Batman Backpacks and Lunchboxes

by fitzcharming

Send your kids back to school this year with backpacks and lunch boxes styles from everyone's favorite superhero Batman.

The blockbuster movie The Dark Knight Rises that premiered in 2012 inspired a whole new line of backpacks for school books, and lunch boxes for healthy school lunches. They remain some of the most popular choices for kids shopping for back to school gear

You will a few favorites here that can be purchased easily on Amazon, along with some fun facts about Batman to entertain you while you shop. Whether you child likes comic book cartoon Batman school supplies, or gear from the latest Batman movie releases, there's something for everyone.

Batman Comics - Television - And Movies Are Timeless Childrens Favorites

Adult Favorites Too!

Batman is a superhero that's been defending Gotham City since 1939. He was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.  Since that time he's been in hundreds of comic books, cartoons, television shows, and movies. He joined the Justice League of crime fighters in 1960s comic books and teamed up with Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

In 1966 Batman aired as a campy television series that was very popular.  Then in the 1989 the first of a series of modern Batman movies was released.  It was directed by Tim Burton and starred Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  Since then there have been 6 more wildly successful Batman movies. How many have you seen?  Here's the list: 

  • Tim Burton's Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson as Joker - 1989

  • Batman Returns - Michael Keaton returned as Batman, Danny DeVito played Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer was Catwoman - 1992

  • Batman Forever - Val Kilmer played the Batman character, Jim Carey was Riddler, and Tommy Lee Jones was Two Face - 1995

  • Batman and Robin - Starring George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell as Batman and Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, and Alicia Silvertone as Batgirl - 1997

  • Batman Begins - Christian Bale first Batman role - 2005

  • The Dark Knight - Christian Bale again played Batman and Heath Ledger was the Joker - 2008

  • The Dark Knight Rises - Christian Bale as Batman and Anne Hathaway was introduced as the new character Selina Kyle - 2012

Vote For Your Favorite Batman Quote From The 1960s Television Series

Great Batman Backpacks With Other Superheros - The Justice League

Justice league Large 16" backpack - s...Justice League Backpack

List of Batman's Crime Fighting Aliance


  • Robin - Batman's trusty side kick who is sometimes called The Boy Wonder. His real identity is Dick Grayson, a teenager who accompanies Batman on his superhero exploits.
  • Commissioner Jim Gordon - the commissioner of the Gotham City Police.
  • Alfred Pennyworth - Batman's loyal valet and confidant, one of the few who knows Batman's true identity.
  • Vicki Vale, Silver St. Cloud, and Julie Madison - Not crime fighters, but women who have been
    romantically involved with Batman.
  • Batgirl -The female counterpart of Batman, who assists him in patrolling the streets of Gotham City.  Her secret identity is Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner's daughter.
  • Chief Clancy O'Hara - Chief of Gotham City Police.

List of Batman's Main Emeies

  • The Joker - Batman's archenemy is a villain who is responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, which he witnessed as a child.
  • Catwoman - a female villain who has a complicated love-hate relationship with Batman.
  • Penguin - A short enemy who loves birds and carries specialized umbrellas to help him with his crimes.
  • Mr. Freeze - A Gotham City criminal who must wear a cyrogenic suit to survive and carries cold gun that freezes his targets into ice.
  • Two Face - Criminal who used to be Harvey Dent, the district attorney of Gotham City. He goes insane after his face is doused with acid during a trial.
  • Riddler - An enemy of Batman who delights in warning him and the Gotham City police by sending them clues of his next crime.
  • Poison Ivy - an enemy of Batman who uses toxins from plants for her crimes, which are usually aimed at protecting the environment.

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fitzcharming on 08/09/2013

Thanks NausetViews. There are so many that were on the show I had trouble choosing just a few for my Wizzley page.

NausetViews on 08/09/2013

Those quotes are great! It's really interesting to read the quotes today as an adult. As you said, things can be taken 2 ways :)

fitzcharming on 06/26/2013

Thanks sheilamarie. They said a lot of things that could be taken any number of ways.

sheilamarie on 06/26/2013

I loved your quotes! It reminded me of how funny that show was, in an odd way.

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