. But such information may be useful to you, so do what suits your purposes most.

Scroll down to the last settings screen.

Control Your Social Media Settings

My Pinterest account is connected to my personal Facebook page rather than to my new product page. For that reason, I do not want my Pinterest activity automatically appearing on Facebook, so, while I can sign in using Facebook, something that is very convenient, I have clicked "No" for "Link to Timeline".

I am not using Twitter yet to best advantage so I have left that unconnected and when I learn more about it, if it will prove useful for me, I will add that to my settings.

I am a bit more active on Google+ and because I use that site only for my marketing materials, I am happy to have Pinterest connected with Google+.

You can make your decisions based on what you know works for you. Of course, you can always change these settings in the future if you change your mind about any of them.

Last Settings Screen
Last Settings Screen
Screenshot by Sheri Oz

There You Have it! The Most Basic Settings For Your Pinterest Account!

Do you use Pinterest for marketing?
Updated: 04/16/2014, Sheri_Oz
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NateB11 on 04/06/2014

This is good and useful information; I went to my Pinterest account while reading and somehow I already had it set up correctly, the way I need it to promote my articles. I'm still getting used to Pinterest a bit, but I know some basics. I understand it can be very effective in promoting things, including web articles.

Sheri_Oz on 02/13/2014

Thanks cmoneyspinner - I really appreciate your comment. It adds value to my article. I will see about using your recommendation myself.

cmoneyspinner on 02/12/2014

Hi! I'm back. Wanted to mention this. Would have mentioned it the last time I was here only I did not know this, at the time. If you go back up to the very first image you display under “Begin Your Set Up”. Do you see that little “<> Embed ...”? That is a super cool feature!

Click on the less than and greater than signs and get the code. Place it on your blogs, website, wherever! Invite others to follow you on Pinterest by showing them a sampling of your pins.

I have it on the sidebar of my Tumblr blog.

It looks so good! I don't care if nobody follows me. I like how it looks!! :)

P.S. The screen is a little different now. But just look for "<>" to get the code.

Sheri_Oz on 01/19/2014

Dustytoes - certainly is easy to get stuck finding more and more wonderful pins.
Glad to receive the invitation, cmoneyspinner. Nice to see you there.
Tolovaj, I'm coming to G+ more lately, but still really like pinterest. So much work keeping up with everything.

Tolovaj on 01/19/2014

While I never liked social media, I believe we all have to use it at some point for promotion. Pinterest is on my list, but at this moment, G+ is working best for me. Thanks for your tip, I'll try to incorporate them in my promotional activities.

cmoneyspinner on 12/18/2013

OK. You've convinced me. I'll work harder at using my Pinterest boards for marketing and income generation.

Wanted to invite you to contribute to my Wizzley board but for some reason I can't send the invite via Pinterest.

dustytoes on 12/18/2013

Pinterest works very well for me as far as promoting Zazzle. I am careful to not overdo it, and always include other interesting pins to my boards, but I know it brings me sales. It's just too easy to get stuck on that site looking at beautiful artwork and drooling over food pics!

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