Batman Brave and the Bold Toys

by lobobrandon

Batman Brave and the Bold Toys are a real hit among kids of all ages as there are specific toys for them all. So, when buying make sure to check out the age group of the toy....

If you want to know a bit more about Batman Brave and the Bold, here goes: It was an animated series which used to premier on Cartoon Network. Basically Batman Brave and the Bold Toys include everything right from the Batmobile to Balls for kids to play in the park.

In the series, if you've watched it you would know that Batman teamed up with the other super heroes so as to prevent crime and stop villains.

Below you'd find a range of cool Batman Brave and the Bold toys, mostly from Mattel as well as a few other brands. But, to make it easier for you to select a toy for your child, I've sorted them in age groups.

Batman Action Figures

You can't have batman brave and the bold toys without batman Action Figures, so take a look at some variations

Stealth Wing Batman

The Stealth Wing Batman action figure is a single piece, and as you can see, batman has a silver armor on which was carefully crafted by Wayne himself. It's really strong and viewers witnessed it in the cartoons. Along with the figure you also get the accessory weapon.

Ninja Batman

When it comes to this action figure, batman is wearing a black costume and is approximately 5 inches tall. You can use any of the snap and attack accessories that come along with the other figures or the one that's already provided - The gold Bow weapon. Here, batman also wears a ninja mask - it's a well fit: Batman should have always been a ninja.

Battle Saw Batman

Just like the other two already described above, this figure too comes along with a single accessory. In this case it's a battle saw - a really powerful one!

Stealth Wing Batman
Mattel 1001134
Only $22.99
Ninja Batman
Mattel Toys
Only $24.99
Battle Saw Batman
$8.99  $8.5

Crossbow Batman

Just like the Batman action figures above, these batman brave and bold toys also come along with one accessory that can be interchanged. In this case, it's a cool crossbow wherein the colors too are well selected - I like to call this particular figure the Red Tipped Crossbow Batman.

Medieval Batman

Have you ever imagined Batman in a Medieval Suit? If not, here's your chance to take a look at him. It's not a suit, but medieval armor that he's wearing along with a well crafted medieval sword. He doesn't just look strong in this figure, I guess it's one of the heftiest of the lot.

Scuba Batman

Does batman love to swim? Apparently he does. That's the reason you could also get him home as a Scuba Diver. The figure has slots to interact with the accessories of other batman toys belonging to the group. But, the accessory in this case is just the scuba diving mask - nothing special. But, he looks great in this attire - algae (Bluish -green suit)

Crossbow Batman
Only $39.95
Medieval Batman
Mattel Toys
Only $11.77
Scuba Batman
Mattel Toys
Only $39.0

Batman Hang Climber

Batman is dressed in his usual attire - just that it's blue rather than the common black. But, the blue outfit is pretty common as well. This piece is a one figure action set and contains a climber using which Batman can climb all over your child's bedroom.

Battle Axe Batman

Wow! I love this one, it's not just the amazing batman figure - in the right colors, it's the battle axe that amazes me. I've seen plenty of battle axes before, but this red edged blade is cool!

Batman's friends

When you consider Batman brave and the bold toys you could never forget the people who fought besides batman in the series. Here are a few of them:

Steel Power Superman - Total Armor

Batman is a superhero without super powers; but, superman on the other hand is a real superhero. He sides batman in the series and the Steel Power Superman action figure is a great addition to your batman brave and the bold toys set. 

Machete BWana Beast

He's another person who sided batman as our hero tried to wipe clean Gotham city form all kinds of villains

Fire Storm - Rocket Blast

Each of these sets contains Fire Storm and his rocket propulsion pack. The parts are detachable and hence you could attach the accessory to any toy in this series. The figure is easily converted into cool weapons along with projectiles - the Rocket Blast!

The Batmobile

Batman Brave and the Bold Toys - the set can't be completed without the Batmobile!

