Battery Operated Decorative LED Lights

by blackspanielgallery

Party lights come in a variety of styles. Battery operated LED lights used for parties can reduce tripping risks and help with the ecology.

Decorate for a party with decorative lights. Yes, many exist, but for those environmentally conscious LED lighting is the least power consuming of all lights. There are many environmentally friendly types of LED lights to choose from.

Some lights come on strings in various shapes and colors, others are larger party balls, and still others are shaped like candles for path lining or a decorative touch with elegance for a more formal setting.

The lights reviewed here are all battery operated, which allows them to be set out without the danger of cumbersome wires presenting a tripping hazard. And, some are even rated for underwater use allowing for even more creative décor.

LED Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

And Economical

 LED lights operate with very little energy, so they are environmentally friendly.  Batteries should last longer for LEDs than for any other lighting option.  I recommend rechargeable batteries.  Yes, they do take energy to recharge, but that should be infrequent.  In addition, a secondary benefit to the ecology is that these batteries, if rechargeable, do not add to the landfill.  

Battery Operated Lights Are Portable

Use Them in Difficult Locations

Battery operated lights can be placed where needed, even far from an electrical outlet.  They are great for tables in the middle of a room, outdoor locations remotely located, or even overhead locations where dropping a plug might be a problem.  And, the unsightly extension cords are not used with battery operated lights, thus not only adding to the appearance of the venue, but reducing the possibility of a guest tripping over wires laid on the ground.

Candles and Lanterns

Path Light Option, Or an Elegant Touch

Lanterns lining a walk or a staircase can add ambiance to a setting, but often paper lanterns just look like a fire hazard.  Certainly they are not a good choice on a windy day as a walkway liner.   But there is a safe alternative, battery operated lanterns using LED light sources.  LEDs are cool, so there is no fire danger.  If a lantern blows over, simply right it and all will be fine.


Candles also set a mood, but with some danger of causing a fire if brushed by clothing, or if one of those candles tumbles over on combustible material.   Again, battery operated LED candles offer an excellent, safer option.


With both lanterns and candles, LED alternative pieces can be reused over and over.  Real candles will burn down, and need replacement.  And those bags used for lanterns will not store as well as LED lanterns.


LED lanterns and candles come in beautiful designs, and you can color coordinate them to your decoration scheme.

Disco Party Lights

A Party Essential

Party lights shaped like a half of a ball that use LED lighting can be placed on a table, or hung from a wall or ceiling.  These can have multiple settings, so a variety of colors and even flashing patterns are available.  Pick your color or color combination, and choose a pattern setting.  Finally, turn the unit on for a dazzling effect.  And, you can change the color or effect during the party as desired.

Party Lights

Most Parties

Some LED lights are appropriate for any party.  These can be used for various occasions, and thus are more economical.  Remember, it is not just more expensive to purchase occasion lights, but they take storage space.  Party lights that can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, pool parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties and more, and can also be used as decorations for holidays, provide a versatility that saves both money and space.  Simply store them in a container, and stop looking through a multitude of holiday containers to find the right decorations.  Minimize the number of lights you use.


Choose carefully and you can place your lights under water, allowing even more decorating options.


Special Lighting for a Luau Party

A common theme for a summer party is a luau, whether it involves swimming or not.  Hawaiian inspired lights set the mood for such a party, and be an integral part of the decoration scheme.  Since this is a popular theme, there are several options to choose from.  Opt for the battery operated, LED lighting to enjoy the benefits discussed above while making your party a more enjoyable experience for all.


Pick your color for the table top lights shown below.

Special Lighting for Halloween

Spooky, or Not

Halloween parties are common, and decorating for them is really at the heart of the party.  Fortunately, Halloween is so significant it has inspired lighting to bring these parties to a greater level.  Whether low lighting for a darker venue, spooky lighting, or children friendly lighting is used the selection should be based on the type of party that is being planned. 


Christmas Lighting

Decorations and Parties

Christmas lighting is used not just for parties, but for decorating both outdoors and indoors.  Some lights are simple, with a choice of colors and whether there is a special effect.  But, there are also theme lighting sets.  Covering some lights can be problematic, because the lights generate too much heat.  But LEDs are cool, and as a result they are more likely to accommodate a special covering, especially for a theme. 


Since outdoor use of decorations requires the lights stay out in a variety of weather conditions, check and be certain those used will be safe for outdoor usage.


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Updated: 06/08/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/09/2017

I do remember seeing Saint Patrick's lights on Amazon, but I do not know if they are battery operated. even though I searched for battery operated LeD lights some others do manage to come in, especially is there is a battery used for a remote control.
As for a favorite, well there are so many to choose from it is hard. I do think the large globes are most universal, and can fit many occasions.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/09/2017

blackspanielgallery, The Garden Media Group releases a yearly garden trends report which most recently emphasizes the beauty of lighting up night gardens with LED. Do you know if there's a special series for St. Patrick's Day? Do you have a favorite among the lights? Mine is the tropical set since it works for anything between Easter and Labor Day in the United States.

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