Delightful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Basket and Centerpieces for Fall

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The irresistible cornucopia basket, also called the Horn Of Plenty is the traditional symbol of profusion and wealth.

A Thanksgiving dinner celebration is not complete without the decorative motif that resembles the horn of a goat. The beginning of fall season accompanies malt heavy beers for Oktoberfest and autumn season celebration of Thanksgiving in addition to Halloween.

Whether you are planning to host a lavish thanksgiving feast or planning to travel witnessing the beautiful colors of fall foliage or choose to stay at your farmhouse picking apples or pumpkins, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate the beginning of festival season.

Come September – there is a chain of festivals that keeps us occupied till the rest of the year. For most of us, Thanksgiving comes as a form of much awaited break in the long days of autumn. Coming in between Halloween and Christmas, it is a festival for expressing gratitude and rejoicing the plenty.

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It is about making time for friends and family and romancing with the food, the main ingredient of it – of course is the “Turkey”. If you are wondering why Americans eat turkey instead of chicken or beef, lets refresh ourselves from the memory lane, the culture and customs that brought the structure of Thanksgiving celebrations as on today.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Basket

The world celebrates Thanksgiving with an artistic horn that is shaped in a curve that has a wide circular opening at one end. The cornucopia is usually filled with fruits, grains and flowers. You can feel anything that looks creative, a bunch of Red Indian jewelry, figurines of pilgrims, collectibles or silk flowers.


Utilizing the bounty from your home garden, fall foliage or local, fresh produce from the farm can also give the basket a fresh, creative homely look. From rustic to contemporary décor, a cornucopia centerpiece adds a special touch and splendour to the traditions that started from 5th century BC.


The delightful cornucopia which is a feast to eyes stems from Latin cornu copaie that means “horn of plenty”. Around Thanksgiving celebrations, the dominance of cornucopias is inevitably evident. Enjoying its fame, you can observe the classy horn shaped baskets overflowing with a variety of fruits, nuts and Indian corn.


Autumn fruits that do not wither easily such as apples, pears, pomegranates, pumpkins, cranberries can be used to stuff inside the basket of cornucopia. Not only do they imitate the colors of fall, they look very attractive and delicious in red, orange and yellow shades of autumn.


This year, adorn the table top with a classic piece of cornucopia filled with the fresh blooms of autumn harvest. With the Thanksgiving dinner set showcasing the cornucopia centerpiece, the pumpkin soup and stuffed turkey will not only make the dinner become more appetizing, the fragrance of the fresh flowers will be the topic of the day.

What do you want to fill Cornucopia basket with?

Jim Shore Cornucopia Diorama and Figurines

Jim Shore has some of the exquisite magnificent centerpieces with a traditional cornucopia that represent the vibrant colors of Fall. The fruits, nuts and the harvest truly display the grandeur and the autumn's overflowing bountiful scenery. The centerpieces are beautiful addition to a dining table and the details are mesmerizing. Hand painted and hand carved, you will love the artistic pieces.


History of Cornucopia

According to the Greek legend, Amalthea made use of a goat’s horn to feed infant Zeus when he was hungry. Amalthea was a nymph who took care of Zeus when he was a baby. Zeus by mistake broke the horn, feeling bad about the broken horn, he granted Amalthea the power to fill it with whatever she wished. Since the horn could fill itself with whatever the owner desired, it achieved the symbol of prosperity. This interesting story and the tradition gives an interesting twist to the beautiful cornucopia which is a magic souvenir that could fill according to our wishes.

To that magic cornucopia that fills happiness in your life - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/18/2023

In particular, I appreciate your describing "Autumn fruits that do not wither easily such as apples, pears, pomegranates, pumpkins, cranberries."

Wouldn't you find fall garden-growing squashes and lawn-growing wild strawberries durably attractive and edible too?

WriterArtist on 11/12/2013

Hi Sheilamarie - Hope the readers found it enjoying and useful. I always love to go into the origin of traditions and a little bit of history.

sheilamarie on 10/03/2013

Very nicely done, WriterArtist. I enjoyed your references to the ancient sources.

WriterArtist on 10/02/2013

MikeRobbers - It is interesting to know the history of traditions and the origin. It gives an insight on how some culture and traditions have evolved.

MikeRobbers on 09/30/2013

Didn't know cornucopia's history and I really enjoyed the read. Thanks WriterArtist!

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