Beatles Christmas Ornaments

by Digby_Adams

Every Beatles fan will love decorating their Christmas tree with George, Paul, Ringo, and George

Can you believe it's been 50 years since the Beatles came to this country? My parents are getting one of these this year and all of my aunts and uncles. You want to see people go crazy, just crank up Twist and Shout. Doesn't matter what they're doing, they stop and dance. My mom and her sisters still argue over which Beatle was cuter. Really these women are now grandmothers! My downer of a brother reminded them that it was also 50 years since JFK was assassinated. These people will also tell you exactly where they were when they heard John Lennon had been murdered. If you're family is like mine (I was named Digby after the guy that co-created Laugh In), well I doubt any family could be like mine, then putting a Beatles Christmas ornament on your tree, makes very perfect sense

I'm sure the stories will start flowing around the Christmas tree when the Yellow Submarine Christmas ornaments appear. From a visual standpoint the yellow will look great against the dark green Christmas tree. I really have to think whether or not I want to see pictures of my father and his brothers in their Nehru jackets and love beads. We'll have to get out the Holy Grail of vinyl, their copy of Seargant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band and listen to its genius.

Again, we'll have to debate Timothy Leary and is LSD experiments. I wonder if this is when we wonder if someone killed Paul. F. Lee Bailey got to have a mock trial. They listened intently to determine if Paul was alive or dead? Yes, their childhood will flash before my eyes.

There are framed Peter Max posters in my parent's house. So did he or didn't he work on Yellow Submarine. My parents say even if he didn't, his influence on the movie is undeniable. Although I think they secretly believe it's a corporate conspiracy that Max isn't getting credit.

Yes, my parents were hippies. They drove a VW van, they promised never to trust anyone over Thirty and they truly loved the Beatles.


Yellow Submarine Beatles Ornament

We all live in a Yellow Submarine - Colorful Christmas Decoration

Beatles Record Player Ornament

Hang this Xmas Ornament and Hum, "She Loves You and You Know that Can't be Baaaad!

Carltons Beatles Ornament

Very Collectible Ornaments

So if you've got Boomer parents or grandparents, a Beatles Christmas ornament is the perfect stocking stuffer or host gift. If you're spending the holidays, show up with one of these and I'm sure you'll hear more than you ever wanted to know about the wacky Sixties and the music of that decade. 

A friend of my mothers actually went to THE Woodstock festival. She is now the most respectable and chic woman. Although if you look closely you do see a little hippie chic in her jewelry and clothing. Marsha is just the person that I would give Beatles ornament to. 

From their early music as a group to later years when they moved on, the music of their Beatles seems to have lead the way for a generation. Whether they were dancing in the gym or learning Transcendental meditation, there was usually a Beatle leading the way. 

Kurt Adler Beatles Christmas Ornaments

Kurt Adler is one of the most popular Christmas ornament designers in the world. His rich designs and embellishments are easily spotted on any Xmas tree. If you are considering giving a Beatles ornament as a gift, an Adler gift is a great choice. Adler's name is recognized by many people and your gift recipient will know that you are giving them a quality gift. 

These days, Xmas trees often act like family scrap books. Ornaments are often selected because of the memories and events they represent. I know in my family, we have ornaments that go back several generations. Some even came from Italy with my great grandmother. Yes we always tell the same stories when they are put on the tree. It reminds us of family members who are no longer with us and it ensures that our new family members (whether by marriage or birth) know where we came from.

Although I have to laugh when my Dad gets carried away with stories from their college years and my mother gives him a stern look. She things some things should just not be passed on.


Updated: 09/21/2014, Digby_Adams
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