Beginner’s Origami for Christmas - Projects and Paper Crafts for Autumn Season

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If you are one of those who love paper crafts, indulge yourself in Christmas origami with Santa, Elf, Christmas tree and Snow with only one restraint. It has to be all with paper.

Colorful rainbow paper – Did you know how creative it can be?

Never mind if you have not tried your hands at origami. Simple does it seem until you drown yourself in complicated matters and designs. My advice would be to start small, keep the complex patterns for let’s say summer of next year.

Decorate this year with Christmas origami in style. Use the rainbow colours to create the winter scenery and fold them in articulate forms of Xmas models that are original and yet traditional art.

Snowflakes, Santa, Snow-white, Angels, frogs and Nativity figures - there is no dearth of origami objects that you can create. Let your creativity flow and the artist come out from hiding....

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Christmas Origami

Starting with a Christmas tree origami, practice the simple designs for beginner and intermediate levels. In absolutely no time you can create a heaven of Xmas ornaments from paper, you might have never dreamt decorating a Christmas tree could be so simple and affordable.

Create candies, stars and flowers to decorate your room and lawn. Never would have Christmas appear so colorful with a rainbow of spectrum hanging in your lawn and windows. Embellish the dull and blank wall with a Christmas origami of Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa, their helper Elf and reindeers. You will be astonished with the results and your neighbours will be in awe.

Origin of Origami

How did Origami Begin?

The origin of Origami is not very clear, evidences point out that China and Japan were actively using paper folding crafts in ancient days. Origami has left its creative footprints way back and can be traced back to China and Japan from Asia. Chinese used traditional folding paper in funerals during Sung Dynasty.

The technology of paper production reaching Japan from China saw a tremendous transformation of the paper craft .The origami used in Japan was totally different from what was used in China, with respect to the material and the craft. The Chinese called it “Washi” whereas the Japanese named it “Orikata”. However, history had to witness a name change again, during the 18th century the paper craft became popularly known as “Origami”. The word origami is actually a combination of two words from the Japanese words - oru (to fold) and kami (paper).

Which is your favourite Origami figure?

How to Start Paper Crafts?

Winter Fun Projects


What you need is a simple step by step guide, how to instructions to carve a miniature figure.

I would suggest some cheap or recycled paper for practicing; you certainly don’t want to waste your precious origami paper for trials. However for final projects do use high quality Japanese origami paper, for the lack of insistence on using specially prepared origami papers may give rise to not so good projects.

I would suggest you to try simple origami forms like flowers and animals for your practice lessons for which scrapbook paper is a cheap option. For real illustrations and figures, I strongly recommend using the real origami paper instead of the dull plain white paper. The origami just does not show enough on plain and lusterless white.

Sometimes you don't want your origami so big or just plain white.

For beginners, I would suggest to sticking to some size of paper, for example you can use the standard 6 inch x 6 inch square origami paper, once you gain some expertise, experiment with different sizes as well.

Involve your kids in the winter origami fun project - kids love to fold the paper and create their signature figure. Encourage to think and make something unique this winter.

Where to Get Origami Paper for Christmas Crafts?

Use the Right Paper


Though scrapbook paper is great for practicing origami due to its many different patterns and shades, it isn’t the right for the real show. Besides, you require to measure the thickness of the paper and they aren’t always right for your masterpiece creations. With real origami paper, you need not worry about the trivial.

However, you still need to choose the right origami paper for your projects. The paper purchased at your local stores may not always be the right choice, if you are into it for perfection, there are many options and I am going to open a world of possibilities for distinct paper selections, patterns as well as unique designs. You ought to try a pattern with different origami papers to admire the final finished project. And yes, don’t forget to have fun all the way!!!!


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DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

In particular, I appreciate the birds, the frog and the reindeer. Additionally, I like the Nativity set even as I would find one in the traditional colors -- such as blue and red for Our Lady Mary -- for each figure quite entrancing.

How would the Christmas ornaments best be stored for use year after year?

VioletteRose on 12/22/2013

I would love to get the origami kit sometime, all look beautiful!

AbbyFitz on 12/14/2013

This was one of my favorite crafts when I was in school. It's very fun.

ologsinquito on 12/14/2013

My daughter used to enjoy origami when she was younger. I really do like the origami Nativity set.

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