Fast and Easy Article Promotion

by DrDarko

Promotion and Search Engine Marketing is something you cannot avoid. This is an easy strategy I use to promote articles fast, and get much needed traffic and backlinks.

Your latest article is published and you can now sprawl in your comfy chair and wait for the money to come pouring in. Wrong! In fact, if you really think like this, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Writing an original and compelling article is just 50 percent of the work. Next step is getting as much traffic to that article as you can. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it seems.

By increasing the number of backlinks to your article, you will increase your chances of getting search engine traffic. By using clever social bookmarking strategy, you will get both immediate traffic and backlinks for the future.

The fast and easy strategy I use to promote my articles relies on combination of both automatic and manual promotion methods.

Social Networks as article promotion tool

Facebook, Twitter and Google+Facebook, Twitter, Google+! If you are not using these sites for promotion of your articles, you are making a big mistake. Social networks are increasingly taking traffic away from Google search engine. These three social networks have combined population of over one billion people. It is a potential that you simply cannot afford to overlook. Heck, even Google search now takes into consideration Google+ and Twitter popularity. Get enough +1’s and ReTweets and you will find your article at the top of Google search.

Creating a Page on Facebook and Google+ is extremely easy and posting links to your articles there is one of the fastest ways of getting traffic. Creating a Twitter account is similarly easy and once you gather a faithful following, it can be a source of incredible traffic.

Increasing the number of your Followers is a topic on which entire books have been written. However, there are tools like YouLikeHits that can help you easily build your following on Twitter and increase the number of Facebook likes very fast. YouLikeHits can also help you increase number of your followers on some social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking for article promotion

Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.Icio.Us and YouTubeThere are only a couple of Social Bookmarking sites that deserve your attention. Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and YouTube are the only social bookmarking sites you should focus on. Yes, although YouTube is primarily a video sharing site, it can also be a source of incredible traffic as well as high quality backlinks.

Most of these sites will give you a “nofollow” backlink but they still help you in Google search result rankings and if used cleverly, they can bring thousands of visitors to your article. There are slight differences between these sites but recommended strategy of using them for promotion is same for all.

First rule of social bookmarking is to avoid exclusively posting links to your articles. Try to post at least 5 – 6 links to interesting sites for every link to your own article. Remember, Sharing is Caring, and it will help you avoid being marked as a spammer.

Second rule of social bookmarking is to use categories. Each social bookmarking site has its own category system and if you start posting links to wrong categories, you will find yourself banned as a spammer. Reddit is especially famous for overreacting to posts in wrong categories (sub-reddits).

Third rule of social bookmarking is to participate in the community. Browse links other people have submitted, vote for those you like and comment on those that attract your attention. When you are sufficiently impressed or intrigued with some submission, start following the original submitter.

Socializing and building up your positive Karma is one of the easiest ways of increasing your own following and building up your reputation.

There are many other social bookmarking sites, but you can achieve amazing results by using only the ones I mentioned. For others, it is much easier to use automated submission tools.

Automated backlinks for your articles

Sutomated backlinksThere are people that say that any automated backlinking solution do not work. I tend to disagree. I have used these two tools for every article I wrote and I had some great and some good results. In any case, you can’t go wrong since they are free to use.

IMAutomator is a service that can give you a new backlink every day. It is extremely easy to submit your link, title, description and related tags that IMAutomator will use to post on different social bookmarking sites. By using IMAutomator, you will easily get 15 “dofollow” links to your article from sites with page rank ranging from PR1 to PR7. It is also possible to get all those backlinks in a single day, but I would suggest that you submit your links with a schedule of one submission every day.

In a pro (paid) version, this tool allows submission to article and RSS directories, which is a nice bonus, but the free version alone works great.

SocialMonkee is a service that gets you 25 free backlinks to your article in a day. One great option that SocialMonkee offers is possibility to create alternate versions (spin) of your submissions title, description and tags. This way, you will create truly unique backlinks with unique anchor text.

In a free version, you can only submit one link per day.In a pro (paid) version, you have an option to submit three links per day and it will be submitted to 100 different sites. However, the free version alone can easily increase the number of links to your article.

Just by using these two tools, you can easily get up to 40 free backlinks. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote your articles.

There are many other strategies for increasing the number of backlinks like article marketing or blog commenting. However, all of those take time and they are neither fast nor easy. There is nothing like a quick fix of traffic from Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites to make your day.

This strategy remains one of the fastest and easiest article promotion methods.

Do you use social bookmarking sites to promote your articles

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Crissaegrim on 11/22/2012

You just got your 14th "wizz-like"! Very informative and well-written.By the way, say I have this article, can I use these automated bookmark submitters to bookmark that article each and every single day?or is it a bad idea?

Ragtimelil on 11/17/2012

Social Monkee doesn't seem to be free anymore. It's cheap enough, but right now I don't even have that.

WiseFool on 01/18/2012

Really useful advice, thanks!

DrDarko on 01/10/2012

Yes, IMAutomator submissions sometimes fail. Fortunately, you get a report on every submission so you know what is happening.
However, just like you said, it's free and very easy to use.

Sara on 01/10/2012

Thanks. I have used IMAutomator. Its really easy to use but there have been times where I have not gotten all 15 submissions. At least it free and easy to use.

TilenHrovatic on 01/07/2012

really nice tips. I use SocialMonkee and I really recommend it. It's really great and it can save you a lot of valuable time.

DrDarko on 01/06/2012

Wizzley articles do naturally rank high in Google. If you do your keyword research right and write great articles like you do, it can be enough. However, to rank for highly competitive topics, you need some additional boost.

TerriRexson on 01/06/2012

I don't do any of this stuff! I just focus on writing useful content. It works for me.

DrDarko on 01/06/2012

Yes, those back-links do help. You are right about using Social Monkee for back-linking back-links on dofollow sites. Excellent tip!

annieangel on 01/05/2012

thanks for such a well written article, I hate all the promotional stuff but needs must!

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