Hawaiian Plumeria / Frangipani Floral Design Wedding

by dustytoes

The plumeria flower is one of the most recognized for a Hawaiian or tropical wedding theme and this page contains floral designs using the pretty flower.

The beautiful and colorful plumeria flower is often the choice of brides who are planning a warm, beach destination wedding. Floral wedding designs with the flower scream "tropics".

The plumeria is also called "frangipani" and the fact that it grows profusely in a tropical setting makes it the perfect choice for a tropical themed wedding. Often leis are made using this flower.

The lovely burst of color on the pink and orange flowers will brighten a bridal bouquet and reception table. Leis are sometimes made from this flower which gives the bride another option.

Floral Wedding Stationery

Using real tropical flowers on invitations to match a wedding theme.

Floral wedding paper is the most common theme among couples.  Flowers are a big part of our lives.  We send them as greetings at special occasions.  We enjoy growing them in our gardens.  They decorate elegant hallways and entrances.  How dull would our world be without the beautiful variety of flowering plants.

The tropical Hawaiian plumeria contains bold and rich colors as well as pure white.  Any of them will pair well with a brides color theme.  This page was created to present some wedding theme ideas.

Pink Floral Wedding Paper

The reply card is a postcard. Print your address on the front before buying.
Pink Plumeria Wedding
Pink Plumeria Wedding

Red / Purple Flowers

Red Frangipani
Red Frangipani

Colorful Flowers

The plumeria bush creates bunches of colorful flowers.  Here you can see the beautiful, bold colors that frangipani flowers can have.  Bright pink with a hint of orange are probably my favorite.  The pure white petals with dark, golden yellow in the center are pretty for a white wedding and they are the common color.

Or the flowers can have a lot of yellow with white edges.  The petals can be very rounded or more elongated and pointed.  They grow in tight bunches which produce loads of flowers.  What a beautiful, natural bouquet.


Tropical flower images on paper and gifts.

Pretty pink floral wedding.
Tropical Pink Floral Wedding
Tropical Pink Floral Wedding

A picture of the plumeria / frangipani plant.

Pink Plumeria / Frangipani
Pink Plumeria / Frangipani

The Hawaiian Lei is often made of plumeria flowers

We may think of the plumeria as coming from Hawaii, but it grows in many tropical areas.  In Hawaii it is used to make leis.

Wearing a lei is the Hawaiian tradition and leis are made from various types of flowers. Each type of flower represents something different to the Hawaiian people.

Purchase this silk, plumeria lei at Amazon.  Click the image.

You can read all about the meanings of the different leis at the Hawaiian Lei page here at Wizzley. The writer of the page says that plumeria leis are often given as a welcome to visitors. But she says that leis made of other flowers are more popular to wear for marriages.

Golden Yellow and White Floral Wedding Stationery

Yellow and White Wedding
Yellow and White Wedding

Pictures of Hawaii

Dream weddings in the Hawaiian Islands

aloha in shells on beach with leiI don't know anything about Hawaii and Hawaiian weddings other than what I read.  I had a friend who lived there for a while and she would occasionally send photos of the volcanoes and scenery.  It certainly looks inviting.

With all those beaches and hotels, I imagine there are many options for getting married in the Hawaiian islands.

I recently made a set of wedding invitations for a customer who was planning her wedding on the big island where her parents lived.  I can't help but wonder how lovely her day will be.

The images of Hawaii on this page all came from the Pixabay site where every image is free to use without the need for a link or acknowledgement.

Tropical Hawaiian Vacation
Tropical Hawaiian Vacation

Shape and Specialty Paper Options are Available

Tropical White Floral Stationery
Tropical White Floral Stationery

The Beautiful, Blooming Frangipani Tree

Light Pink Flowers
Light Pink Flowers

Additional Items

Once the wedding theme is chosen and the invitations are ordered, a host of other needs will arise.  Couples generally like all their wedding paper goods to match.  At Sandpiper Wedding we offer matching products for all our invitations.  If you don't find it, just ask, and it will be created for you.

With new products added often, we now have gift tags and mint tins to offer.  Custom menus and seating charts can be made to match table number and tented place cards.

Personalize gift bags for the bridal party, and make ID buttons for the rehearsal dinner.  Even your thank you cards will have the same floral design.

