Bathrobes for Girls

by Dianne

Girl's bathrobes can be not only adorable but warm too. Choose a cute bathrobe to keep her toasty warm.

Bathrobes are great for lounging around in when it's cold outside. A fuzzy, plush bathrobe makes her feel cozy and is conducive to relaxation. If she's home from school it's fun for her to hang out around the house in her bathrobe. A bathrobe is also a good accessory to have if she's spending the night at a friend's house. It affords a bit of modesty as well as warmth.
Bathrobes are great gifts to have under the tree on Christmas morning.

Girl's Bathrobes

Cute Bathrobes for Girls

These bath robes for girls are fun! Be sure to check out the Frozen themed bathrobes.  Little girls are going to love those! Most of the robes shown are plush or fleece so they will be cuddly warm.   Most of them have shawl collars and tie at the waist.  There are pajamas here for the most feminine little girl as well as for the tomboy. 

Frozen Bathrobes for Girls

Frozen Movie Themed Bathrobes

Frozen themed bathrobes are going to be popular this year for Christmas.  Little girls love this movie featuring Elsa and Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf.  My almost two year old granddaughter says, "Watch Fozen?" and of course we watch, it for the 137th time.  She sings along to the music and dances to Let it Go, her favorite song.

The adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's, The Snow Queen, includes a princess, a queen, an evil prince, and some decent music.  Snuggly warm bathrobes are appropriate for a movie theme that is based around a frozen, icy world.

Princess Girl's Frozen Blue Bathrobe, AquaPrincess Girl's Frozen Bathrobe, WhiteDisney Frozen Elsa and Anna Blue Plush Robe for girls Frozen Little Girls' Plush Robe-Blue

Bathrobes Keep Her Warm

Layering Clothing for Warmth

When the days and nights turn chilly you want to do what you can to stay warm.  Outdoor winter sports enthusiasts know that they must layer their clothing to keep warm in cold weather.  Layering your clothing helps keep the heat in by trapping air between the clothing layers.  Air is a good insulator. 

A bathrobe over pajamas will achieve this layering affect and keep you warmer.  A t-shirt under the pajamas would be even better.  In these difficult economic times when people are keeping their thermostats at a lower temperature, this is one way to keep warm without running up the heating bill.  When you go to bed and shed the bathrobe and get under the covers, you are still layered and should stay warm.


Minnie Mouse Girl's Toddler Bathrobe, RedHatley Little Girls' Cozy Bathrobe-Party Owls, Pink, Sleep & Co Girl's Plush Heart Bathrobe and Slipper Gift Set, Cozytime Girls Bath Robe Turquoise Soft Plush


Bathrobes for your Bath!

Bath Robes for Drying Off

Some bathrobes are actually made for after your bath or after swimming.  These are generally made of absorbent terry cloth and can be put on your wet body instead of toweling off.  This kind of bathrobe gets you dry and also serves as a robe.  Sometimes these types of robes are provided for you at spas or nicer hotels.

The bath robes shown here are plush or fleece and meant for warmth, not necessarily for after bathing or swimming.

Warming the Bed

No Icy Sheets!

In the old days they had some pretty good ways to warm up the bed so your feet wouldn't get cold.  More prosperous houses woud have a flat, covered, metal pan with a long handle.  They would put coals from the fire into the pan and slide it between the sheets to warm them so you wouldn't be cold when you got into bed.

I've also read accounts of heating bricks or potatoes, wrapping them in cloth, and placing them at the foot of the bed between the sheets to warm up one's feet.

These days you could try a hot water bottle, wooly socks, or an electric blanket.  We are big fans of flannel sheets which do keep you warmer in the winter.

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Cute Bathrobes for Girls

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puzzlemaker on 06/15/2011

The Purple Moose is ohhh sooo cool. Wish that was in my size. Any little girl would love one of these bathrobes.

Susan52 on 06/04/2011

These are adorable bathrobes for cutie pie little girls!

Treasures By Brenda on 06/04/2011

Yes, these are pretty bathrobes. My guys used to love their bathrobes.

petunia on 06/04/2011

I was thinking the same as Tandemonimom - our granddaughter would just love to try all these precious robes on! I think she would pick the dark pink floral robe - all those pretty colors!

pkmcr on 06/04/2011

Gosh those are colourful on a bright sunny morning here in the UK! Bet the kids are going to love those bright colours

nightbear on 06/04/2011

You can just see a little one in these. Really cute.

tandemonimom on 06/04/2011

Oh, my 7yo would LOVE the pink and orange polka-dotty bathrobe! So cute!

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