Top 5 Reasons To Join Xobba - The Best Amazon and Adsense Revenue Sharing Site

by Natasha

Xobba - The Best Amazon and Adsense Revenue Sharing Site

The recent Google algorithm change has taught everyone an important lesson - "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket".  Diversification has become all the more necessary now.  So it is important for online writers like you and me to carefully select the amazon and adsense revenue sharing site we would publish our writing on.

Find answers to these questions before joining any writing site:

  • Do I retain copyright to my work?
  • Is the revenue sharing transparent?
  • Is the management and staff supportive and responsive?
  • Does the site has a dedicated user forum?

Ideally, answer to all the above question should be yes.  And if you look at any big and reputed revenue sharing site, for example Hubpages, Squidoo, Infobarrel and even Wizzley, the answers to all the above questions would be yes.

What if I tell you that there is a new writing site that has all your questions and concerns covered plus it offers the best adsense and amazon revenue share.

Can't hold the secret any longer.  The site is Xobba and the revenue share is a whopping 90%.

To give some background info on Xobba, the site is the brainchild of Sunforged (one of the most respected, trusted and helpful person at Hubpages).  The site is recently launched and is fairly new but it already boasts of the most advanced wordpress functionalities found on any revenue sharing site plus it also has a very powerful team of writers.

By the end of this article, you will come to know how writing for Xobba will make you better at writing online and setting up and managing your own sites.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join the Xobba Tribune:

  1. Too Good To Be True Revenue Share:

    90% revenue share sounds too good to be true, right?  I havn't heard of any writing site offering this much revenue share to it's authors and I am sure you havn't heard too.  

    But Xobba offers 90% inpost revenue share with it's partners.  It is as good as writing for your own site as you don't have to worry about renewing domains, hosting and technical glitches and hassles.
  2. Most Advanced Wordpress Functionalities:

    Honestly, this site has the most advanced wordpress functionalities I've seen on any site.  These functionalities will help you're page look pretty and you're article will make a great first impression.

    Also, it provides fully functional advanced Amazon functionalities to effectively monetize your article.  You can now insert specific products, carousel widget, my favorite widget etc. into your article.  This will help you present all the option to your readers thereby increasing the profitability of the article.
  3. Contest & Rewards:

    Xobba holds monthly contests and the contests are unique.  I mean the contest are not like other revenue sharing sites which are mostly topic based.  The contests at Xobba are aimed and geared towards learning skills that are needed to be successful online.

    Apart from contests, Xobba also offers diiferent reward to its partners.  You can read about the rewards in detail on the official Xobba rewards page.

    Also, Xobba has recently launched it's inaugral contest on 'Buying Guides'.  By the end of this contest every participant will learn a thing or two on how to write an effective sales copy that sells.

    Participate and see if you have it in you to beat me.  You can read about the contest rules and prizes at Official Contest page.
  4. You Decide The Number Of External Links:

    Most revenue sharing sites restricts the number of external links(Wizzley excluded o fcourse ).  Though its good to an extent but many a times as a writer you would want to insert more links than allowed so that your readers' queries are satisfied fully.

    Note:Only relevant and helpful external links are allowed, does not matter even if they are affiliate links but not related and spammy links will be snipped. 
  5. You Will Grow As An Online Writer And Webmaster:

    As I already said, by the end of this article you will learn how to be a better online writer and how to set up and manage your own site.  Xobba will make you familiar with the wordpress setup, advance functionalities you can use on your site, create aesthetically pleasing articles that converts and much more. 

I really think you should join Xobba, it is one of best writing sites.  Apply to become a Xobba partner.

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Lets Play A Fun Contest Right Here

Well, since you managed to reach here, why not play a fun contest right here.  

If you've noticed I mentioned that Xobba has launched it's inaugral contest.  Well, the contest is that you have to tell me the prizes that will be offered to contest winners without looking at the official contest announcement.  Don't worry the answer is somewhere hidden in the article.  I am trusting you all that you won't cheat. 

What Will The Winner Get:

The first one to post the answer in the comment section can send me a link to any of their article/product/affiliate link and I will tweet that link to my 2500 plus followers on twitter thrice.  

Also, anyone who thinks they have it in them to participate in the contest and signups for the contest, I will not only tweet their contest entries but also create a backlink to their article from my personal blog.  I am so so dying to compete with you.

See my profile at twitter.

Will You Be Taking Part In The Official Xobba Contest?

Did You enjoy reading this article?

Updated: 07/09/2011, Natasha
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Comments On The Best Amazon And Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

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Tolovaj on 05/09/2012

I am not in the mood for any kind of competition right now but I enjoyed this article and I am bookmarking it for future when my English and self confidence grows a little bit more. It is always good to know what options are out there!

katiem2 on 05/03/2012

I'm a contributing member of Xobba, I love it and value the site owners vision greatly. It is a great place to earn amazon and adsense revenue.

barbarab on 08/30/2011

haha!!! Eureka!!! I re-read your article and when I got to the "answer is in this article" part my eyes popped! Yes!! so ack I went and shore nuff thar it e!!!!
what a dork I am!! now I have to wait......

barbarab on 08/30/2011

I have filled out the app form to xobba but it doesnt go through...isnt the domain link name xobba? I know...I am such a newbie still to the computer online world...can you help?

petunia on 08/26/2011

Well, I did peek at the contest page before I commented, so that rules me out of the contest with you. But I am off to join Xobba! I have not been active at Hubpages in a while, but I recognize Sunforged - and I do believe that these sites that are being created by our fellow writers are destined for success - Wizzley, Webnuggetz, Nezi stores, and now Xobba.
I like having a wide variety of places to write and learn.

Audrey Hunt on 06/17/2011

This sounds great. I will give it a try - it's time to make some serious money :)

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