Selecting Fishing Gifts Even if You Don't Fish

by CruiseReady

It can be difficult to choose a gift for someone with a special interest that you don't share. Here's a guide to selecting a gift for a fisherman.

Fall is here, and it has brought cooler temps, good for fishing without risking sunstroke. It's a perfect time for surprising your favorite fisherman (or fisherwoman) with a special little gift. And, Christmas isn't far behind, either!

Sometimes, it's hard to know how to choose a gift for a fisherman when you don't fish yourself. Yet, you know they would love a fishing gift. After all, when someone loves to fish, they really love to fish!

If you want to surprise a fisherman with a special fishing gift, you may luck out when they mention just exactly what they want. But then again, they may not!

Recently, a family member spoke enthusiastically about a "creel." All I could do was smile and nod agreeably. Later, I looked up creels to find out what in the heck he was talking about.

That also prompted me to begin searching great fishing gifts that weren't specific enough to require expert fishing knowledge in order to make an intelligent selection. And I found some great fishing stuff!

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How Big Was That Fish?

Easily Hold, Weigh and Measure Catch

You don't need to know much about angling to appreciate how useful this little item can be.

This fish gripper tool with built in digital scale and measuring tape   .  MUCH easier than holding the fish by hand.  The gripper is designed to easily grip the fish to minimize injury to either the catch or the fisherman.  The built in scale and tape measure simplify the task of weighing and measuring.

Made for fish weighing up to 50 pounds.

Choice of either a black or blue grip.

It's perfect for both catch and release fishermen, and those who are bringing home the main course for dinner.

Fishing Grippers with Scale & Measuring Tape

Creels Have Been Used by Fishermen

for Generations
Trout in a Fishing Creel
Trout in a Fishing Creel

Fishing Creels

What is a Creel?

 A fishing creel is something that would be appreciated by someone who does their fishing on the banks of, or wading in streams, rivers, or lakes. 

Traditional creels are woven of willow, wicker, rattan or other natural materials.  The natural ventillation of the weave, combined with a lining of wet moss, works to turn the creel into a way to keep the fisherman's catch fresh.

There is usually an opening in the top for dropping in the freshly caught fish.

Creels are also now available in canvas and various synthetic fabrics, usually with a special insulating lining.  Many have extra storage pockets for gear.

So, now I know what a creel is, and so do you.  

You might also know a fishing enthusiast who would like to have one.  Luckily, there is quite a variety of them available on Amazon - including some wicker ones for the traditionalist.

Fishing Equipment Storage and Organization Solutions

Fishing Stuff that Even Non Fishermen Can Understand

If you're not absolutely sure you can pick out the perfect fishing lure or the most desirable fishing rod in the world, you probably shouldn't even try.  Just because a lure looks alluring you doesn't mean it will do anything at all for your fisherman.

Fishing Gear

 What you can do is help them keep their "fishing stuff" organized and transportable.  They'll  appreciate that, as it will mean less fuss and muss for them when they get ready to take that much anticipated fishing trip.

Tackle boxes and rod and reel organizers, as well as storage and carry units are natural choices in this category of fishing accessories.


Image (CC 3.0): Typical tackle box with rod and fishing bait bucket.

Store, Organize and Transport Fishing Stuff

Fishing Accessory Gifts for Fishermen
Fishing Rod Case Organizer

This Fishing Rod Case is a must-have organizer for anyone who loves to fish. * The case holds 5 rods on the outside, plus more rods and equipment on the inside. * The exterior f...

View on Amazon

BoatMates Stainless 2 Rod Organizer

A place for your favorite rods and a whole lot more! This high-styled organizer has a place for your fillet knife, pliers, baits and a convenient shelf for extra line or scents....

View on Amazon

Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray and Sandstone

Tool box. Ideal for tool and accessory storage. Individual locking trays are partitioned for organization. Slide out trays for easy access. 3 trays. Locking lid. Plastic. 13.75"...

View on Amazon

Fish caught at our annual family week
Fish caught at our annual family week
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Something I've Always Wondered...

"Running" Fish

Why do fisherman excitedly proclaim

"The fish are running"

when everyone knows

the fish are SWIMMING

Are the Fish Running? What do you think?

A Poll Just for Giggles (See above for rationale)
  Display results
I still say they are SWIMMING

Gone Fishin' Throw Pillow

Smile a While with Some Fishing Humor

Most anglers love a good laugh, and one of their favorite things to laugh about is fishing.  Here's a book to do the trick - a collection of fishing cartoons from famous cartoonist John Troy.  

They'll surely find a least one or two that they absolutely must share with a fishing buddy as they sit on the dock, or in the boat waiting for the fish to bite.

Available in hard cover, or for the Kindle.

Hilarious Fishing Cartoons

Hilarious Fishing Cartoons
Updated: 04/01/2017, CruiseReady
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CruiseReady on 07/27/2017

Fun fact about the shad. Thanks for that!

DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2017

CruiseReady, The book and the organizers look particularly fail-safe as gifts from swimming non-fishers to non-swimming and swimming fishers. Serviceberry also is known as shadbush in Virginia where locals say that the woody plant blooms when the shad run.

CruiseReady on 10/02/2015

Thanks. Not mine - one caught by one of the guys. I don't fish. I swim!

blackspanielgallery on 10/02/2015

Nice red fish in your net.

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