Basketball Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Are you organizing a basketball themed party for girls? Check out these fun basketball party favors for school age kids.

Basketball is a popular sport for school aged girls. This means it's also a popular theme for a party. It might be a birthday party or a party for a kids' basketball team. But either way it's important to have party favors that fit with your party theme of basketball.

Having the party theme run through your party favors makes both the party and favor bag more exciting and fun for kids. So here's some great basketball party favors for girls.

Basketball Stickers

Stickers are a traditional item to add to a party favor bag. Kids love them and you can get some great designs with a basketball theme. 

There are two main styles in basketball stickers that girls will like. You can get the classic basketball sticker. This is just a close up of the basketball and is a great choice for basketball fans.

The other choice is to get a sticker that's especially made for girls. There are some creative stickers in this category. So you just need to choose what style and mood of sticker would work best for your party.

Basketball Necklace

Necklaces are always a good idea for a girls party favor bag. So of course I went looking for jewelry. 

This necklace choice is gorgeous. It's from Ladies jewelry so something for older girls but the price is fabulous for something so good looking. Under $5. It's something girls can keep for years so it's good value for money too. Girls who love basketball will adore it.

This necklace is a bit more expensive than most party favors though so your budget for party favors will probably be the decider. But this necklace would be worth having as a party favor even if you need to get fewer party favors to even out your spending.

Necklace Making Craft

Another idea, instead of buying a necklace, is to have some basketball beads for girls to make their own necklace.

This sort of activity is often used as a party craft but it's easy to use this idea as a party favor. Just wrap some basketball beads in some cellophane with some necklace elastic or something similar (and safe) to make the necklace with. You can also include some other beads that compliment the basketball beads. You might want to keep with plain orange and black beads for a classic look. Or you could choose brighter colored beads for the girls to mix and match with.  

Basketball Bounce Balls

Bounce balls like this are another fun novelty idea for a basketball party bag. These are probably more popular among kids in the lower to middle grades of primary school rather than the higher grades though. 

Small novelties like this can turn a party bag into a treasure trove to explore. This adds a bigger feeling of excitement when they are given their party favor bag. So it's an idea to keep an eye out for small party favors like this that are in a basketball theme. 

Basketball Erasers

Novelty erasers are popular with school age girls. So it was great to find these basketball themed ones. They come in a mixed color set of 4. This means they add some brightness and color to your party favors. You can give each girl the whole pack of 4 which is the best choice if you want the full colorful look. You can also give each girl one or two in their party bag if you're watching your party budget. 

Erasers like this are an excellent choice for school age girls because they can take them to school. This adds some fun to their classroom time. It also lets them express their personality at school in a way that's appropriate - even if their school has a very strict uniform code.

Basketball Chocolates

Chocolates are always a good idea for a party bag. Any type of chocolate can be used but it's always best to use chocolates that have the same theme as your party. 

So these chocolates are fabulous for a basketball party. You don't have to go to the trouble of making special chocolates (which you have to do for some party themes). They're also good because you get around 75 to 80 chocolates per bag. Great for you budget.

These chocolates would look great on the party table to give it a more festive mood too.

Basketball Cookies

Cookies are another party classic. Luckily with a basketball theme you can get ready-made cookies rather than having to make them. These cookies are special enough that you should only need to put one in each party bag too. 

Basketball cookies are also easy to make as a fun activity or to save some money. You just need your favorite cookie dough. A round cookie cutter in the size(s) you want to cut out the basketballs. You'll also need some orange icing for the ball and black icing for the details. Then just add some creativity. Easy. 

Basketball Lollipops

Lollipops are another traditional idea for a party bag. You can get a few different types of basketball lollipops at Amazon but I liked this classic ball looking one. 

These can be a sweet choice to go with the chocolate or to replace it. It's nice to have some basketball themed candy in your basketball party favor bag too. So lollipops are a good idea because basketball themed candy can be very hard to find.

Basketball Cake Pops

Cake pops are the perfect style and shape to make into basketballs with a little creativity.

This video shows you how to make cake pops. Something that's not hard to do. Then you just need to make some small changes to make orange cake pops and decorate them with some black lines - just like basketballs. 

Basketball Party Prize Idea

Basketball Sparkle Lamp
Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 05/09/2013

Yes Kimbesa I agree most of these would be good for boys too :)

kimbesa on 05/09/2013

Women's basketball is big around here...thanks! I'll bet boys would like these, too.

SusanM on 05/08/2013

Thanks Katie :)

katiem2 on 05/08/2013

What a nice collection of basketball party favors.

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