Be Thankful on Thanksgiving Day

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Being thankful and showing gratitude are two important virtues that one needs to practice. Not just on Thanksgiving Day but on all days, all year round.

Life cannot be any more luxuriant than today's with all technology has managed to give mankind. However, the luxuries do not come free. Humanity has to deal with irreversible climate changes due to rapid industrialization, ignorance and other factors. There is a lot to be thankful for even with these devastating changes on planet earth. Being thankful is a virtue that many saints and scholars have practiced and preached. Obviously, it is something that we cannot ignore.

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Virtue of Benevolence

Act of Kindness and Love


Acts of generosity to others promote mental happiness and satisfaction. Saints have long known the benefits of such actions. Helping others, providing for them in time of need is helping yourself. When you act in kindness, the long-time rewards are eminent and multiplied. Remember the key to happiness is to place the happiness of others before yours. What comprises OTHERS? Everybody - excluding you, starting from your family, friends, relatives and ending to everybody who encompass the world.

Happy Hormones



There are happy hormones that make you happy and adverse, sad hormones that make you unhappy.



Good thing about hormones is some of these unique hormones help promote well-being and positive feelings which are very significant for your body, for survival, fighting chronic, fatal diseases and relieve stress.



Hormones are similar to messengers traveling via bloodstream helping regulate our mood by secretion of certain chemicals from different glands of body.



An imbalance of hormones can cause stress, discomfort and diseases. 



Serotonin, oxycotin, dopamine and endorphins are happy hormones that one needs officially and are produced with different actions of body predominantly with mind in action.

What hormones do love/generosity/kindness release?


According to Hamilton, deeds of kindness and love help release Oxytocin hormones. It is also called the love hormone. It is responsible for strong bonding, healthy relationships, trust and empathy. Oxytocin is a benevolent hormone which causes nitric oxide chemical to release. This chemical dilates the blood vessels and reduces hypertension. Physical touch like cuddling and hugging are ways to release this hormone in abundance.

What should you be Thankful of?


Start with yourself. You can be thankful of your present status considering how many of us do not have adequate food, clothing and shelter. There is a considerable fraction of world population that goes hungry to bed, has no roof over their head and medicines to treat their illness. Homelessness is increasing amidst pandemic and insecurity of jobs.

There are enough opportunities to help eradicate poverty and social differences. However small a step is, it is worthwhile. If everyone takes this small step, there will not be any suffering left in this world.

How to be Thankful


Considering how people are suffering, there are ample opportunities for us to help humanity, animal kingdom and earth itself. Providing food and clothing to the needy goes first. Fighting climate changes, injustice and social issues can be another. Volunteering for a small cause can go long way to change and revolutionize essential issues. Rome was not built in a day neither did a revolution succeed without the slow movements, uniting of people and strengthening the causes.

Meditation and Exercise


Why at all is meditation necessary? People often tell me that they are good with how life is going. Why meditate? They do their morning walks and evening strolls, eat healthy and that's all they need.

Isn't it important to keep your mind fit with a fit body? People spend hours exercising to keep their body in shape but scarcely feel the need of training the mind. In time of turbulence, it is the mind which will keep your body floating. In storms and tides unless you have a healthy mind, you cannot triumph vicissitudes and adversity in life. Proper meditation will balance your mind, make you strong to fight difficult times and challenges in life.


Be Thankful Poem

Poet unknown

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire. If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don’t know something. For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times, you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations, Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday with me. Frank's comment below makes me think of a missionary guideline to prayer: any request needs to be couched between an apology for commissions and omissions and a thanks for God's creation.

frankbeswick on 11/07/2021

Thankfulness is an integral part of the virtue of humility, which involves knowing your true place in relation to God and other people. Recognizing how much you owe to other people's mercy and kindness is expressed as thankfulness. Recognition of how we all depend on other people's skills means being thankful. The most sacred act in Catholic Christianity is the Eucharist, which derives from a Greek word for thanksgiving.

Veronica on 11/06/2021

DEAREST Writer artist

Absolutely fantastic 👏 are so right in all you have said .
I do thank God several times a day . It is difficult some times esp during Covid but I make the effort. THANK YOU

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