Did you know that you can make and / or purchase custom postage stamps online?  Add your own favorite floral photos, or choose from the many, many that are already made.  At the Zazzle.com site it is possible.  Some stamps offer photo templates and you can add a picture of yourself, your kids, or your pet.  They will cost more than regular stamps as the designers get a small royalty.  Choose any denomination from postcard postage to priority postage for up to 16 oz mailings.

Wedding Reception and Additional Plumeria Stationery

Ceremony programs, napkins, escort cards, thank you cards, bridal shower and address labels.
Additional Items
Additional Items

A Little More Info About the Popular Plumeria / Frangipani Plant / Tree

I have never grown a plumeria tree, but I would love to have one growing in my yard.  So what is needed to do so?

  • They grow in warm climates, but can be found in many tropical locations, not only in Hawaii.
  •  Plant in full sun and don't over-water.
  •  In colder climates they can grow in pots and be brought inside in winter.
  • The flowers are fragrant, and the sap is poisonous.
  • Dark green leaves are long and oval shaped, in some species.
  • They make good cut flowers for a vase.

It is related to the Oleander, which I could grow in Florida, but I never saw any plumerias in that state.  Maybe because of all the rain which could rot the roots of the plumeria.  


Bunch of White Frangipani

White Plumeria
White Plumeria
Bright Orange Flowers
Bright Orange Flowers

Ideas For Making Underwater Flower Arrangements

Watch as the host creates many varieties of arrangements. These are simple and beautiful ideas for use with many types of flowers and greenery.

Submerging Flowers Under Water for Display

This is an easy, DIY project. Watch how to do this in the video below.

It is easy to create an underwater flower arrangement.  Using large or small, clear, glass vases allows the beauty of a few single flowers to show.  Water will naturally enhance any flower or leaf once it is covered.  Objects, including flowers, will look larger. 

Little lights can be added and would be perfect for an evening event.  Use a flower frog, which is simply a flat item with spikes to hold flower stems, to keep items in place.  The video above shows in detail how to create a variety of beautiful containers.  He doesn't use any plumerias, but they could be used just as easily as the orchids and other examples.

Please note:  Flowers will not last a long time once they are submerged, so make these vases up just before an event.  A preserver can be added to help. 

Also do not completely fill the vase if it must be moved.  Create the floral centerpiece and add half the water needed, or less, but be sure to add some water or the flowers will wilt!  Once it's in place, then use a pail or watering can to fill it to the top.


Flower Frogs Will Hold Flowers in Place

Submersible lights and rocks or gems will add to the interest of the arrangement.
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Picture of Hawaii

Hawaiian View
Hawaiian View
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dustytoes on 04/24/2015

They are a tropical flower, but I don't remember seeing them when I lived in Florida either. I think it is because they need warmth year round - no frost. They will only survive in very warm areas. Flower shops would be able to order them, for a cost, I'm sure.

Mira on 04/24/2015

I came back to this page to look at the plumeria flowers again. I will ask at flower shops here if they have them. I've never seen them in nature.
P.S. You're really good with the wedding stationery designs. You've found a great niche, but you also deliver :)

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

I think I have seen these beautiful plumeria in India also. If I am not wrong my neighbourhood has the white version. The tree looks awesome with the blooms.

dustytoes on 04/04/2014

@DerdriuMarriner How interesting that your godmother sent you the perfume and other Hawaiian items. Lucky you! I agree that Pixabay is loaded with exceptionally talented photographers.

dustytoes on 04/04/2014

Nice idea Mira, I will look into it. I have never smelled a plumeria flower.

Mira on 04/04/2014

Yes, I was just about to say that. Beautiful flower! Maybe you could include a link to plumeria perfume as well? I, for one, would love to be able to try it (after reading Derdriu's and Violette's comments). Great page!

DerdriuMarriner on 04/01/2014

Dustytoes, I have loved plumeria since childhood. My godmother, who was a nun in Hawaii, always sent me Hawaiian icons as gifts; my favorite was plumeria perfume.
The images which are available via Pixabay are outstanding. It's impressive that talented photographers gift these spectacular images into the public domain.
J Schwanke's presentation is enlightening. I especially like the pyramid vase.
Lovely ideas here, including table confetti.

dustytoes on 04/01/2014

Your page on leis was very interesting and it fits well with this plumeria page. I never knew much about those customs concerning the flowers used.

dustytoes on 04/01/2014

I hope brides will think like you..! Thank you.

dustytoes on 04/01/2014

Thank you!

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