Great 3D Blu Ray Movies to Bring Home for the Family

by MarkUpshaw

The best 3D Blu ray movies for the home offer incredible eye-popping visuals and cinema quality sound. Find out which one's offer the most bang for your buck here.

Best 3D Movie: Toy Story 3

Watched By More Eye Balls Each Day than Any Other 3D Movie
Toy Story 3 Nominated for Best Picture
Toy Story 3 Nominated for Best Picture

Toy Story 3 in 3D

Arguably the Best Movie Released in 3D

The best 3D blu ray movies list can not end without entering Toy story 3D film. A Disney production that was released to capture the attention of young audiences. True to Disney's reputation, the Toy Story delivered great entertainment to all youngsters around the world. Shelves of toy store departments globally are filled with characters of Toy Story, this goes to prove the success that Toy Story 3D had. This is arguably the greatest of 3D releases as it was nominated as the Best Picture for the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. Yes, an Oscar. Competing in the same category as Black Swan and True Grit. 

Megamind in Blu ray 3D

One of My Favorites and that of My 4 yr old Son's too

To add on to the best 3D blu ray movies list is Megamind, which is said to be the highest quality of 3D example that has ever been produced. Similar to Despicable Me, the film has some amazing scenes that employ the use of 3D effects. And it being an animation movie there were no teething problems reported when in production. It's all very clean and spot on.

Alice and Wonderland in 3D

A Disney Classic now Available in 3D Blu ray DVD

Alice in wonderland certainly ranks among the best 3D blu ray movies of all times. Released in 2010 it went on to become one of the best movies released in that year. Johnny Depp and Burton definitely out did themselves in this movie leaving most audiences in astonishment with such an amazing production. Anne Hathaway did an outstanding job as the lead female character, while Johnny Depp without a doubt rocks in every movie appearance. Undoubtedly, this movie is one of Disney's greatest and is bound to continue with the success.

Step Up 3D

Dance and Music Lovers Delight in the 3D Version of this Film

Another best 3D blu ray movies is definitely Step up. This is probably among the top of the 3D movie list. This must be popular with teenage girls and boys. It is a Disney Touchstone production, the amazing 3D effects that have been incorporated in the movie is what everyone is dying to experience. Stoner from Suite Life of Cody and Zack and Adam from Step-up two gave an amazing performance in Step up 3D version, making everyone want to dance along to their tunes.

Piranha in 3D

Action Fans that Don't Mind a Little Blood in the 3D Movie Experience

For sure, there are a number of great movies currently available for movie lovers to enjoy watching but 3D blu ray movies has become the in thing and the latest movie crazy to attract audiences to cinemas. For example, the 3D Piranha movie which Elizabeth Shue stars as the sheriff in the movie. The story revolves around the town she resides in which is plagued by primitive man devouring fish which is threatening to eat all in its way. Though not being one of the best 3D blu ray movies compared to others, this is one fun movie to watch through 3D.

The Movie Bolt in 3D

For Every Animal Lover and 3D Animated Features Lover

Bolt is another recent 3D blu ray movie to hit the movie screens around the world. And similar to Megamind 3D it's very clean, colorful, well animated 3D movie that features some surprisingly eye-candy with popping out of the screen effects that knock your socks off. Some scenes also have several quick moving action scenes, making it a good platform to experience the features of LG's Cinema TV or 3D plasma.

Avatar on 3D Blu ray DVD

The Movie that Started the Modern 3D Revolution

To put the icing on the cake of best 3D blu ray movies is Avatar. It features great cinematography; with some scenes effortlessly combining high quality CGI with live action. The outdoor scenes may not be as exciting as Despicable Me and Megamind, but they are definitely stunning to watch. And as it is still the most searched for and purchased 3D movie, it would be a shame to not add this to one's 3D library as everyone votes with their pocketbook. 

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Updated: 07/23/2014, MarkUpshaw
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Seelyon on 06/20/2015

Great list of family orientated movies!

Rose on 04/14/2014

I vote for toy story 3 too!

John on 12/04/2011

My favorite 3D Blu-Ray movies are Tangled and IMAX - Under the Sea. Check out my Top 5 List on my website.

MarkUpshaw on 11/11/2011

I have to vote for Toy Story 3. Fully engaging from start to finish and my son loves to watch it over and over again.

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