Butterfly Birthday Party Favors

by SusanM

If you're having a butterfly themed birthday party for your daughter check out these party favor ideas.

Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures. Beautiful, graceful and symbolic of many things. They're a lovely theme for a girl's birthday party. They also make a wonderful addition to a party theme about fairies, gardens, magic or a color like pink or purple. So lets see what's available in party favors.

Butterfly Wings

Did you know that you can use kids' fairy wings as butterfly wings too? They're actually perfect for a butterfly themed party. Butterfly wings are a wonderful idea if your party is for younger girls. Wings are always fun and imaginative. Party guests can also take them home for hours of dress up and pretend play. 

These wings come in lots of different colors. I loved the purple but there're other colors too. They come in a party pack so they're good for your party budget too. 

Fun Butterfly Party Favors

Fun Party Favor Toys

Novelty toys are always fabulous to discover in a party bag. They're exciting for kids to find and toys like this are really good for filling a party bag up too. 

These 3 butterfly themed toys caught my eye because they're a bit different. This means they'll be a real novelty. They also look like a lot of fun. 

The Butterfly Gliders come in a bulk pack (so great for your wallet). They need some simple piecing together so can be a fun craft activity for older kids (or younger kids with some help). They can then play with them for hours. These gliders also capture the flight of butterflies but aren't expensive (most butterfly toys that fly are too pricey for a party favor) so they're really good as a butterfly party favor. 

The LED Butterfly Wand is one of those toys that girls just love. Sparkle and light in a butterfly wand. They make a 'magical' sound when you press a button too. Perfect!!! 

The Butterfly Springs are a really colorful, butterfly shaped slinky toy. Such a fun idea for a party favor bag because they're playful, filled with color and like the LED Butterfly Wand, just a little different to add to the excitement of the day. 

You need to buy these favors as single items. But they're cheap (especially the wand that was a lovely surprise) so easy to buy more than one of.

Classic Party Stickers

Butterfly Stickers

Every party favor bag needs stickers - and that includes butterfly party favor bags. Stickers are a traditional party favor item so they're essential (and fun too). You can find butterfly stickers just about everywhere. I did think this butterfly sticker roll was a great idea though. 

The other classic stickers I've shown come on sheets with the same design, but the designs are fabulous!! 

What About Sticker Books?

If you'd like to do something a little different than classic stickers, think about adding a sticker book to your party favor bags. 

Sticker books have all the fun of stickers but they're a novelty for kids. They have a creative flair too. 

I love the Dover range for little activity books including sticker books. All the different Dover books I've bought have been good quality and fun. Cheap too, so really easy to use in party bags.

Butterfly Party Food Favors

Butterfly Cupcakes

You can use cupcakes as party favors just by wrapping them in some colorful cellophane and popping one into each bag. 

You don't need to go to the expense of buying special cupcakes either. Just buy or make some plain cupcakes. Ice them with a color of your choice and add a butterfly cupcake topper. 

I love the butterfly toppers I've shown here but you can get lots of different ones. 

Butterfly Party Candy

Yes!!!! You can get butterfly themed candy, and some really amazing candy too. I found these great lollipops and gummy butterflies to pop into a party bag. All you need to do is wrap a lollipop or a handful of gummy butterflies in cellophane and your party favor is ready to go. 

Now these candies do have a choking risk for little kids so these are for school aged kids. If your daughter is under this age it's probably best to stick with a butterfly cookie and cupcake in each bag. You can also adding some safe candy (without any choking risk) in lots of bright colors to match the cookies and cupcakes. Just wrap a small handful in bright cellophane. 

Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly cookies can be hard to find but so easy to make. Just buy or make some cookie dough and grab a butterfly shaped cookie cutter and you're ready to go (don't forget the colored icing to finish them too). 

This can be a fun birthday activity for kids if you have your cookies ready for icing on the day. Or as a party favor you can decorate them yourself and wrap them in cellophane and pop them into the bag. If the cookie is a work of icing art you might want to use clear cellophane so the colors of the cookie show through. 

More Party Ideas...

More Party Favor Ideas

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Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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