Mardi Gras Art and Crafts with Peacock Decorations

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Stunning wall art with peacock illustrations, peacock paintings and masks go well with Mardi gras celebrations of blue, purple and green.

Vivacious, bubbly Mardi Gras art and crafts in dazzling gold, glittering green and purple colours with impressive peacock decorations and peacock illustrations are piece of beauty and treasure. Mardi Gras masks in beautiful blue and green of peacock feathers are a feast to eyes. Anyone who even looks at the art and craftsmanship instantly gets flabbergasted by the art and magic of Mardi Gras paintings, wall hangings, sculpture and graceful pinatas.

Peacocks are interesting birds with their blue and green feathers; they are great for sketching, painting in oil and fabric paintings with special touch. Their feathers are portrayed in Mardi Gras eye masks and the peacock costumes are absolutely stunning and adorable. A peacock costume can be enthralling and sensational even from distance, the glorious blue and green mix and match medley creates a sparkling ambiance and glitter.

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Peacock Artwork

Peacock Feathers

Peacock art is soothing to eyes and calming to heart. Just looking at it, one feels relaxed. Have you ever seen a peacock dance flashing his feathers with the rainbow colours in rainy season? It is a sight to behold. The peacock uses his feathers with full splendour to woo his mate. No wonder the pea-hen (female peacock) cannot resist the charm of his feathers. By the way between peacock and peahen if there is a beauty contest, it will be the peacock who will win because peahen doesn't own the mighty dazzling panorama of hues that is on the body of peacock.

Peacock Illustrations in Mardi Gras

Peacock colours for Mardi Gras

The spirit of the city bathing in the Mardi Gras carnival looks astounding in peacock illustrations, costumes and masquerade masks. Beautiful ladies covered in peacock costumes and venetian masks capture the hearts of the people. The King and the Queen among the krewes look equally stunning in peacock colored beads entwined in the necklace with shoes having feathers to match the Mardi Gras peacock theme.

Peacock illustrations look impressive in the posters and also surpass the beauty of the walls with peacock art in stained glass. Amazing peacock sculptures and murals look beautiful for Mardi Gras decorations.

No wonder, peacock is well suited for the occasion of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Crafts with Peacock Decorations

Peacock Crafts


Mardi Gras art and crafts with incredibly glittering Peacock theme offers a unique and creative example of nature-inspired art in dazzling colors of Mardi Gras – blue, green, gold, purple. The natural bearing and the stunning color of the peacock feathers give rise to a subtle greenish blue floral influence to the mystic ambience in peacock centerpiece artwork. Handmade crafts exhibit striking and dazzling hues of blue and gold shades with comprehensive details.

Peacock artwork crafted in the finest porcelain, and hand-painted creates a classic and vibrant look. Trinkets and beads, pearls and sapphires give the jewelry the ambience and vitality of peacock feathers. Peacock decorations for Mardi Gras are just the perfect blend of nature and traditions.

Which is your favourite color contrast for Mardi Gras?

Peacock Masks and Wall Art

Peacock Wall Art Creations


Gorgeous venetian masks adorning the walls in riots of purple, azure and olive green look lovely. Peacock masks matching the peacock costumes give an exotic feeling to the gala events of Fat Tuesday celebrations. Mardi gras centerpieces, flutes and cutlery add a new dimension the finesse of table décor.

Blue and green stained glass window panel, duvets crafted with peacocks and throw pillows, all of them look stunning in home interiors. Peacock lamps, sculptures and figurines look equally gorgeous when used as art pieces.

Vibrant, astounding, impressive … Make a statement with Peacock decor theme on Christmas or wedding, the effect is dramatic.

Mardi Gras Crafts on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 04/14/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I appreciate the wall hanging and painting and then the carnival mask and the sculpture and statue.

The DIY oil painting can be such a great motivator to get people interested in tapping their hidden art talents since the end-product is so auspicious, so beautiful and actually so brave since peacocks know how, like mongeese, to drive away snakes even as they know when there will be death or rainfall.

And I love that the peacock (Pavo cristatus) is the national bird of India, animal sentient so beautiful, generous, kind and wise, like their native subcontinent anciently and modernly.

It seems like celebrations between Easter and Pentecost could include peacock feathers and representations since early Christians considered peacocks symbols of resurrection and eternal life.

Would peacocks have a role in the water celebrations during Diwali?

WriterArtist on 04/30/2021

Thanks much @cmoneyspinner. Appreciate it.

cmoneyspinner on 01/19/2016

These decorations are gorgeous! Sharing this Wizzle at my shopping site.

WriterArtist on 02/16/2015

@younghopes - Peacocks are really pretty to see. Interesting fact is that peahen the female of the species is not at all beautiful. The male peacock is very beautiful when it spreads its feathers. I had a chance to witness a white peacock in a zoo, I simply could not take my eyes away from it.

WriterArtist on 02/16/2015

@AbbyFiitz - Peacock is one of my favourite birds in all artistic forms too.

WriterArtist on 02/16/2015

@ologsinquito - I admire the peacocks, if I am not wrong - it is the national bird of India. We find these beautiful birds in many art forms like carpets, tapestries, sculptures and statues.

ologsinquito on 01/24/2014

This is pinned to my Peacock Feathers board. So many people love these pretty birds.

AbbyFitz on 01/13/2014

Peacock is one of my favorite designs. I love the bright colors

ologsinquito on 01/13/2014

I really like that peacock purse. This is pinned to my Peacock Feathers board.

younghopes on 01/13/2014

loved it, so pretty

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