Beginners Fishing: 7 Essential Fishing Items You Must Bring On Your Next Fishing Trip

by RobertKeith

7 essential items to bring on your next fishing trip. Read this post if you are new to fishing.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fishing for years or you’re just starting to fish you’ll find this information quite helpful. You see how many times do you go out to fish and you leave something behind…it’s annoying right?
So to make things really easy for you I’ve made a list of 7 essential fishing items every man needs to Fish. So next you go fishing with mates, you’re prepared.

Fishing Gear
Fishing Gear
Baiting Fish
Baiting Fish

1.     Rod and Reel

Seems pretty obvious that the first thing you need to pack is your rod and reel.  The best rod to start with, if you’re a beginner, is a spincasting reel. A spincasting reel allows you to handle fish up to 20 pounds. If you’re a stumpier bloke a 5-foot-6-inch rod will do you, other wise 6-foot-6inch is fine for an average size man/teen.

2.     Extra Fishing line

Always bring extra fishing line in case your line breaks or gets tangled.  It could either be from an enormous fish or you simply get tangled on a rock. If it hasn’t happened yet than I guarantee it probably will. So be sure you’re prepared with some spare.

3.     Extra Hooks

It’s a great idea to stock your tackle box with a variety of hooks so you’re prepared for all variety of fish. No matter if you prefer the French hook or the traditional J-hook, you need to ensure you have your hooks in different sizes. Because you wouldn’t want to be fishing for a trout using a hook that’s fit for a catfish, am I right?

4.     Sinkers

Leaving without sinkers will guarantee not much luck with catching fish as your hook and worm alone won’t sink very deep. Ensure you bring some extra sinkers on your next fishing trip in case you lose some to the bottom of the river/ocean.

5.     Bobbers

One of the biggest mistakes beginner fishermen make is using a bobber/floater that is too large. The issue with this is it’s easier to miss fish nibbling on your bait. This is why smaller the bobber, the better.

6.     Line Cutter

You’re going to find yourself in a situation where you’ll need a line cutter to get yourself out of a snag. No matter what situation you’re in carrying either a nail clipper, knife or scissors will come in handy.

7.     Sun Protection

Don’t underestimate the amount of damage you can do if you’re not properly sun protected. You see, water reflects light and so it means you’re more likely to burn even faster on water. Some of the best gear sun protection gear includes a hat, some sunscreen, sunglasses and a flannel or a fishing shirt. The more protected you are, the better.

Updated: 10/31/2014, RobertKeith
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