Dazzling Peacock Centerpieces and Artwork with Peacock Feathers for Christmas

by WriterArtist

Vibrant, astounding, impressive … Make a statement with Peacock decor theme on Christmas or wedding, the effect is dramatic.

Eye catching peacock centerpieces are striking when it comes to blue and green decorations. Dating back to the elite Greek and Roman’s art tastes, before being accepted in the art nouveau and art deco movements – the peacock feathers have always bestowed inspiration to artists.

Classy peacock combination in azure, black and olive green gives a real classic touch to the walls, furniture and showpieces. Peacock feathers also stand out on a rug on table runners and tableware.

Among the exotic birds, I haven’t found any bird that comes closest to the beautiful peacock dancing in full glory when it rains. Trying to please the pea-hen (female peacock) with the glittering eye on the feather, it looks amazing when its feathers are spread in a complete circle.

Mardi-gras decorations and the Venetian masks feature this beautiful bird. Its signature hues of turquoise and emerald are omnipresent in the latest home decor trends from sculptures to statues. Persistent and embracing the vivid blue of sea, the plumage works beautifully like the astounding fluttering butterflies in the canvas of light.

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A marvelous vignette manifesting peacock caught my eye, the sketch depicted how mesmerizing the peacock can look on the table. Captivating peacock artwork on the walls of barren rooms of your home can look astounding. The peacock's feather makes a grand theme at any point of the year. More so, for Christmas. A bewitching theme of peacock colours will look stunning.

Peacock Centerpieces


Peacock bowls adorned with the curvaceous feathers wrapped around the periphery gives a gracious uplift to the decor. The exotic bird embracing the bronze bowl demands nothing but a center stage as a wedding centerpiece. The state of art the generous peacock vessel is nothing short of a statement piece worthy of any guest's attention.

Peacock vases executing the feathery friend in every detail are the cynosure of eyes. Similar to the gleaming feathers of a peacock’s tail, a glittering union of shades and shape adds sheen to a royal glass vase adorned in the orb patterns.


Peacock Garden Statue and Sculpture

Kircust Metal Peacock for Yard and Lawn Outdoor Decor
Kircust Peacock Garden Statue and Sculpture, Metal Peacocks Yard Ar...

Peacock Decor

Hand finished peacock-feathers orbs are a great accent. Inspired by the eye in the feathers, vintage glass collectibles of peacocks look classy in the shimmering multi-tonal finish. The sparkling appearance of a peacock lamp in an iridescent glow is capable of outshining any other decor piece. When light hits a Tiffany lamp sporting the peacock from different angles, it can refract and create the magic of flickering colors in brilliant shades of blue and green.

A melodramatic centerpiece that transforms any living room into an elegant museum of aesthetics is a masterpiece you will love to own. Handcrafted pieces can be used for decorative purposes; they are of unique beauty and rare designs.Elegant paintings of this glamorous bird can elevate the decor and satiate the appetite of any artist.

Which exotic bird do you use for home decor?

Colour Palette that Matches Peacock Feathers


The colour palette has to be chosen carefully – either you can go for the contrast colours or blue-green shades that work in harmony. To create an atmosphere of mischievous and sophisticated array of colors, use different shades of green with turquoise blue. For example, utilize a blue-green theme on the walls, dinnerware to match that exotic peacock centerpiece. Use as many shades of aquamarine, but don’t overdo with too many overwhelming patterns. A beautiful Art Deco or Art Nouveau Tiffany lamp that illuminates the room in light blue will look amazing.

Or use contrast hues to match the feathers – dress the furniture in cream or peach cushions. Use cream bed covers and a pillow showcasing the peacock. A stained glass window panel that illuminates the room in vivacious pale yellow will look magnificent. Embellish the walls with chocolate colored peacock sculptures or dark blue wall art; they will look stunning on a cream colored wall.

You can also use neutral colors for a peacock inspired room.



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Stunning wall art with peacock illustrations, peacock paintings and masks go well with Mardi gras celebrations of blue, purple and green.

Peacock Artwork from YouTube

Updated: 11/11/2021, WriterArtist
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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2023

In particular, I appreciate the peacock-themed Christmas decorations, ornaments and tree skirts.

Peacock bird- and peacock feather-themed jewelry would be beautiful, particularly as drop, hanging, pendant earrings, wouldn't they?

WriterArtist on 09/18/2013

@fanfreluche - love peacock art, the decorations can be mesmerizing.

fanfreluche on 08/24/2013

Beautiful, peacocks pieces sure make great centerpieces

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