The Battle Armor Batmobile

Batman even though he's considered a superhero, doesn't have any extraordinary powers and therefore he needs his Batmobile to move from place to place. Thanks to this vehicle the streets of Gotham City are well looked after as Batman is there to take care of things. 


  • If your child loves to dismantle stuff, this toy is for him as it's easy to break apart and reassemble. 
  • There are accessory points for features such as multiple Snap as well as various other kinds of attacks. 

If your child didn't love the one on the left for some reason, they're sure to love the one below as it's got a Drivers seat which is capable of holding deluxe and basic sized action figures. So, batman can really go for a ride in this one!

If a Batmobile that looks great and accommodates batman isn't enough, you'd surely love the Batmobile that easily transforms into a stealth jet for two vehicles at a time - isn't that like the real thing?

Take a look at this awesome toy on your right. It's surely going to be a hit among kids of all ages.

Cool Batman Duos

There are plenty of Batman Brave and the Bold Toys, some of them come in amazing packs either two figures - obviously one is going to be of batman whereas the other is of another figure OR you could get just a single batman action figure and two different accessories!

Batman & Gorilla Grodd - Batman Brave and the Bold Toys

This pack would make a great gift as kids love the action figures present in them. They look great and are movable so that your child can play with them. Finally, Batman gets to fight against Gorilla Grodd and your child is going to be the judge!

The Batman attack Sub and Figure

The vehicle is ready for combat and comes along with the snap and attack features, using these toys you could easily fire projectiles and hence you can help batman can rule the seas!

Sea Stingers Aquaman Figure and Accessories

The Aquaman Figure is all set for battle, all you need to do is put on his armor and he's ready to fight battles and protect you. All the parts are interchangeable with others in this series and it also possesses snap and switch features. 

Amazing Batman Trios

Get three Batman Brave and the Bold toys in one buy, take a look at some of the neatest in this range

The Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack

Here two superheroes - Batman and Superman unite forces to take on the sinister mastermind Metallo! These action figures include the snap and attack features as well as a single snap and attack projectile accessory.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Batman and Plastic Man

This set includes a Batman action figure equipped with a projectile. Along with batman you'd find Rubber neck as well as stretchable Plastic man. When your child squeezes rubber neck, his strong arms can stretch Plastic man

The Bat-Bot, BatCycle and a Batman Crusader Kit

Some more Batman brave and the bold toys include the bat bot and cycle as well as the batman kit for your child to wear on his birthday or Halloween celebration. 

Proto Bat-Bot

Let the Proto Bat Bot save batman whenever he's in danger. This action figure is 12 inches tall and possesses a hidden chest cannon, flashing lights and sounds as well as projectiles that are used to protect Batman. 

Snap and Attack Batcycle Vehicle

This is definitely the ultimate Snap as well as attack vehicle in the entire series of batman bold and brave toys. The Batcycle can quickly transform into a weapon suit possessing 2 projectile launchers and it can easily be integrated with the other vehicles in the series. 

Batman The Brave and The Bold Caped Crusader Kit

Does your child admire batman? Let them fulfill their dream by turning into batman on their special day. The set includes a belt and cape as well as an amazing mask - that's all you need to turn into the Batman

More cool Toys and Accessories

Batman brave and the bold toys make great gifts for your own kids as well as those of friends. But, what about a batman themed party? Let's take a look at some toys followed by cool stuff for a batman themed birthday bash

Batman toys:

Young Boys love playing with cars and if they love Batman, they'd love these cars even more! Also, take a look at the ball - wouldn't it be great to see your child playing out in the park rather than on your mobile or computer?

Some cool Batman Brave and the Bold party accessories to host a Batman themed Birthday!

Dessert Plates - they are great for a small audience - you get 8 in each set.

Cake Topper - All cakes need candles and this is a great way to please your child

Cups - You get 8 cups, each of them of 9oz capacity

Cupcake rings - Both of the cupcake rings below come with 12 pieces each. 

Balloons - If your child is small, balloons are a great way to entertain them - make sure that there is adult supervision, else in case one bursts they may put it into their mouths.

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