Beatles Christmas Ornaments

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Beatles Christmas ornaments bring back pleasant memories, and add to the joy of the season. Kurt Adler has created a number of quality Beatles ornaments, so finding them is easy.

The Beatles soared to popularity in the sixties, and still are popular and easily recognized. Although some of them are no longer alive the music still is considered important. Of all their work the Yellow Submarine is particularly popular.

Since the Beatles are so popular the Christmas ornaments bring pleasant memories to many. And, there are some quality Christmas ornaments that reflect upon the Beatles, and image some of the better known songs and movies that they were involved in.

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Kurt Adler Beatles Ornaments

Christmas Decorations

Kurt Adler is a well known artist who has done some incredible work.  The fact that the ornaments shown here are the work of Kurt Adler assures the quality of the pieces.  Yes, lesser quality Beatles’ ornaments exist, but just look at the images of the Kurt Adler ornaments and I am confident you will agree the quality is apparent.

Yellow Submarine Ornament

Kurt Adler Yellow Submarine

Perhaps one of the funkiest of all the things associated with the Beatles is the Yellow Submarine.  This was a strange movie that was designed to showcase the Beatles’ music, and the Yellow Submarine theme song was catchy.  This particular image of a yellow submarine is itself a bit quirky.  And that is probably why this has become an enduring part of the Beatles’ history, and is still very popular today.


One of the ornaments shown is a single ornament with the four Beatles riding a yellow submarine.  The other is a five ornament set with one ornament being a yellow submarine and the other four being of each of the four Beatles.

Green Apple

by Kurt Adler

Another easily recognized Beatles’ image is the Green Apple.  So why not add one or even several Green Apples to your Christmas tree?  These say Beatles quite clearly to anyone familiar with the Beatles’ work.

Green Apple Christmas Ornament

Green Apple Christmas Decoration
The Beatles Kurt Adler Green Apple Glass Ornament, 3.5-Inch

Abbey Road

Beatles Decoration

This is one of the most popular images of the Beatles.  It is sometimes called Abbey Road and sometimes called Stride.  The four Beatles are shown walking across the road single file and the word Beatles is across the ornament.  The ornament is silver with enamel.

Beatles London - Bus Let It Be

Beatles Tree Ornament

Let It Be is one of the more popular of the Beatles’ songs.    And, it is also the title on one of the Beatles’ movies.  This ornament is a London bus advertising the Beatles’ movie Let It Be.

London Bus Christmas Ornament

Let It Be Ornament
The Beatles Kurt Adler Glass London Bus Ornament

London Taxis - Revolver and A Hard Day's Night

Beatles Song Title Ornaments

Here we have two London taxi ornaments, one in white and the other in blue.  They are advertising A Hard Day's Night and Revolver.  A Hard Days Night is another of the Beatles’ movies and the song was very popular when I was young.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band Club Bass Drum

Drum Ornament

The Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band Christmas ornament features a bass drum with the title clearly lettered onto the drum head.  This is a particularly attractive ornament, and is easily identified with the Beatles.

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Bass Drum Ornament
The Beatles Kurt Adler Pepper Drum Glass Ornament

Beatles Guitar

Glass Christmas Ornament

Three of the Beatles played guitar, and Ringo played the drums, most of the time.  This ornament is a guitar with the image of the Beatles clearly shown.  The Beatles are easily recognized by their signature hair that they wore for a large part of their music careers as a group. 

Beatles Christmas Ornament - Guitar

Fab Four Guitar Ornament
Kurt Adler Glass Beatles Guitar Ornament, 5-Inch

Yellow Submarine Decorative Light String

Also by Kurt Adler

You will certainly want to have Yellow Submarine lights on your Christmas tree.  And, they are available thanks to the work of Kurt Adler.  Yes, Kurt Adler also gave us decorative lights in the form of Yellow Submarines.

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blackspanielgallery on 09/19/2015

They are popular with many people. And I suppose it is from memories.

CruiseReady on 09/19/2015

Oh boy, do these ever bring back some memories!

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