Benefits of Knee Ice Wraps for Chronic Joint Pains and Arthritis

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Most people do not know about the benefits of ice therapy and the right time to use it. Ice therapy and knee ice wraps are as good and effective as thermal wraps for relieving pain

Sports-persons, seniors, middle aged people and even kids can develop knee injuries, conditions that require treatment. Ice or cold therapy comes to rescue when the pain affecting the foot and knee does not go away easily.

Knee ice wraps are known to decrease the joint pains and are known to give relief even for chronic pains like arthritis. Tingling pain, numbness, inflammation and recurring pain cannot be ignored, most of the pain can be dealt with ice and thermal wraps at home but for acute pains a physician needs to be consulted.

Continuous stress to the body without giving it time to rest, stress, fractures and injuries can cause tremendous pressure on our joints. On the contrary, sitting for long hours without proper exercise to muscles and joints can also be the reason of joint pains. These pains need to be addressed using therapeutic procedures such as physiotherapy and acupressure. For severe cases, surgery might become the obvious choice.

Cold therapy is known to be excellent cure from ancient days. Man has known that ice is capable of reducing swelling for injuries and also stop excessive blood loss for an open wound. It has the property to constrain the blood vessels by contracting and thus checking the bleeding. The body also has a natural ability to clot the blood to prevent further bleeding. I would however suggest not to deal with an open wound without consulting a physician.

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Using Knee Ice Wraps


Knee ice wraps have been popular with athletes and patients who have history of chronic pains. An athlete who has injured knee can use the knee ice wraps after every run and as often as required. For old people who have consistent joint pains, ice can be applied four times a day to reduce the inflammation. Remember to use a proper ice wrap or an ice bag, direct touch of ice should be avoided.


A combination of hot and cold therapy is known to provide an optimal reduction and treatment to a swelling thus expediting the healing. Professional ice packs that come in high quality wraps can be immediately used for treatment of acute injuries; the ice action diminishes the pain for the patient. This wrap can remain on the spot for around 15 to 20 minutes, as long as the incumbent feels comfortable. One must allow the skin to restore its temperature before applying the ice pack for a second time.

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What therapy works best for the knee pain?

New Fake Frozen Peas Pack


A bag of frozen peas was treated as an alternative remedy from ancient days for treating sore ankles and knees. Frozen peas wrapped in tea towel were used as an alternative to ice pack for joint pains and bruises. Now technology has developed new but fake frozen peas pack that can alleviate pain. This innovative and scientific product comes in sealed packs of small peas balls appearing as solidified pea green corns, looking exactly like vegetables but the peas are fake.


They are very useful because they do not melt like ice, retain the cold temperature longer and take the shape of the knee or any other joint. Moreover, they can be reused too.

Knee Ice Wrap on YouTube

Ice Therapy for Pain


If you are a born athlete, chances are while playing sports you may encounter some kind of injury. According to statistics, every day about 25,000 Americans damage their ankles or knees and 50 % of them are caused by sports. Hence it is a good idea to stock up ice for injuries and sprains.


You can safely use ice therapy for 3 or 4 days applying at least 3 to 4 times till the joint pain eases and stiffness diminishes. Rest your knee, massage and take the therapy till you come out of pain. Repeat as required.

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/19/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for the practical information, the pretty picture and the product lines.
Ice therapy can be beneficial. It's important to be informed about it, something which your article achieves for us all.
Do we know why it is that frozen pea packages were chosen over other packaged edibles? Perhaps it was because their shape and size are respectively unobtrusive and insignificant and they would have no unpleasant odors.
Myself, I prefer heat therapy. For example, soaking in hot water speeds the course of poison ivy, poison oak allergies (with the side-effect of intensified itching) whereas ice therapy soothes the itch. Me, I take the former over the latter because I like hot water and hot weather and because I just want that poison ivy, poison oak allergic reaction to end.

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