Beach Themed Wedding Program Templates

by dustytoes

Impress your wedding guests with ceremony programs that match the tropical surroundings.

A wedding by the side of the ocean can be most spectacular, and special wedding programs are needed for such an event. An outdoor wedding that relies on nature as the backdrop, is sure to be beautiful. If you choose the right climate, you'll be betting on the weather to cooperate, but having a backup plan is always a good idea.
When the guests arrive and take their seats in the white chairs lined up in the beach sand, you'll be proud to hand out the wedding programs that have been lovingly designed by you! Template text means that you are the creator of the program and can set it up as you choose. Just choose a tropical, or beach related image and get started.

Starfish and Sand Dollars Wedding Theme

We love to add starfish, or sea stars, to our wedding stationery and programs.

Starfish may be the most popular sea creature to adorn wedding invitations and stationery.  They are even more often used to decorate reception tables and for adding to bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

The little starfish, or sea star, with it's five appendages, is the perfect image to represent a "person" and when combined together, they make a cute, sea-themed couple.

The white, pencil sea star can be used often as it goes with any color combination.  The larger sugar starfish works well as the "groom" in combination with the pencil starfish as the "bride".

Sand dollars come in right behind the starfish as a popular shell to depict a beach wedding.  Like the sea star, the sand dollar can take on a variety of appearances, but basically it is round.  It becomes white once it dies and washes up on shore.  There, it is bleached by the sun to become the beautiful specimen we collect.

Fan Programs

Beaches, sand dollars and starfish designs.
Sand Dollar Fan Program
Sand Dollar Fan Program
Starfish wedding fan program
Starfish wedding fan program

Beautiful beach and ocean scenes.

Beach scenes as the background for text.

Getting married right on the beach is what some couples want.  Photography of couples walking along the beach or frolicking in the sea, make interesting and fun wedding albums. A ceremony held in the sand, with the gentle waves lapping the shoreline is both unique and memorable. Couples do have the chance to create a wedding program to match that environment.  With the popularity of tropical, destination weddings, paper products now include scenic images for that wedding theme.

Beach and Seashells Fan Program

Beach and seashells fan program.
Beach and seashells fan program.

Some of the Most Beautiful Flowers Grow in Tropical Locations

Flowers such as the hibiscus, orchid and frangipani (plumeria) flower are often chosen for beach weddings.

frangipani flowersFlowers are a big part of any wedding, and tropical destination weddings usually include one or more of the beautiful selection of brightly colored flowers found in tropical locations.  The most well known may be the hibiscus.  With it's single or double blooms, the sheer size and array of bright colors make it a popular accent for bridal bouquets.

The Hawaiian frangipani, or plumeria, is another flower that represents the tropics well.  It also comes in bright, tropical colors of pink and orange as well as white and yellow.

Orchids are the elegant choice to represent a tropical wedding, and you will pay big bucks for them, but the light green color is really lovely and is a popular wedding flower choice.  With spotted flowers in bright colors, and pure white options, the orchid offers brides a beautiful flower option.

Lilies, such as the calla lily, with it's upright, tight curl, and the stargazer lily are other choices as is the bird-of-paradise.

Tropical and Hawaiian Flowers Wedding Programs

Bird of Paradise Wedding Program
Bird of Paradise Wedding Program

Which Theme is Your Preferance?

Flat, Folded, or Fan Type Paper?

The program type you choose may depend on the length of the ceremony.

Tall Tropical Themed Wedding Programs

This paper is affordable and measures 4x9 inches.
Tall Programs
Tall Programs

Wedding Ceremony Program or Not?

If the ceremony is short and sweet, and the guests are few, there may be no need for programs.

Pictures of Seashells

Beach shells come in all shapes, colors and sizes and look nice as a background for wedding paper.

Some coastlines are loaded with seashells (think Sanibel, Captiva and Florida's Gulf coast), and others not so much, but everyone loves to find shells along the beach.  They make pretty additions to tropical themed paper and will look nice as a background for your wedding program.

Sand dollars and starfish are usually called "shells" but they are not technically seashells.   Because they dry to a bright white, they can be used as table decor and added to bouquets.  Some couples want them front and center on wedding stationery as well.


Need More Help With Wedding Planning?

Here are some typical things an engaged couple will need to think about.

Making a beautiful wedding program is only one small aspect of all a couple will be faced with when planning a wedding.  Whether your wedding will be large or small, many of the same things will come into play for the couple.  Everyone will need food and drink, music would be nice too, and of course finding the perfect venue that stays within your budget is a top priority.  The Bride will need a special wedding dress, and the Groom will also need to look nice, as will the members of the wedding party.

On top of the basics, members of the family and /or wedding party typically make a wedding speech to toast the bride and groom.  Since most people don't usually make speeches too often, there are sites and books out there to help inspire confidence for the task.

A popular, and easy, way that modern engaged couples keep track of plans and share info with wedding guests, is by creating a wedding website.  Many places offer free wedding websites  which offers a place to share photos, such as engagement photos, and venue information as well as the all-important RSVP area.

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Good luck with your tropical, beach wedding plans.

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dustytoes on 03/30/2013

Oh Hollie, thank you for that nice compliment. The templates on this page are not all mine, so I can't take all the credit. Zazzle has a lot of very talented designers.

HollieT on 03/29/2013

Meant to add, the little seahorse template is my favourite, although I like them all.

HollieT on 03/29/2013

This is a lovely page, Dustytoes and your wedding templates are beautiful. You are, indeed, very talented. I'm envious :)

dustytoes on 03/24/2013

Thank you. I agree a beach wedding would be fun to attend.

MonisMas on 03/24/2013

You put together some lovely ideas here. Beach wedding sounds amazing!

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

Very nice, If I ever get married I'm def having beach wedding, barefooted on the hot sands of a tropical destination. :)K

dustytoes on 03/24/2013

Thanks very much Mira. I hope it will inspire couples who are planning a tropical style wedding.

Mira on 03/24/2013

This is a beautiful page, Pam! I have to admit I never knew what hibiscus looked like. I love that vintage hibiscus wedding invitation :) I also really like the one with a heart in the sand, two starfish, and the ocean. Great page! It will surely inspire people!

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